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Big Data Architect, Analytics, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, AI

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Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Big Data Architect, Analytics, Data Science, Advanced Analytics, AI
CV - Frank Bewersdorff (EN)

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  • 07/2015 - 06/2016

  • external consultant
  • offline and online retail company (Hamburg)

    * Data modelling for self-service business analytics (customer base
    > 10m customers)

    * Implementation of Power BI as a Self-Service-BI-Tool for
    Marketing Managers and as an explorative analytical tool for the
    analytics department

    * Optimization of the scoring process to reduce cost-per-order

    * Business analysis of the marketing strategy regarding to customer
    segmentation and scoring for 12 brands

    * Marketing Campaign Analysis

    * Architecture and development of the technical scoring system

    * Design of the operational processes

    * Data science coaching - support in feature engineering and
    statistical modelling with R and structured und semi-structured
    data sources

    * Technical integration of a scoring process (Microsoft SQL Server
    and R) and visualization with Power BI

    * Draft a data lake roadmap to combine offline and online business
    to incorporate high-volume unstructured data with Microsoft Azure
    and Hadoop

    * Draft a scalable hybrid cloud approach with Azure data storage
    and analytics offerings and Power BI service

  • 10/2014 - 03/2015

  • external consultant
  • telecommunications company in the area of service management

    * Ad-hoc analysis for management decision support of the service
    management team

    * Exploration of large, heterogeneous, distributed data sources from
    Hadoop and Splunk (customer base > 30m customers)

    * Semantical BI data modelling (high complexity and data volume
    for generation of a customer feature data model) with Microsoft
    Power Pivot / Power BI and R

    * Integration of several structured and unstructured data sources
    (ERP, operational data, customer feedback data)

    * Visualization of the information and design of interactive
    dashboards on the basis of Power View, SharePoint, Excel
    Services, Power BI und Tableau for technical and commercial
    target groups

    * Preparation of data for machine learning (feature extraction)

  • 04/2014 - 09/2014

    • NFC-payment
  • external consultant
  • telecommunications company - NFC-payment (Dusseldorf/London)

    * Project management - delivery management with responsibility for
    the target market Italy

    * Introduction of an NFC-based GSMA-compatible payment system
    together with two major banks in Italy

    * Project coordination with the subsidiary, local banks and other
    third parties

    * Interface between stakeholders, group commercial functions,
    technical project team and local market

    05/10 - 03/14 Project management and business analytics in a multinational
    telecommunications company - mobile internet access and BI

    * Project management

    * Collaboration with international customers and partners from
    established and emerging markets in 40 countries

    * Business intelligence and data science - design of a system for
    analysis and reporting of usage and other market data to derive
    necessary actions in the local markets (basing on Microsoft SQL
    Server, Excel, SharePoint, Microsoft Power BI, R, Splunk und

    * Group internal project marketing

    * Coordination between stakeholders, group marketing, technical
    project team and local markets

  • 06/2003 - 06/2009

    • Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  • Engagement Manager
  • (Portfolio Management)

    * Since 2006 overall responsibility for consulting projects in the area
    of financial services for German saving banks and union banks
    and multinational major privat banks in Germany

    * Responsibility and portfolio management for more than 400
    consulting projects in the area of automotive industry, banking and
    insurance, telecommunications, energy industry, retail,
    manufacturing, health care and public sector

    * Security consulting for the public sector

    * Member of several panels (BITKOM AK Security, AK Professional

    * Coaching of project managers and acquisition support for high
    volume consulting projects

  • 10/1999 - 05/2003

    • Microsoft Deutschland GmbH
  • Senior and Principal Consultant
  • Munich in the area of Strategic Enterprise Services

    * Project management and coaching

    * International coordination of the strategic alliance of a German
    leading multinational telecommunications company and Microsoft

    * Design and introduction of e-business strategies and deployment
    of following e-business projects

    * Analysis and optimization of business processes

    * Business process consulting in sales and technical areas

    * Development of marketing- and sales e-business strategies

    * Design and review of business models and economic feasibility

    * Threat analysis in financial and public sector

    * IT security consulting in the area of law enforcement agencies

    * Member of the panel for IT security of German BITKOM

    * Member of panels for German health card

  • 02/1998 - 09/1999

  • Sales Manager
  • * Support in founding the company with the core business of ecommerce

    * Product management and business development

    * IPO preparation

    * E-commerce consulting for financial services companies
    (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, saving banks organization,
    banking association et. al.)

  • 10/1996 - 02/1998

    • Trintech GmbH
  • Sales Executive
  • * Sales of electronic payment terminal solutions, internet and mobile
    payment solutions

    * Establishing of the distribution channels for Germany

    * Business development in the area of e-commerce payment

    * E-commerce consulting for financial services companies
    (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, saving banks organization)

    * Member in several panels (German electronic purse GeldKarte,
    Digital Signature, EMV)

  • 04/1995 - 09/1996

    • KRONE AG / KRONE Kommunikationstechnik; Technical University of Darmstadt
  • Product Manager
  • GmbH in Bad Hersfeld

    * Product management for health insurance card, support in the
    pilot for the future health card "Patientendatenkarte" for Germany

    * Product management electronic payment systems, smartcardbased
    technologies and internet

    * Member of several panels for standardization (GeldKarte, creditcard-based
    payments on the internet, Patientendatenkarte, later
    German Gesundheitskarte)

    * Cryptography

    before 1994 Freelancer while at university in the area of IT-planning, electrical
    engineering planning, building control systems, project
    management and research assistant at the Technical University of

  • 10/1987 - 12/1988

    • Bundeswehr (EloKa)
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