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Profilbild von Angelo Cammalleri iOS Developer aus CologneNRW

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I have specialized in developing for Apple systems, this includes apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch but also close technologies like continuous integration and continuous deployment. Core technologies I use are Swift, Objective-C and UIKit. 

Over the years I have worked on many different apps, from small advertisement campaigns to big apps with hundred thousands of daily users, everything was included. I participated and shaped agency work but also long term product development.
One thing was consistent across all of these project, my aim for quality.

In addition I also participate in the development of videogames and apps as part of working for my own software development studio Kindred.
  • 08/2019 - bis jetzt

    • Insurance Company
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Versicherungen
  • iOS Developer / iOS Consultant
  • Tasks performed:
    • Maintenance for internal app of insurance company
    • Implementing native features in a webview based app
    • Consulting concerning the development of a new app
    • Planning and implementation of new app 

    Technologies used:
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • UIKit

  • 09/2018 - 04/2020

    • Budget Airline
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Transport und Logistik
  • iOS Developer / iOS Software Architect
  • Redesigning architectural key aspects including:

    • Maintaining legacy Objective-C code base from 2012
    • Introducing tests into legacy code base
    • Transitioning to Swift with new features
    • Migrating from UIWebView to native views
    • Migrating from UIWebView to WKWebView
    • Moving to tabbar based navigation from burger menu
    • Development of UI and internal frameworks

    Technologies used:
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • UIKit

  • 07/2016 - 08/2018

    • Interactive Pioneers GmbH
    • 10-50 Mitarbeiter
    • Marketing, PR und Design
  • iOS Developer
  • My tasks included:
    • Working with designers on platform specific UI
    • Lead development of Roads by Porsche and pARcel
    • Feature development for existing projects like iMFootball and CHIOAachen

    Technologies used:
    • Swift
    • Objective-C
    • UIKit

  • 09/2013 - 06/2016

    • Deutsche Telekom AG
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Telekommunikation
  • Software Engineering Apprenticeship
    • Building custom tools for in house deployment
    • Performance optimization of existing tools

In the current situation I prefer working remotely, but on site work is possible if it is within reasonable distance to Cologne. 
If a project is further away it might be fine if on site work is not required every day.