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Letztes Update: 09.03.2020

Senior JS Developer

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Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache)


+49176 800 46 974
1990, male

German (native language) English (proficient user)

7+ years experience in commercially IT Solved computer science and economics studies in Berlin as Bachelor of Science, 2013
In total, developing experience of 10+ years in different technologies.
Core Competencies
● JavaScript specialist
● deep business related knowledge in soft and hardware, sophisticated Script based
● creation of software requirements, specifications, technical concepts and
● theoretical architecture of distributed systems
● continues education frequently in technical meet up events and research investigation
Frequently used Technologies
● Node - JavaScript in ES 7 and lower
o NodeJs, React + Redux, VUEjs + Vuex
o VanillaJS and extentions jQuery, ProtoType, TypeScript
  • ●  Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Bubble
  • ●  preprocessing and styling: CSS, HTML 5, SASS, LESS, Stylus, Compass
  • ●  E2E Tests and Unit-testing
  • ●  Web services, REST, Webhooks and Websockets
  • ●  Docker (Kubernetes / AWS)
  • ●  PHP, C++, Java and Python skills still available
  • ●  Databases technologies: SQL, MYSQL, MongoDB
  • ●  Ecommerce: Shopware, Salesforce