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Adnan Kahric

Network & Security Engineer Consultant 2x CCNP R&S | CCNP Security

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Profilbild von Adnan Kahric Network & Security Engineer Consultant 2x CCNP R&S | CCNP Security aus Zivogosce
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Profilbild von Adnan Kahric Network & Security Engineer Consultant 2x CCNP R&S | CCNP Security aus Zivogosce
Expertise in Cisco Routing&Switching(BGP,MPLS,OSPF,EIGRP,HSRP,Multicast)Advanced knowledge in VPN,ASA Firewall,ISE,CheckPoint,PaloAlto
Summary of Qualifications & Certifiicatiuon 2X CCNP R&S | CCNP Security Remarkable knowledge in Cisco network engineering as well as Security  In depth understanding of IP networks, routing and switching concepts. Extensive experience in LAN and WAN administration,and managing Cisco IOS,IOS XR,Nexus,IOS XE,HP,DEL,Nortel switches/routers .Advanced  knowledge in BGP,MPLS,Multicast,IPV6,OSPF.Pro knowledge in VPN ,Strong ASA Firewal,ISE,Palo Alto,Check Point. Handled Dynamic Routing Protocols, QoS and Voice Gateways.

Senior Network Engineer British Telecomunication Dublin January 2017- June 2018.
Worked independently with  little or no support of others on planning and configuring from the scratch some of the following projects (Google,Facebook,Netflix caching migration to new Nexus switches in ISP network. Termination of existing BGP  Internet exchange points and transit links to switch over the whole data traffic to BIG BT London. Multihoming BGP for „THREE“  ISP to migrate from IOS routers to new IOS XR within ISP network etc)
Implemented changes on the customer request on ISP broadband network,MPLS global network,
DCN network and Goverment network.
Configured VPC features on Nexus in a layer 2 switched network environment.
Confifured BGP both internal and external with route-reflection topology and peering and transit connections on IOS XR, IOS XE,IOS oerating systems
Configured and Tshoot OSPF as an IGP in a backbone area and ABR configuration
Diagnosing and resolve customer and core network issues on the ISP network.

Senior Core Network Engineer,Ipercast 2012-2017
Network monitoring using Cacti and Nagios free source monitoring tools Configuring and troubleshooting EIGRP,IS-IS IPv6 interior routing protocols BGP peering coordination,managing bgp peer group,route manipulation,filtering,route map,bgp dumpening,confederation Troubleshooting,upgrading IOS on 6500 serie Layer 3 switches,

Network Security Administrator,AT&T 2011-2012
LocationDistrict Brno-Country, Czech Republic
Configured changes on customer request on ASA firewall,PIX,Cisco Routers,Check Point Firewall.
Taking customer calls, opened a corresponding trouble ticket through the Remedy/AOTS ticketing system, and resolved the issue .

Infomark  Network/Voip AdministratoAug 2006 – Dec 2008
 Employment Duration2 yrs 5 mos
Infomark, Mostar , Bosnia and Herzegowina,August, 2006 – 2008 December 
Position VoIP Administrator 
Imparted technical leadership for Consulting Services projects and aided clients in managing voice 
and data network infrastructure. 
Formulated daily status reports on completed tasks and current issues. 
Configured and maintained Cisco Call Manager Express, 3CX Sip Server and related Cisco Unified 
Communications configurations. 
Handled QoS and Voice Gateways. 
Outlined documentation of network design and operation.

Language Skills--------------------------------------------------------------- Croatians Native English Fluent German Fluent