Profilbild von Jan Schaedlich Software Developer | Trainer | Consultant (works with PHP, loves Symfony and RESTful APIs) aus Wuppertal

Jan Schädlich

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Software Developer | Trainer | Consultant (works with PHP, loves Symfony and RESTful APIs)

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Languages and Tools
PHP 5-8, Symfony 1-6, Doctrine, Propel, Twig, PHPUnit, Behat, PHPStan, Rector, Deptrac, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MOngoDB, DynamoDB, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Git, Jenkins Pipelines, Github Actions, Docker, k8s, AWS

RESTful APIs, Test-driven Development, Automated Testing, Clean Code, Code Quality, SOLID, DDD, CQRS, Design Patterns

Legacy migrations, PHP & Symfony upgrades, framework migrations, automated testing and refactoring

RESTful APIs, Unit & Integration Testing, Test-driven Development, Symfony and its Components


07/2023 - bis jetzt
Senior Software Developer (Freelancer)
The Quality Group GmbH, Hamburg, Germany (Konsumgüter und Handel, 250-500 Mitarbeiter)

Built an address validation and correction service (Bref, PHP 8.2 and Symfony 6) used in a microservice event- driven architecture running on AWS. Refactored several PHP projects towards a uniform way of using Symfony and Bref and other components and tools, like Symfony Serializer, Doctrine, PHPUnit, etc.

07/2023 - 07/2023
Trainer (Freelancer)
Digital Building Industries AG, Böblingen, German

Provided a 1-day in-house Training: “Symfony’s Dependency Injection Component & The Service Container”.

02/2023 - 06/2023
Senior Software Developer (Freelancer)
movingimage EVP GmbH, Berlin, Germany (Internet und Informationstechnologie, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

Helped with hands-on programming to ensure that several tight scheduled feature implementations in a Symfony 5 application using a MongoDB data storage hosted on Azure can be delivered on time. Upgraded a legacy Symfony 3 API application to Symfony 6.

05/2023 - 05/2023
Trainer (Freelancer)
New Elements GmbH, Nürnberg, Germany

Provided a 2-days in-house Training “Symfony für Fortgeschrittene” (including the following topics: Dependency Injection & Symfony’s Service Container, Event Dispatcher & Symfony’s Event Flow, Console Commands, Symfony Security, Doctrine ORM) for the client’s customer public plan GmbH in Düsseldorf.

01/2022 - 01/2023
Lead Software Developer
eos.uptrade GmbH (50-250 Mitarbeiter)

Leading a team of PHP/Symfony developers. Giving technical guidance by doing pair-programming, peer reviews and personal feedback meetings. Being responsible for defining and implementing measures to increase test coverage and code quality. Having the role of a technical domain expert for the SSO (OAuth2, OIDC, PKCE) and payment domains (integration of Logpay, PayUnity, MobilePay, ApplePay, GooglePay, etc.). Being the hiring manager and on-boarding new developers for the German and Portuguese offices.

01/2021 - 12/2021
PHP Team Lead
Siemens Mobility Portugal

Led a Team of PHP/Symfony developers migrating a Symfony 1 legacy applications towards a modern architecture based on Symfony 5. Hired and onboarded new developers. Provided workshops related to PHP, Symfony, Unit-/Integration-Testing and API development. Shared knowledge by pair-programming sessions and peer reviews. Organised the Symfony User Group Aveiro, Portugal.

06/2018 - 12/2020
Senior Software Developer & Trainer
SensioLabs Deutschland GmbH (Sonstiges, 10-50 Mitarbeiter)

Helped clients with upgrading Symfony applications and migrating legacy applications towards a modern architecture based on Symfony. Provided Symfony trainings, code audits and individual workshops. Organised the Symfony User Group Hamburg. Contributed to open source projects, like Symfony, Symfony-Docs and Deptrac.

01/2018 - 03/2018
Senior Software Developer (Freelancer)
miovent AG (Sonstiges, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

Solved doctrine performance issues in a Symfony 3 application.

07/2017 - 12/2017
Senior Software Developer (Freelancer)
Thiocyn GmbH (Sonstiges, 10-50 Mitarbeiter)

Built deployment processes for a Shopware based online shop application and created individual Shopware plugins.

07/2015 - 06/2017
Senior Software Developer (Freelancer)
Lykon GmbH (Sonstiges, 50-250 Mitarbeiter)

Created a RESTful API for a mobile and a web shop application using Symfony, Doctrine and RabbitMQ.

09/2009 - 04/2015
Software Developer
University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück, Germany

Developed web, desktop and mobile applications, set up a distributed monitoring system based on Nagios and developed IT concepts.


Certified Symfony 6 Developer
Symfony SAS
Twig Certified Designer
Symfony SAS
Certified Symfony 5 Developer
Symfony SAS
Certified Symfony 4 Developer
Symfony SAS


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Profilbild von Jan Schaedlich Software Developer | Trainer | Consultant (works with PHP, loves Symfony and RESTful APIs) aus Wuppertal Software Developer | Trainer | Consultant (works with PHP, loves Symfony and RESTful APIs)