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Alaa Qutaish


Letztes Update: 15.02.2023

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, AWS, Kubernetes & GitOps Consultant

Abschluss: BSc. Computing at University of Greenwich
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I am a highly motivated and influential learner who enjoys problem-solving and collaborating with talented individuals to create scalable, reliable Distributed Systems. With a degree in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich, I have accumulated 12+ years of experience in SRE, Cloud Systems, and Distributed Systems, having worked in EU Startups, Telecom Data Centers, and the German Automotive industry. I offer Hands-on Consultation, Advisory Services, and Mentorship.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with top-notch teams, learning from and influencing individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This experience has enabled me to excel in team building and mentoring roles, instilling confidence in newcomers.

My success is founded on three core principles - Learning, Trust, and Culture. These principles guide me in my search for like-minded individuals who share my belief that teamwork and collaboration are the keys to personal and collective success.


11/2019 - 05/2021
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
New Store GmbH.

* Contribute to the design, implementation of the CloudNative platform.
* Refactoring Terraform modules and contributing to the upstream community modules.
* Design and implement EKS secrets management using GitOps, SSM, OIDC & IRSA.
* Working on Mutual TLS (mTLS) inter-service communications with Istio Service-Mesh.
* Working on Canary deployments for HTTP and gRPC services.
* Promoting Canary deployments through tech-talk, workshop & blueprints.
* Extending EKS cluster functionality with Kubernetes Operators.
* Implemented Kubernetes soft Multi-Tenancy using RBAC, IAM and GitOps.
* Implemented EKS policy-as-code using admission controllers and policies.
* Refactor modules to enable IRSA trust policies for all Kubernetes controllers.
* Contributed to backend feature development using Golang.
* Developed & deployed a Kubernetes operator for SOC-2 Assets Inventory.
* Built a solution for Multi-Realm JWT Pod Authentication & Authorization OIDC and

10/2018 - 10/2019
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Team Lead

* Pushing the infrastructure forward to adopt the latest standard technologies.
* Leveling-up the team skills by pairing, code-reviews and white-board discussions with
junior engineers and promoting best practices for IaaC, Containers, k8s patterns.
* Setup VPC, Subnets, VPN, DNS, SSL, LBs using Terraform, Packer, Chef.
* Setup CI/CD using TeamCity and Kotlin and Helm Charts.
* Integrate secrets management system with the CI/CD using Vault.
* Rebuilt an up-to-date Kafka cluster securely in the internal subnet!
* Introduce Builder-Pattern and Dockerize all services and write Helm charts.
* Setup Kubernetes on both AWS and Azure environments with Ingress controllers.
* Leading OEM PoC deployment project.
* Setup logging and monitoring systems.

02/2016 - 05/2018
Site Reliability Engineering Manager
HERE Technologies GmbH.

Joined Seniority with ATS Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH

OTA (Over-The-Air) is a highly secure software update technology for the automotive and IoT
* Building immutable AWS based Mesos & Kubernetes platforms.
* Maintaining Kafka, Cassandra, Zookeeper clusters.
* Developing metrics reporting & log aggregation for dynamic monitoring & alerting.
* Building recommendation system which optimizes microservices resource allocation.
* Developed label-based pod registration for the Mesos cluster similar to k8s ingress.

* Developed tools for alerting, monitoring, backups and secrets management.
* Developed capacity & performance testing strategies.
* Along with the team, we helped move the company to 120+ services.
* Pairing with engineers on diAerent problems from IoT clients, Backend to Mesos

02/2015 - 02/2016
DevOps Team Lead
Brainly, Inc.

* Designing and Developing AWS based mesos platform with strong focus on
automation and immutability.
* Creating scalable contract-based containers deployment pipeline.
* Developing custom platform tools for Service Registration, Service Discovery.
* Ensuring high quality tested infrastructure components.
* Staying up-to-date with cluster-scheduling open source ecosystems.
* Pairing with software and data engineers to spread DevOps culture and practices.
* Conducting hiring technical interviews.

08/2014 - 02/2015
DevOps Engineer
Wimdu GmbH.

* Automating the infrastructure with Chef
* Ensuring site reliability
* Developing custom tools for Automation, Security and Monitoring
* Operational logistics including provisioning, logging, monitoring
* Identifying and Troubleshooting production problems

10/2012 - 07/2014
DevOps Engineer
Pipe Dream Technologies GmbH

PIPE is a startup in Berlin for social file transfers using WebRTC data channels.
* Design, scale, and automate the infrastructure
* Build and maintain server and network platform on AWS
* Building a centralized, scalable and searchable logging system
* Manage and deploy back-end/front-end software to multiple environments
* Troubleshoot and maintain the production and other environments
* Develop custom tools for systems monitoring and alerting
* Time series analysis and performance tuning

06/2012 - 11/2012
Software Engineer

Anghami is a mobile based music streaming service targeting the MENA region.
* Working on AWS cloud services
* Implementing the messaging system
* Performance tuning and optimization

* Working on the APIs and microservices development
* Working on the recommendation engine algorithms
* Writing MapReduce jobs for MongoDB
* APIs integration with third-party service

08/2009 - 02/2011
Software & Systems Engineering consultant

* Managing RPM, DEB and Gentoo based Linux systems
* Automating the security checking for the ISP Public/Internal services
* Managing rootkit infected servers and migrate to new healthy servers
* Training the new system administrators
* Writing plugins for Nagios to monitor ISP special services
* Integrating Nagios with GSM gateway to notify all engineers using SMS
* Managing Radius service APIs
* Managing NTP, DNS, Apache, MySQL, Heartbeat, AAA services
* Participated in the ISP systems expansion plan
* EMC SAN Storage integration with database cluster

01/2008 - 12/2009
Software & Systems Engineer
Aloola SCS ISP.

* Managing RPM, DEB, Gentoo Linux based systems
* Managing DNS, Mail, Apache, MySQL services
* Managing Anti-viruses Mcafee appliances
* Tuning MySQL databases.
* Automating repetitive and most daily ISP operations

07/2007 - 09/2008
Junior Software & Systems Engineer

* Managing Linux systems based on Gentoo and Debian
* Managing the Mail servers based on RoundCube / QMail
* Managing DNS cluster based on Bind
* Managing VPS instances using OpenVZ and Plesk Control Panel
* Monitoring using Nagios, Munin and PRTG
* Writing scripts to perform backup tasks and to bootstrap users Mailboxes.


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Sonstige Angaben

During my career I have witnessed several shifts in the software operations paradigms, as the software industry moves with a huge velocity of innovation, Companies need to keep up and adapt to this rate of change to stay competitive in the business and to attract talents.

As a consultant, I will help your team through Cloud Native transformation to ship services faster, more cost effectively and with less risk. Having 12+ years of extensive hands-on experience & being an early-adopter of Software Containers and Cloud Native systems, I have successfully led many engineering teams across European startups throughout the transformation process which resulted in a substantial increase in the software reliability, agility and acceleration of the development cycle.

I will apply the industry best practices and frameworks to make a positive impact on your team’s productivity and help you gain confidence that your applications are done right and securely.

I take the word Transformation very seriously, It is not just about how appealing the technologies we want to use. But in fact, it is a first-class cultural movement within your engineering team. So as a first step, we need to work together with your team to evaluate your company’s readiness for it. After that we can design the systems that make sense for your business.

Cloud Native Systems are extremely powerful, but only when they are done right. That starts with people and their understanding & acceptance of the change. Together with your team, we will analyze and understand your software and current infrastructure then suggest any meaningful change whether it is in the core or the extended infrastructure. We will build the production-grade cutting-edge platform that will make your engineering team happier, more confident and more innovative.

Not only will you own a robust, secure & well-designed kubernetes cluster which is fully automated and automatically scalable, but will implement an advanced observability & alerting platform to help you understand and inspect lower layers of your services and up to the business metrics layer. In addition to that, will implement several subsystems that fully integrate with your platform to form a coherent platform as a whole.

You are welcome to contact me at to book the first advisory meeting and we can take it from there.
Profilbild von Alaa Qutaish Senior Site Reliability Engineer, AWS, Kubernetes & GitOps Consultant aus Berlin Senior Site Reliability Engineer, AWS, Kubernetes & GitOps Consultant