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Pouyan R. Fard


Letztes Update: 14.01.2022

Senior Data Scientist | Big Data | Cloud | Machine Learning | NLP | Python

Firma: Fard Consulting
Abschluss: PhD Computational Intelligence (expected 2021)
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  • Professional Summary: 
    • Experienced freelance consultant with entrepreneurial mindset advising international clients ranging from idea-stage startups to global companies on data science, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.
    • Highly detail-oriented data scientist leveraging domain knowledge, data analytics, effective communication, and data story-telling skills to generate actionable business insights across transportation, aviation, automotive, finance, life sciences & pharmaceutical, sales and marketing, and human resources industries.
    • Innovative developer with 8+ years of project experience in deployment of machine learning in software solutions, digital product management, and business development resulting in 10+ software platforms, 10 publications, and over 5 million dollars in company revenues.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Programming: Python, Java, Scala, R, C++, C#, Matlab
    • Big Data: Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, Kafka, Hive, Hue, Impala, Solr, Sqoop, Drill, Presto, Zeppelin
    • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, T-SQL, MariaDB, Solr, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hbase
    • Cloud:
      • Azure: CLI, Data Lake/Blob Storage, Data Factory, Databricks, Polybase, Synapse Analytics, SQL DB, Cosmos DB, MLStudio, Cognitive Services, Data Studio, App Service, Container Service, Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions
      • AWS: EMR, Athena, RDS, DynamoDB, Sagemaker, Comprehend, S3, Lambda, Quicksight
      • Google Cloud: Natural Language, Vision
      • Databricks
    • DevOps: Docker, Jenkins, CI/CD
    • Data Visualization: PowerBI, Tableau, R Shiny, Seaborn, Google Analytics
    • Machine Learning: SKlearn, Tensorflow, Keras, pyTorch, DL4J, XGBoost, CNN, LSTM, BERT, ULMFit, Azure ML-studio, AWS Sagemaker
    • Natural Language Processing: SpaCy, NLTK, SparkNLP, Gensim, CoreNLP, Textblob, Regex, AWS Comprehend, Prodigy
    • Frontend: D3.JS, Plotly, Bubble, HighCharts, pyQt, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML
    • Web & Frameworks: Flask, Restful API, Swagger, JSON, Postman, TCP/IP
    • Version control: Git, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket
    • Project management: Scrum, Confluence, Jira
    • OS: Windows, Linux
    • Editors: PyCharm, IntelliJ, VS Code, Atom, Eclipse


04/2021 - bis jetzt
Lead Data Scientist & Data Engineer
Global Energy & Mobility Company (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Energie, Wasser und Umwelt

07/2021 - 12/2021
Senior Data Engineer
Global Chemical Company, United States (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
- Development of big data pipelines on top of AWS infrastructure for high-dimensional data
- Technologies used: Python, Unit testing, Docker, Xarray, Dask, Bitbucket, CI/CD, AWS (EC2, S3, Parameter Store)

05/2021 - 11/2021
Lead Data Scientist & Cloud Data Architect
Global Transportation & Mobility Company, Germany (5000-10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Transport und Logistik
- Design & architecture of data warehousing solutions in Azure Synapse
- Development & deployment of dynamic pricing solution in Azure cloud infra-structure
- Conducting data migration from on premise to Azure Synapse environment
- Technologies used: Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob, Azure Ku-bernetes Service, Azure Data Lake Storage, AzCopy, Python, Pyspark, Tableau, K-means Clustering, MLOps, CI/CD

06/2020 - 04/2021
Lead Data Scientist & NLP Engineer
HR-tech startup
Internet und Informationstechnologie
- Development of proof-of-concept HR-tech solution for automated sourcing & screening of talents using NLP based on unstructured data.
- Technologies used: Python, Scala, SpaCy, NLTK, MongoDB, MariaDB, D3.JS, Javascript, MapReduce, Spark, Azure, Databricks, Snowflake, MLOps, CI/CD.

09/2020 - 12/2020
Lead Big Data Strategy & Architecture Consultant
Sartorius (5000-10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik
- Leading the data strategy & architecture initiative to conduct big data infrastructure health-checks and identifying the functional and process gaps in the client’s big data infrastructure.
- Requirement engineering and conducting stakeholder interviews multiple interviews and workshops with 25+ stakeholders across the organization.
- Conducting gap analysis and defining the long-term big data strategy roadmap.
- Definition and prioritization of actionable recommendations for the client’s digital transformation strategy including predictive analytics use cases.

10/2019 - 05/2020
Senior Data Scientist & NLP Engineer
Boehringer Ingelheim (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik
Project: Advanced analytics dashboard for a semantic analytics use case
  • Built advanced text analytics models (semi-supervised learning) based on complex & imbalanced datasets achieving 96% accuracy in the semantic inference of business insights.
  • Designed and implemented an end-to-end big data analytics pipeline and deployed text analytics models in the client's existing big data infrastructure.
  • Responsibilities involved requirements engineering, business analysis, stakeholder communication, communication between the technical team and product owner, the transition of requirements into user stories.
  • Involved in managerial tasks such as big data architecture, user experience design, business analysis, and project management tasks.
  • Technologies used: Python, Java, Apache Spark, HDFS, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, RESTful API, Apache Solr, PostgreSQL,, Prodigy, Spacy, Tensorflow, PyTorch, D3.JS, Highcharts, Jenkins, PyCharm , Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence.

10/2019 - 10/2019
Senior Data Science & Solution Architecture Consultant
European Energy Company (via Sapient GmbH) (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)
Energie, Wasser und Umwelt
Project: Design & architecture of algorithmic trading platform
  • Activities included: Business analysis, Use case definition, Business development, Solution design with machine learning

07/2019 - 10/2019
Senior Data Scientist
Global automotive company (Via Sapient GmbH) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Automobil und Fahrzeugbau
Project: Advanced analytics dashboard for marketing mix modeling and demand forecasting
  • Developed an advanced analytics dashboard for marketing mix modeling and demand forecasting for the global automotive company: developing an end-to-end visual analytics dashboard for demand forecasting, monitoring, and prediction of key KPIs in a performance marketing campaign using time series analysis.
  • Technologies Used: Python, XGBoost, Azure, SQL, Dash, Jira, Confluence. 

07/2019 - 09/2019
Senior Data Visualization & Analytics Specialist
Global automotive company (Via Sapient GmbH) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Automobil und Fahrzeugbau
Project: Development and maintenance of marketing analytics dashboard for a global automotive company
  • Technologies used: Tableau, PowerBI, SQL

03/2019 - 04/2019
Business Analyst - AI & Data Science in Aviation
Global airline company (Via Accenture) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Transport und Logistik
Project: Business analysis for big data analytics use cases across aviation industry
  • Activities included: Business analysis, Use case definition, Business development, Solution design with machine learning

02/2019 - 04/2019
Data Scientist - Financial Analytics
European Financial Institution (via Accenture) (1000-5000 Mitarbeiter)
Banken und Finanzdienstleistungen
Project: Developing a finance dashboard for the visualization of historical trends along with forecasted trends of economic KPIs
  • Technologies used: R Shiny, Machine Learning

01/2019 - 04/2019
Data Scientist & NLP Engineer
Global Information Technology Services Company (via Accenture) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Project: Development of human resources analytics platform
  • Developing analytics-driven capabilities for ranking of candidates in talent search engine based on natural language processing.
  • Technologies used: Azure, Kubernetes, Python, ETL, SQL, Restful API, Flask, Machine Learning

09/2018 - 12/2018
Data Scientist
Global airline company (Via Accenture) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Transport und Logistik
Project: Merchandising intelligence for international airline company
  • Developing an advanced analytics dashboard for driving customer analytics (pricing analytics) for the aviation client using big data, visual analytics, and machine learning technologies.
  • Technologies used: Tableau, Python, R, Machine Learning, SQL, Hive

07/2018 - 08/2018
Business Analyst - Data Science & Machine Learning
European Railway Company (via Accenture) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Transport und Logistik
Project: Business analysis for analytics use cases across the transportation industry
  • Activities included: Business analysis, use case definition, business development, solution design with machine learning


06/2018 - 07/2018
Business Analyst - Data Architecture
Global Pharmaceutical company (via Accenture) (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik
Project: Big data architecture planning for a global pharmaceutical company
  • Activities include strategic planning, big data architecture, project management.

02/2015 - 04/2018
Machine Learning Scientist
TU Dresden (1000-5000 Mitarbeiter)
Öffentlicher Dienst
Project: Predictive modeling of consumer behavior:
  • Conducting two large-scale research studies concerned with predictive modeling of human decision making (consumer behavior) based on tracking the visual input.
  • Activities involve machine learning algorithm development, exploratory data analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization, big data acquisition, and data preparation.
  • Technologies used: Python, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, seaborn, eye tracking, self-developed advanced machine learning algorithms, approximate inference, MATLAB.
  • Resulted in 3 academic publications in renowned academic journals and conferences.
  • Managed a team of 5 scientific staff for the acquisition of big data (~ 100,000 entries)
  • from more than 120 participants in consumer behavior study.
  • Strong presentation skills with expertise in training over 150 university students for programming, statistical thinking, data-driven approach.

11/2016 - 05/2017
Data Scientist & NLP Engineer
Why Apply (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Project: Advanced analytics for an innovative recruitment platform
  • Assisting the company to generate actionable insights for clients as well as developing an advanced analytics dashboard for extraction, integration, and visualization of data from internal and external sources.
  • Used natural language processing and web analytics.
  • Technologies used: Python, NLTK, pyQT, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform.

07/2016 - 09/2016
Data Engineer
The SaaS Co. (10-50 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Project: Automated data pipelines for data-driven B2B sales and lead generation
  • Developed an integrated data pipe-line for extracting, integrating, cleaning, and aggregating, and visualizing insights from a big data-set of 270 million entries
    Technologies used: Python, Postgresql, IBM-Watson Cloud, Regex, NLP 

11/2012 - 11/2014
Virtual Reality Technology Specialist & Data Analyst
University-clinic Tuebingen (1000-5000 Mitarbeiter)
Pharma und Medizintechnik
Project: Virtual reality software for movement rehabilitation
  • Virtual reality software for movement rehabilitation: developed a virtual reality software providing real-time feedback to users for specific hand movement exercises 
    using computer animation, machine learning, motion capture technologieslike: C ++, Ogre3D, Libsvm, MATLAB, data glove.
  • Data analysis and data acquisition for robotics and virtual reality projects: conductingdata acquisition and data preparation for large scale EU projects concerning 
    robotics using virtual reality and motion capture technologies like: Adobe Motion builder, Vicon Nexus, Ogre3D.
  • Software framework for real-time analysis of human physiological data: developing a software framework for real-time tracking and visualization of human physiological data using ECG. Technologies used: C ++, MATLAB, ECG, signal processing.
  • Automated data pipeline for tracking and visualization of hand movements: virtual reality framework applied in movement rehabilitation. Technologies used: C ++, Ogre3d, TCP / IP.

03/2013 - 11/2013
Machine Learning Engineer
MPI Intelligent Systems (>10.000 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
Project: Developing software frameworks in machine learning and human-computer interaction in 2 research projects
  • Technologies used: Python, Matlab, machine learning, optimization methods, control theory, neural networks

03/2012 - 12/2012
Business Development Consultant
Sooren systems Ltd. (< 10 Mitarbeiter)
Internet und Informationstechnologie
  • Driving business development activities like preparing RfP responses, closing international partnerships, client and partner negotiation, and content marketing.
  • Closed 3 large-scale clients through RfP response process for developing enterprise portals

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