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Tangent are currently looking for Civil works Supervisors to work in Germany

Purpose of role

  • The role of a Civil Works Supervisor (CW-Supervisor) is:
  • To prepare proposal for realize telecom sites
  • To work interactive with customer and GU/ASP
  • To order and bill GU and ASP services
  • To coordinate construction and implementation of sites
  • To work interactive with acceptance and quality responsible
  • To fulfil the expected reporting towards SiteHandler

Key tasks and responsibilities for site construction

  • Preparing of preliminary design (Rotstift) aligned with customer for clearing with landlord.
  • Scheduling and attendance of construction meeting and BTB along with construction agency, structural- and electrical engineer.
  • Covering and documentation of inventory defects on site (incl. Foto doku).
  • Report of inventory defects and appropriate incremental cost report forwarding to customer.
  • Preparing of BTB-protocol with respect to operational safety contenting the following: rack layout, room layout, DC layout, lightning protection layout, power layout, antenna and radio layout.
  • Alignment of preliminary design and BTB-protocol with respective adjustment.
  • Ordering of design engineering (EP) incl. statics.
  • To obtain acceptance of design engineering (EP) from customer.
  • Monitoring of data by GU related to detailed engineering (AP), static calculation and assembly drawings incl. parts lists.
  • To ensure construction permission relative to customer and BNetzA.
  • Control and clearing certificate of performance (CoP) in terms of planning. Transfer for creating credit voucher.
  • Preparing of site specific civil works order for GU/ASP.
  • Handover of complete site specific documentation towards GU/ASP.
  • Call off our clients system hardware via site handler (SH) incl. monitoring of delivery.
  • Call off crane via SH.
  • Request for installation and integration via TTWOS tickets.
  • Inspection of operational safety during installation - fulfilled by acceptance specialist.

Key tasks and responsibilities for site implementation

  • Scheduling and coordination of installation time frame (Landlord, GU, ASP, public authorities).
  • To claim and check the delivery notes concerning telecoms hard ware.
  • Verification of interference- and incremental costs from GU/ASP and forwarding to customer when indicated.
  • Enabling site for acceptance and appoint the appropriate time frame towards acceptance specialist and GU/ASP.

Key tasks and responsibilities for documentation & acceptance

  • Check up of site documentation prepared by GU and/or ASP. Deposition of the final documentation into the relevant tools (egSH).
  • To place and monitoring removal of faults based on the agreed acceptance protocol.
  • Indicate finished and fault-free sites for commissioning with consolidation of the quality responsible.
  • Check up of CoP and compare to the ordered items and quantity, transfer for creating credit voucher.

General tasks

  • By day reporting of status via Site Handler and customer PM-tool, status monitoring.
  • Cost control.
  • Efficiency control of GU and ASP


  • CW-Supervisor has to place purchase orders to the relevant GU and ASP. In this process existing frame contracts negotiated by sourcing have to be utilized.
  • Approving of CoP (certificate of performance) in terms of construction, civil works and system engineering.


  • Interfaces and communication between CW-Supervisor and project/network rollout stakeholders shall be defined in the rollout- or respective project process. Interfaces includes usually and are described in detail by process plan:
  • Internal: Project Manager, Line Manager, Working Group, Customer Unit,                 
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • External: Customer, GU, ASP, Public Authorities.
  • Potential performance measurements

Success could be measured in terms of:

  • First time right (determined via Site Handler analysis)
  • Customer agreed lead times (also via SH analysis)
  • Construction and installation quality (quality index provided by quality responsible)

Role requirements

Qualifications & experience

  • Construction engineer and/or electrical engineer (technical college or graduated degree).
  • Experiences from construction and installation of telecommunication sites are recommended urgently.
  • IS/IT tools and access
  • Windows office packet, basic need.
  • ACAD, beneficial.
  • Site Handler and customer related tools, have to be adopt.

Additional requirements

  • Certificate of G41 checkup
  • Certificate of climbing and rescue training.
  • Certificate of medical emergency training.

Engineer, Technician, German and English language

Please send CVs and contacts if interested

Thank you