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FTTH Site Supervisor - Kassel

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Manning Global’s Client is the world's largest telecommunication vendor, serving one third of the world's population in 170 countries. Dedicated to innovation and continuously pushing the boundaries of ICT, they are developing networks, solutions and devices to connect systems, businesses, cities, societies and people around the globe. We are currently recruiting for a FTTH Site Supervisor to join their business in Germany.

Position Title
FTTH Site Supervisor
Position Type
Start Date
May 2018
3 months rolling
Jo Li |

Coordination with Sub-cons.
Coordinate with sub-con to do daily work plan including team arrangement (CW, HH installation, Pole installation, cabling, FAT installation, FDT installation, Splicing, Testing, etc) and work priority arrangement;
Coordinate with sub-con to deal with site issue including ROW issue, technical issue and so on;
Coordinate with sub-con to make sure all work is based on design (as planned drawing). Any changes must report to RPM to decide whether it need raise CR or not;
Coordinate with sub-con to finish all necessary documents especially for testing document (OTDR testing for ATP);
All configuration of testing machine shall comply with standard/requirement from MQM/Huawei;
Any issue can’t be solved/decided on site by PE shall be escalated to RPM immediately without delay.
On site materiel control.
Imported Material inventory control from WH to Sub-con custody to Site installation to Site return;
Weekly inventory report submission for material control;
Manage the materiel for responsible clusters/sites is used properly; monitor the materiel status to avoid missing, broken, etc, especially for Cable;
ATP, As Built Drawing & Final BOQ.
Coordinate with sub-con to submit/finish As Built Drawings;
Review all as built drawings according with site status;
Coordinate with sub-con to submit/finish ATP document and review ATP;
Check all civil work and cable work quantity compared with final BoQ sub-con submit to Huawei and make sure all quantity is matched with actual work.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Meeting with Sub-con supervisor.
Responsible to organize the timely meeting with Sub-con supervisors based on schedule;
Responsible to Output the Minutes of meetings of every meeting and submit to PCM for monitoring;
Timely Remind the Sub-con as per commitment and agreement on different issues.

Similar experience in the past 3 yrs
Fluent German and English
Travel with own car to the sites

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