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Abschluss: Dr.-Ing. Elektrotechnik
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Hardware Koordination Projektleitung Test Design Test Management Hochfrequenztechnik HF-Technik RF-Design Antennas Fahrzeugtechnik ads HFSS PSpice DC/DC-Wandler Inverter Wechselrichter Spectrum Analyse Netzwerkanalysen DV Design Validierung Ticketmanagement Technischer Projektleiter requirement analysis A-SPICE Kanban agile Scrum Sprintplanung Change Control Konfigurationsmanagement Simultaneous Engineering Functional Safety Funktionale Sicherheit ISO 26262 IEC61508 Radartechnik Ultraschall Embedded Systems C-Programmierung Budgetplanung samples FMEA Safety Case System test Leistungselektronik Engineering Drawing Technical Drawing Sensorik Driving Assistance Systems low-noise Application Engineering Leitung SW Entwicklung Embedded SW Entwicklung HW nahe SW Entwicklung SW Projekt Manager SW Entwicklung Meldewesen Reviews EMV Systemverständnis Umwelttest Teamleitung technische Projektleitung Teilprojektleitung Meetings RF Engineer HF Übertragungstechnik Kalibrierung Prüfstand System Engineering Doktorarbeit Elektrotechnik Mechanical Design Resident Engineer Debugger Risk Assessment use cases Test cases System Architect C++ Buskommunikation CAN LIN Restbus Vector Diagnose Tool Validierung System Validierung SW Testing Resource Planning Budget und Forecast Sharepoint Epitaxie DOORS DOORS Requirements Engineeer IBM Rational Doors AUTOSAR Vektor Vector µController µController-Programmierung Ultraschallsensor Ultrasonic Systems Front Camera Frontkamera Environmental validation Embedded System phd Antenna-cable transitions Analog circuit design low-noise amplifiers LNA attenuators transponders RFID rectifier impedance matching noise figure intermodulation product stability Hazard Analysis ASIL Classification ASIL ASIL Decomposition Technical Safety Concept Functional Safety Concept DC/DC V-Cycle SPICE CMMI Requirement Management DRBFM AEB AEBS Autonomous Emergency Braking ACC Automatic Cruise Control TJA TJP Traffic Jam Assist Traffic Jam Pilot TSR Traffic Sign Recognition OSP Over Speed Protection LKA Lane Keeping Assist LDW Lane Departure Warning AHL Automatic High/Low Beam Control ADB Automatic Diming Beam Control TAC Target Autocalibration EDR Event Data Recording UPA Ultrasonic Park Aid FKP Flank Protection BSD Blind Spot Detection PSM Parking Slot Measurement P4U Semi-automatic Park Assist Emergency Pedal Misapplication EPA BSW Blind Spot Warning change control board Project management technische Projektleitung CAN Bus CANoe CANape Mikrocontroller Spezifikation RF Microwave Engineering RF Design JTAG traceability metrics Förderung Ph.D Doktor Doktortitel Promotionsstudium Dr.-Ing. Dr. ADAS comfort driving Hybridmobile hybrid DC/DC-Wandler DC-DC regulators DC AC umrichter Ph.D. Team Lead Team and project management Teamleitung Teamleiter IEC 61508


Work experience
Since 07/2014: Technical Project Manager
Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Product Lines:
1. Ultrasonic Systems
2. Front Camera
  • Technical contribution to contract acquisitions from the customers:
    • Jaguar Landrover
    • Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Mitsubishi
  • Project management:
    • activities planning, assignment and execution tracking
    • budget planning and monitoring
    • regular risks assessment and mitigation
    • Regular project status reporting to customer and internal hierarchy
    • coordination and support of samples industrialization
  • Technical Lead of multi-site teams (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Korea, China, Japan) including:
    • software project managers
    • requirement engineers
    • system function owners and system engineers
    • system test engineers and test drivers
    • application engineers
    • hardware developers
    • mechanical designers
    • functional safety engineers
    • ticket managers
    • environmental and electromagnetic validation engineers
  • Setup of End-of-Line Test Specification
  • System Architect for Ultrasonic Functions
    • UPA  Ultrasonic Park Aid
    • FKP  Flank Protection
    • BSD  Blind Spot Detection
    • PSM Parking Slot Measurement
    • P4U  Semi-automatic Park Assist (Park for You)
    • EPA  Emergency Pedal Misapplication
  • MobilEye Partnership Project Lead for Front Camera Functions
    • AEB  Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • ACC             Automatic Cruise Control
    • TJA   Traffic Jam Assist
    • TSR Traffic Sign Recognition
    • OSP Over Speed Protection
    • LKA  Lane Keeping Assist
    • LDW Lane Departure Warning
    • AHL  Automatic High/Low Beam Control
    • ADB  Automatic Diming Beam Control
    • TAC  Target Autocalibration
    • EDR Event Data Recording

01/2012 – 06/2014: Team Lead and Test Manager
Continental AG, Nuremberg, Germany
Business Unit: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Powertrain Electronics)
  • Face-to-face project meetings with customers (Renault, Daimler)
  • Technical and disciplinary lead of multi-site (Nuremberg, Berlin) test engineers team
  • Coordination of Power Electronics system tests.
    • DC/DC
      • Bi-directional HighVolt–LowVolt converter
    • Inverter
      • DC-HighVolt to 3-phase conversion
      • 1-phase / 3-phase conductive charging of HighVolt battery
  • Lead of Design/Process validation (DV/PV)
  • Lead of development and industrialization of electromagnetic filters
    • CAD simulation
    • Characterization of first samples
    • Optimization
  • Introduction of standardized best practices into the department test methods (Automotive SPICE ENG.9 and ENG.10)
    • Process workflow formalization
    • Definition, review and release of deliverable templates
  • Coordination of End-of-Line automation
07/2010 – 12/2011: Hardware Project Lead
Continental AG, Nuremberg, Germany
Business Unit: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Powertrain Electronics)
  • Technical lead of engineering team including:
    • FPGA/CPLD developers
    • Hardware requirement engineers
    • Hardware developers
    • Hardware test engineers
  • Project management and status reporting to internal hierarchy
  • Coordination of creation, evaluation and release of design specifications, test guidelines and test reports
  • Coordination of simulations and development related tests

01/2004 – 06/2009: Research Associate
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Institute of Radiofrequency and Microwave Engineering
  • Industry Projects
    • Design and characterization of low-power low-noise amplifiers for Automotive DAB radios for Bosch/Blaupunkt in Hildesheim
    • Design of transponder-antenna-systems for Carinthian Tech Research in Villach, Austria
  • Research
    • Design of innovative 2.4 / 5.8 / 24 GHz wireless transponders
  • Teachings
    • Monitoring of master thesis
    • Planning and execution of tutorials and laboratory courses
    • Creation and review of teaching materials
    • Conception of exams

  • 01/2004 – 06/2009: PhD Program
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Institute for Radiofrequency and Microwave Engineering
Degree: Doktor-Ingenieur (Dr.-Ing.)
  • 10/1998 – 08/2003: Study of Electrical Engineering
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Major: Information Technology
Degree: Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.)
  • 09/1990 – 06/1997: High school
Lycée Nkol-Eton, Yaounde, Cameroon
Certificate: Baccalauréat C
  • 09/1986 – 06/1990: Undergraduate school
École Publique de Bastos, Yaounde, Cameroon

Embedded Systems
  • Development process
    • V-Cycle
    • Agile Software Engineering, SCRUM
    • DOORS: requirement and test management
  • Design methods
    • DFMEA
    • DRBFM
  •  Functional Safety (IEC 61508 / ISO 26262)
    • Preliminary Hazard Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • ASIL Classification
    • ASIL Decomposition
    • Functional Safety Concept
    • Technical Safety Concept
  • Software Testing
    • Certified Tester ISTQB Foundation Level
  • Communication
    • CAN
    • UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services)
  • Vector Informatik tools
    • CANape
    • CANoe

Radio Frequency Technology
  • Microwave simulation tools
    • ADS
    • PSPICE
    • Designer
    • HFSS
  • Measurement tools
    • Network analyzer
    • spectrum analyzer
    • power meter
    • radiation pattern measurement (anechoic chamber)
  • Skills
    • Design of 2D/3D antennas
    • Antenna-cable transitions
    • Analog circuit design
      • low-noise amplifiers
      • attenuators
      • passive transponders (RFID)
      • diode rectifiers
      • impedance matching
      • noise figure
      • intermodulation products (IP2, IP3)
      • conditional / unconditional stability
      • transmission lines
  • Publications
    • PhD Thesis: E. B. Kaldjob: Design and analysis of field-powered transponders integrated in metallic objects, Leibniz Universität Hannover, 2010.
    • A. Binder, E. B. Kaldjob, B. Geck: Packaging and Antenna Design for Wireless SAW Temperature Sensors in Metallic Environments, 8th IEEE Conference on Sensors, Christchurch, New Zealand, October 25-28, 2009.
    • B. Geck, W. Lin, E. B. Kaldjob, R. Herschmann: Modern Design Concepts for RFID Antennas, 39th European Microwave Conference (EuMC 2009), Workshop: Advances in RFID Tags and Systems. Rome, Italy, September 28th, 2009.
    • E. B. Kaldjob, B. Geck, H. Eul: Impedance Measurement of Properly Excited Small Balanced Antennas, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, Vol. 8, 2009, pp. 193-195.
    • E. B. Kaldjob, B. Geck, H. Eul: Field Powered 5.8 GHz ISM Band Transponder for Sensors Integrated in Metallic Objects, 38th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 27-31, 2008.
    • E. B. Kaldjob, B. Geck, H. Eul: Comments on "Measuring the impedance of balanced antennas by an s-parameter method", IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol. 50, No. 6, December 2008, pp. 113 114.
  • Patent ownership
    • Patent registration WO2008055681: Waveguide arrangement for transmitting electromagnetic waves with a hollow conductor and a planar conductor arranged in the hollow conductor. Registered on November 08th, 2007, published on May 15th, 2008. Owner: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover. Originators: Kaldjob Eddy, Gamal El Din Mohamed.

IT knowledges
  • Programming
    • C
    • Assembler
  • Data analysis               
    • Mathcad
    • Maple
    • Origin
  • Project documentation
    • SBM
    • Sharepoint
    • Pkit
  • MS Office                    
    • Project
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • Visio
    • Outlook
  • Chrome
    • Google Slides
    • Google Spreadsheet
    • Google Doc


  • Since 07/2014: Technischer Projektmanager
Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Product Lines:
1. Ultrasonic Systems
2. Front Camera
  • 01/2012 – 06/2014: Teamleiter und Testmanager
Continental AG, Nuremberg, Germany
Business Unit: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Powertrain Electronics)
  • 07/2010 – 12/2011: Hardware Projektleiter
Continental AG, Nuremberg, Germany
Business Unit: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Powertrain Electronics)
  • 01/2004 – 06/2009: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Funksysteme


Verfügbar in den Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz
1. Stuttgart
2. Germany
3. Europe
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