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Andre Stricker


Letztes Update: 08.03.2024

Data Engineer

Firma: DataCentric GmbH
Abschluss: nicht angegeben
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch (Muttersprache) | Englisch (verhandlungssicher)


Pentaho (ETL, Reporting, Dashboards, OLAP Cubes, …)
Power BI


Migrate a fully developed Hyperion Platform to Pentaho
Migrate a fully developed Hyperion Reporting platform to Pentaho. The Platform consists of about 200 fully developed reports.
Technologies used:
  • MySQL
  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)
  • Pentaho Report Designer (PRD)
  • Pentaho Schema Workbench (PSW)/OLAP
  • Bash Scripting
the main issue here was that the business guru who has developed the reports in the first place was not in the company any more. With the help of the customers IT- and business users we were able to reverse-engineer all of the reports. Now the Pentaho platform is still up and running and heavily used. I am still doing a lot of supportive work there.
Lessons learned:
Never underestimate the creativity of a business user
  Develop a Microsoft Word Mergefield Replacer for SF Data
The task was to develop a Microsoft Word mergefield replacer that pulls data from SuccessFactors HR SOAP API (SAP).  With that data we are replacing mergefields in word documents and finally saved on a network share. The tool must be multilingual and in addition be connected to LDAP (Microsofts AD) for user authentication.
Technologies used:
  • PHP
  • Javascript/JQuery
  • Bash-Scripting
This is a perfect example on how software requirements change over time. At first, the idea was that the customers HR department is using the tool for only a couple of documents and employees at a time. Now they literally use it for mass-mailings. As a result I had to change quite a bit of code for performance and user experience, introducing session caches.
Another challenge was the rather ancient PHP version on the customers web-server where many fancy functions like a JSON or XML parser did not exist or did not work the way I needed it. Special attention is put on privacy (employee blacklists) and special characters as German and French speaking users are using the tool.
Lessons learned:
Requirements can be liquid

Church excavation for the Landesgartenschau 2012
Create a platform that creates timelapse videos of an excavation site in Giessen, Germany. This should be visible on the web and also on a monitor next to the building site
Technologies used:
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CCTV Cam/Radio Relay
  • AJAX/All things Web
  • Bash Scripting
This was a really fun project. The idea was to set up a wireless camera on top of the steeple so it sends images to a webserver. That server renders the images to a film and then displays it on a website that can also be looked at next to the excavation site. There was no network/wireless on the steeple, hence we had to get something usable up there. GSM was not an option as we were generating too many images. As a result we set up a directional wireless-lan antenna to send images to a shop next to the steeple which then sent it on to the webserver.
We generated a new film every day. The users next to the excavation site could easily control the monitor by scanning a QR code on screen.
Website kirchplatz That opened a website with a remote control on their phone. They could switch between the full film, the last month and in addition general information about the excavation.
Lessons learned:
Do you have everything you need up there before you walk up these >100 steps?


Verfügbar in den Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz
Ich arbeite hauptsächlich Remote. Projektbesprechungen - auch regelmäßig finden gerne vor Ort mit den Stakeholdern statt.
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