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Senior DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

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Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Senior DevOps - Site Reliability Engineer

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AWS, Github, Bitbucket, Ansible, Terraform, Cloudformation, Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipeline, CircleCI, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Bash, Python
  • 04/2020 - 08/2020

    • DHL / Deutsche Post IT Services
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Transport und Logistik
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • The responsibility of this project was to migrate from a Centos 6 environment, using Puppet and monolithic applications to move ahead to a containerized and automated environment using Docker for the container, Kubernetes for the orchestration of the containers, Terraform for the infrastructure as a code and Packer for the Centos 8 images.

  • 11/2019 - 03/2020

    • Ströer SE & Co. KGaA
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Medien und Verlage
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Joining the t-online finance team working on creating the infrastructure and CI/CD environment for the application and connectivity to third parties.
    Also, working alongside with the infrastructure team to build up the AWS landing zone to provide the organisation with the possibility to create AWS environments quickly with security and company standards and migrate Kubernetes hosted in the Datacenter to AWS using EKS.

  • 04/2019 - 09/2019

    • Football Index
    • 500-1000 Mitarbeiter
    • Sonstiges
  • Senior DevOps Consultant
  • Working for the start-up, in a small team moving the applications from Heroku to AWS and Kubernetes to enable the developers are similar working experience.

  • 01/2019 - 03/2019

    • Scape Technologies (Facebook)
    • 10-50 Mitarbeiter
    • Internet und Informationstechnologie
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Working for the start-up, keeping the costs as low as possible is crucial. Therefore I was responsible to implement an effective scaling and monitoring for the API so the application is not using a vast amount of resources when it is not necessary and on the other side the customers have a smooth experience even during peak times.

  • 05/2018 - 12/2018

    • Solera – Autodata Group
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Automobil und Fahrzeugbau
  • DevOps Consultant
  • Working within a DevOps team assigned to different groups. My group was responsible for the API’s. As the first contact for the developers and management, it was my responsibility to enable a smooth deployment and high availability of our API’s to the customers.

  • 12/2017 - 05/2018

    • NBCUniversal
    • >10.000 Mitarbeiter
    • Medien und Verlage
  • DevOps Consultant
  • The IT infrastructure moved into AWS. Part of my responsibility was to mature the infrastructure as a Code. Managing the containerised applications in every environment and implementing monitoring to identify issues ideally before occurring and the ongoing optimisation of the environment. Working together with the Developers and standardise and automate the Pipelines including tests code and the repeatable execution and possible rollback of deployments.

Von Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Frankfurt bis Koeln.