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Linux expert

Abschluss: DEA Optoelectronics Grenoble 1992
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Linux kernel and applications
Having ported Linux on different architectures I have a deep and up to date understanding of the Linux kernel and Systems On Chip. Mainstream reviewer for Linux IBM PCI.
QEMU/KVM mainstream maintainer for IBM Cryptographic processors and developments for VIRTIO-CCW, VFIO-PCI, VFIO-AP and VSIE inside IBM research center.
Real time systems
My good knowledge of the SoC and Operating Systems provides me with good skills for the conception of deterministic architectures and applications.
Embedded systems
Several years of experience in resolving issues between hardware and software in embedded systems afford me a good knowledge of the ARM, Power, MIPS, IAPX and SH4 architectures.

2015 - 2023 Virtualization (IBM Böblingen)
- CPU topology: QEMU/KVM implementation for virtual IBM CPU topology
- Crypyography: QEMU/KVM mainstream maintainer for IBM cryptographic processors
- Linux PCI: Reviewer for IBM PCI implementation in Linux
- VIRTIO: reviewer and developer VIRTIO-CCW for IBM

1995 - 2015 Linux kernel, BSP and drivers (MNIS Paris)
Linux and uBoot port on SH4 (Set-top Box), MIPS (payment system), ARM (Router, several Cell phones and a control-command system). Linux ARM architecture modifications for eXecute In Place.

Drivers for FPGA interface with Linux cryptographic framework integration, Ethernet NIC driver, several SPI and UART, ISO TP4 (Unix AT&T), SCSI(HP-UX), standard DMA, Linux frame buffer.

Studies: "Execute In Place Linux on Cortex-A15/A7 - 2014", "Running Linux in less than 6MB - 2013", "Cluster optimisation - 2013", "Filesystem comparison - 2010"

1995 Creating MNIS society and the first French Linux distribution

1992-1995 UNIX Second level support (Deutsch-telekom Darmstadt)
Support: Linux, UNIX UNISYS, organization of the hotline



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