SAP License Manager

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Licensing advice to specialist departments in consideration of the license portfolio
- Clarification of questions regarding back-charging depending on charging models and taking into account cause-related charging to business IT and business units
- Knowledge of the individual SAP products/services is essential, carve out support
- Support in ongoing carve-out projects - clarification of the transferability of required licenses based on the license inventory
- if necessary. Support with the transfer of SAP licenses
- Migration to S4/HANA
- Support for the development and tactical orientation with regard to the options for the customer as an existing SAP customer under the lead of the internal customer SAP License Manager
- Support of projects for the introduction of new SAP solutions (including Negotiation of project contracts with SAP)
- Use of rights acquired under the 'old'; contracts with SAP
- Incentives for the negotiating partner and negotiation tactics
- Opportunities and risks for the licence portfolio - Taking into account the current initial stock
- user model
- Support for the SAP license managers in defining new user models (e. g. B. Discontinuation of Limited Professional User, observance of the special user rights of the current user)
- Analysis and consolidation of user models
- Indirect use
- Support for SAP License Managers for contractual interpretations and business cases
- Monitoring and organisation of central mailboxes (e. g. B. for license requests) and distribution / management of the resulting ToDo's
- Change SAM Tool
- Support with the introduction or the change to Snow as SAP measurement tool
- Contractual issues and general
- Support for the SAP license managers for definition of further levers in the price list (locations, sales, quasi-flat rates)
- Identification and analysis of points to be considered in the contract (e. g. formulation of the configuration right, shutdowns, carve-out regulations, post-purchase conditions)
- SAP measurement - consideration of savings potential based on actual use
- Creation of film sets/decision templates for the management
- Creation/testing of business cases
- Support in identifying and realising synergies in connection with the consolidation of customers
- Support in the documentation of achieved synergies

Soft skills:
Shopping experience
Affinity for IT and new technologies
Structured working method paired with a talent for improvisation

Subject Skills:
Software and licensing knowledge in relation to the manufacturer SAP with appropriate professional background
Experience in negotiating similar contracts with SAP
Administrative and project management skills and experience