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Hands-on Interim Manager - Consultant - Project Manager

Profilbild von Christian Jourdant Hands-on Interim Manager - Consultant - Project Manager aus Hamburg
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  • Abschluss: Dipl.-Kfm.
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 100 €/Std. 950 €/Tag
    Range so far 850 - 1450
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | französisch (verhandlungssicher) | spanisch (gut)
  • Letztes Update: 23.04.2020
Profilbild von Christian Jourdant Hands-on Interim Manager - Consultant - Project Manager aus Hamburg
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Interim Management
Brand Management

E-Commerce (B2B/B2C)
Telekommunikation u.a.
Interim Management at a Digital Marketing Pioneer
Client            ethority Global Network GmbH, Hamburg
Duration            6 months (11/2017 – 4/2018)
Task            Interim Managing Director
  • Objective: further development of the consulting service offers in digital marketing (stand-in for the CEO in his sabbatical)
  • Supervision of key accounts (50% of DAX companies are on the customer list)
  • Expansion of the consulting offer (brand strategy, content strategy, multichannel)
  • Leading social media workshops (engagement, community management, interaction-focused wording)
  • Revision of the scorecard model (digital roadmap assessment)
  • Impulses for the development of campaigns, creation of communication concepts, derived from marketing intelligence
E-Commerce and Marketing Transition after Merger
Client            Schneider Versand (Klingel Group), Wedel 
Duration            12 months (12/2016 –  11/2017)
Task            Interim Head of E-Commerce and Marketing
  • Objective: Development and implementation of new strategies for e-commerce and marketing for market leader B2B (promotional items, decoration)
  • Technical / disciplinary leadership of a team of 20 employees, budget responsibility in the double-digit millions
  • Develop and implement new marketing strategies online and offline (drive-to-web, new advertising and sales forms)
  • Department reorganization, including selection of new agencies / service providers, setting up new work and IT processes
  • Transformation management after merger (Klingel group)
New Product Nomenclature B2B after Merger
Client            TE Connectivity, Darmstadt
Duration            1,5 Monate (9/2016 – 11/2016)
Task            Consultant
  • Objective: streamlining access of the product range (1.5 million articles) for (B2B) customers and employees through new structure and re-naming of product lines
  • Analysis of the product lines of all sectors (including acquisitions in the last 20 years)
  • Analysis of the competitive environment, comparison of other industries
  • Workshops with employees, sales partners, customers
  • Development of a new offer structure, naming of product groups
  • Presentation, discussion, handover

Product Definition and Go-to-Market Strategy for Chinese OEM
Client            ICONIQ Motors, Shanghai
Duration            6 months (3/2016 – 8/2016)
Task            Project Manager/Consultant
  • Objective: Strategic positioning of a new vehicle concept, definition of requirements for vehicle development (pre-feasibility phase)
  • Definition and analysis of the target groups (Sigma), derivation of automotive needs
  • Competitive analysis (desk research and dealer visits in Beijing and Shanghai)
  • Derivation of product requirements (powertrain, dimensions, features, connectivity), from brand values and brand facets, discussion with client, development partner Magna Steyr and potential suppliers for the vehicle platform (e.g. Nissan)
  • Feasibility studies, management workshops, coordination of go-to-market studies
  • Handover to Magna Steyr Asia for technical development
Setup Customer Acquisition Multichannel
Client            Wer liefert was? GmbH, Hamburg
Duration            6 months (9/2015 – 2/2016)
Task            Senior Campaign and Channel Manager (interim)
  • Objective: Establish processes to cross-link sales and marketing activities in all online and offline channels
  • Setup new CRM system, process definition 
  • Conception of a new argumentation line for Campaigns and Field Sales
  • Coordination of all Multichannel sales activities via Field Sales, Tele Sales, Direct/Online Marketing (E-Mail-Campaigns, Website, Landing Pages)
  • Interface management with Tele Sales, Field Sales, Agencies
  • Conception and realization of workshops 
CRM Platform Redesignfor Telco Market Leader
Client            Koninklijke KPN NV, Den Haag
Duration            6 months (1/2015 – 6/2015)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: Merging different CRM systems in the group
  • Coordination of an interdisciplinary project team from different departments and business units 
  • Responsibility for two Scrum teams, Development of user stories for different target groups with complex specifications
  • Creating functional specifications and decision papers (objectives, structure, concepts, timelines, business cases)
  • Development of PowerPoint presentations in English, presentation / discussion in different business units and with C level

Product Portfolio Simplification Pre- / Post-Merger
Client            E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf
            Telefónica Deutschland GmbH & Co. OHG, Munich
Duration            9 months (3/2014 – 11/2014)
Task            Program Manager Consumer
  • Objective: Significant increases in efficiency through simplification of the offer (potential for savings on marketing, sales and support costs across all channels)
  • Tariff portfolio analysis E-Plus, o2 and competition (including options, services, flats, discounts)  
  • Creation of complex scenarios, alternative business cases, forecasting and reporting (reduction / simplification, migration)  
  • Initiation of strategies and measures (IT / CC / campaigns) for tariff migration, (re-) design of processes, cross-divisional coordination and implementation 
  • Continuous screening of alignment with business case, if required design and implementation of countermeasures
Strategic Positioning
Client            OTTO (GmbH & Co KG), Hamburg
Duration            3 months (12/2013 – 3/2014)
Task            Consultant
  • Objective: Refresh of the positioning according to results of extensive market research since 2012 (see below)
  • Workshops on communication status (self / external image) with concerned departments / agencies / photographers
  • Evaluation of the competition performances (online and offline) vs . Resource Based View of own strengths
  • Positioning variance analysis in different psychographic target systems, internal validation
  • Synthesis in a multi-dimensional perceptual brand matrix using MBTI dimensions
  • Creation of a handbook for strategic imagery, training of concerned departments and agencies 
YouTube Social Media Strategy
Client            OTTO (GmbH & Co KG), Hamburg
Duration            1 month (10/2012 – 11/2012)
Task            Consultant
  • Objective: Critical analysis of the YouTube activity of OTTO, its competitors and thematically competing offers
  • Market and user analysis (SWOT), design of Target Picture "2015"
  • Concept OTTO YT strategy as a building block of social media activities, connecting with Facebook and Twitter, integration of career and newsroom channels
  • Derivation of specific measures in four strategic dimensions
  • Development of a decision template
Global Implementation of Online Activities B2B
Client            Unilever B.V., Hamburg/London/Rotterdam
Duration            9 months (2/2012 – 10/2012)
Task            Interim Manager: Global Online Marketing Manager B2B 
  • Objective: Re-launch of B2B Internet platform towards benefit orientation or lead generation (call to action)
  • Coordination of involved departments at three locations, agencies and contractors (online and offline) and about 50 international affiliates
  • Development of functional specification, coordination of design and content for different markets and target groups 
  • Scope: 30 country web sites, partially with newsletter or web shop functionality, microsite/landing page, App (iOS, Android)
  • Proposal on internal KPIs to measure performance
  • Constant coordination with legal (data protection, etc.)
  • Coordination of internal launch activities
Strategic Realignment E-Commerce
Client            OTTO (GmbH & Co KG), Hamburg
Duration            18 months (9/2010 – 2/2012)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: Significant increase of performance KPIs via UX development (webshop, newsletter, other CRM measures)
  • Creation of business cases, project volume 900 kEUR
  • Perception and decision habit evaluation by neuroscience based market research
  • Setup of an implicit survey with 50,000 participants using a visual test 
  • Acquisition of participants via banners, newsletters, Facebook
  • Approval and interpretation of results
  • Development of Creative Briefs using Codes (linguistic / textual, visual, episodic), presentation, discussion
Online Portal ”Marketing Best Practice“
Client            Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
Duration            18 months (3/2009 – 9/2010)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: Development of an international cross-group best practice platform
  • Revaluation of an ongoing project (best practice exchange took place only top-down or by compendia and conferences)
  • Functional specification of a CMS based best practice sharing platform, coordination with relevant departments, agencies, and IT, monitoring of implementation
  • Definition of KPIs, research, selection and revision of posted content (marketing and CRM campaigns, loyalty programmes, etc.) achieving high acceptance
  • Redesign of internal communication with newsletters and an incentive programme
  • Planning and implementation of international launch events for management level
Integration of Customer Segments fixed/mobile
Client            Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
Duration            6 months (8/2008 – 2/2009)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: Consolidation of target group and customer segmentations used in the group, their affiliates and departments as well as their agencies 
  • Analysis/comparison of existing segmentation models (practicability, efficiency)    
  • Mediation between differing internal expectations and needs to obtain broad commitment, lead of workshops and team events
  • Development of proposals for combined and new target group models, use cases
  • Presentation and discussion at Board level
Evaluation Brand Portfolio Filter Systems 
Client            Mahle GmbH, Stuttgart
Duration            6 months (11/2007 – 4/2008)
Task            Project Manager EMEA-Region
  • Objective: improve efficiency in sales, marketing and communications by adjusting the extensive brand portfolio 
  • Analysis of the decision-making mechanisms in the market
  • Status of core and regional brands, customer types, and competition
  • Setting up a research design in collaboration with the sales regions, pre-test
  • Survey of decision makers in the EMEA region, In-depth interviews (wholesale)
  • Result workshop, discussion
Elaboration and In-House Training of new Customer Segmentation
Client            Vodafone D2 GmbH, Düsseldorf
Duration            3 months (7/2007 – 9/2007)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: Finalization/simplification of a new segmentation model based on motivational drivers  
  • Desk research based on data from numerous market research and customer studies
  • Integrative concept that merges both motivational (limbic) and needs-based segments
  • Deduction of media usage, e-commerce affinity (apps, web shops, self-service) and openness for innovations (handsets, tariffs)
  • Presentation to board level (approval), top-down training of middle management including agencies and customer care team leaders
Group Brand Evaluation 
Client            Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin/Nuremberg
Duration            9 months (10/2006 – 6/2007)
Task            Project Manager
  • Objective: consolidation/automated processing of all KPI relevant company data 
  • High flexibility of the evaluation options/export functions e.g. for internal presentations
  • Creation of visually appealing chart templates in compliance with the internal CI 
  • Optimization of the data generation and transfer processes 
  • Supervision of external contractors
Relaunch of the marketing presence for a complex service offer
Client            Icon Added Value, Nuremberg
Duration            3 months (8/2006 – 10/2006)
Task            Project Manager
  • Redesign of the presentation of the offer portfolio
  • Create a clear, target-grouped wording
  • Designing the user experience in online and offline media
  • Selection of service providers, acceptance of results
Head of Marketing Renault 
Company            Renault Deutschland AG, Brühl
Duration            2 years+ (4/2003 – 5/2005)
Task            Head of Marketing (permanent position)
  • Responsible for trading up the brand in Germany through accents model policy (within the scope of a country company), 
  • Advertising, trade marketing, PR and public relations
  • Development of communicative strategies
  • After Renault, I start a self-employment business as consultant
Automotive Unit Lead in a Consulting Boutique
Company            UGW AG
Duration            2 years+ (11/2000 – 3/2003)
Task            Senior Consultant, later Manager of the Automotive Unit (permanent position)
  • Responsible for dialogue marketing projects at Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Audi
  • Conception of multilevel CRM campaigns with sales-oriented approach (best sales ratio achieved: 3.6%, measured by Opel)
  • Motivation of the dealer network to participate in the campaign (by video)
  • Establishment of a temporary campaign center for up to 1,200 dealers
  • Management and control of the involved internal and external partners
  • Awards from BDVT and Deutsche Post for Mercedes-Benz test-drive mailing 
First Steps in Automotive Marketing
Company            Peugeot Germany
Duration            4 years+ (6/1996 – 10/2000)
Task            Product Manager (until 1998), Commercial Marketing Consultant (both permanent)
  • Product / Price Strategy, Competitive Observation of 3 model series
  • Reconception of sales documents (catalogues, price lists)
  • Since 1998, consultant for sales marketing in the field, planning/execution of dealer events, opening new locations
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