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Christian Barra


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Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer, Cloud and IoT expert

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I'm a software engineer and engineering leader with a strong product-driven approach.

With +10 years of experience in software I focus on system architecture, backend development and cloud infrastructure. 
I have experience working with companies in different sectors (retail, ecommerce, farming, Media, IoT), from startups to +500 people companies, in an international environment.

I'm a proactive member in the tech community, through contributions to OSS, coaching, speaking, writing and organising events.

I organized more than 20 events in the last years, ranging from meetups to 1000+ people conferences like EuroPython or PyCon DE & PyData Berlin.

I am a Python Software Foundation Fellow and former board member of the EuroPython Society.

These are some areas where I can help you:
  • Design and develop software systems and applications (Python/Go/Javascript)
  • Reduce lead-time and improve software quality
  • Migrate your deployment to a container/kubernetes based solution
  • Create and grow software teams
  • Implement and improve CI/CD
  • Build MVPs
  • Build cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure)
  • Build RESTFul, gRPC and GraphQL APIs
  • Serverless system
  • IoT products


01/2021 - bis jetzt
Freelancer and Principal Consultant (Wayfair, Scor, CARIAD, four-bit, John Lewis, Bayer)

In the last months, I participated in different high-value projects, critical to business.

My latest experience was at CARIAD (VW), where I helped build the new IoT and data infrastructure platform, to support the new generation of cars.

Previously I worked at WayFair, where I was in charge of building highly scalable machine learning services with strict requirements (latency < 10ms).

At Scor (one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world) I helped them close a market gap: the number of scenarios they could evaluate for compliance. Allowing them to x10 that number while keeping the same running time.

01/2019 - 12/2020
Tech Lead
Infarm (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)

Tech Lead of a cross functional team at InFarm (+10 people), the vertical farming company.

I worked closely with the product owner and the head of engineering to decide our software strategy, product roadmap, and milestones.

I proactively suggested and led improvements during my time at infarm. My main areas of focus were:
  • Led the design and implementation of our software platform and IoT integration using Google Cloud, Lambda architecture, Protobuf, Golang and Python 3, Influx DB, Grafana and PostgreSQL.
  • Set up and improved our security practices following the principle of least privilege and a fully auditable permission systems.
  • Led the migration of our platform to Google Cloud using infrastructure as code with Terraform, modern SRE practices, Kubernetes and event stream processing.
  • Improve our software quality and resilience by adding linters to our CI/CD, set up postmortem ceremonies and advocate for an observability-first mindset during software development.
  • Interviewed more than 50 people for roles like backend developers, frontend developers and product managers to support our growth.  During the same period I set up a proper onboarding process and took care of the onboarding of backend developers
  • Introduced and constantly improved our remote culture and readiness by advocating for new tools and habits by pushing for more home office days and running our ceremonies and meetings online.

01/2018 - 01/2019
Senior Software Developer (Konsumgüter und Handel, 250-500 Mitarbeiter)

I developed and maintained services built on top of EventStore and Python using AWS, Nomad, Elastic Search, Kibana, PostgreSQL and Ansible.

These services were the core parts of the infrastructure that allowed to ship and track +40.000 orders each week. I worked in different cross-functional teams, with PO, developers and QA engineers.

I joined the company as one of the first members of the remote team in an agile environment with a big focus on TDD/BDD and devops practices (each team had full ownership of their services).

12/2013 - 12/2017
Freelance Software Engineer

I focused mainly on building micro services architecture, improving legacy code bases and trainings.

Some of my tasks:
  • Supported a German news company, with +17 millions unique visitors/month, helping them scaling their legacy news APIs for web and mobile users. I added a couple of new features related to search and increased test coverage and uptime.
  • Created a software to extract sales information from POS receipts for a German startup, using edge computing, the retrieved information would be then stored centrally using their APIs. The software was running on small devices connected to POS inside stores.

12/2013 - 12/2017
Freelance Machine Learning engineer

I focused on bringing data science projects to production using modern tools, cloud infrastructure and MLOps. A big part of my time was also dedicated to teaching and mentoring Data Science Teams on MLOps and DevOps practices.

Some of the tasks:

  • Supported different companies with their efforts of putting machine learning models in production, this goes from redefining the requirements, simplifying the release process, introducing better tools and mentor them about the best practices. This helped them from having a 2 months release process to weekly releases, and in the best cases introducing continuous deployment practices.
  • Created an MVP for a US startup with the goal of offering a jupyter notebook as a service, I led the initial architecture and development of the service. The application builds docker images starting from artifacts (codes or repositories) and then launches docker containers on a docker swarm cluster hosted on Google Cloud.  One of the main goals was to achieve scalability from the beginning (+1000 concurrent users at the same time).


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Profilbild von Christian Barra Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer, Cloud and IoT expert aus Berlin Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer, Cloud and IoT expert