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FPGA Design / Verification - Digital Design Consultant, Digital Design Consultant, Senior FPGA Devel

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  • Abschluss: Master in Information & Communication Engineering, University of Sussex
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FPGA, Formal Verification, code coverage, coding, Python, debugging, Apollo, UART, SPI, I2S, GPIO, Expander, Verilog, test framework, Xilinx, DOORS, signal processing, data transfer, checksum, Lattice, VHDL, test bench, Tcl, NIOS, 32-bit, C++, JTAG, PCB layout, ASIC, DVB, RTL design-VHDL, simulation, Tcl scripting, assertion, DiseqC, SATA, USB, data analysis, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Unix, Linux, Sun Solaris, Applications, MS Office viz, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, 8085 and 8086, Programming, C, Scripting Languages, Perl, Lint checker, Spyglass, Simulation tools, VCS, Modelsim, PSPICE, Matlab SimuLink, QuestaSIM, Compiler, DFT Compiler, TAP Controller, BScan, Logic Vision, Clio soft SOS, Git, SVN, Magma's Blast Fusion, Cadence, Avant, Xilinx Vivado, ISE Web pack, Intel/Altera, Quartus-II, Lattice Diamond
  • 07/2007 - 09/2020

    • Digital Design; Oxford Instruments
  • Senior FPGA Development Engineer
  • Oxford Instruments, Oxford, England

    * Concept, Development and Verification of FPGAs
    targeting to Drive Technologies - Electric hybrid vehicles
    * Hands on expertise in VHDL, Verilog, Functional 13( Post
    layout Simulation, Synthesis, P&R and Tcl Scripting for
    STA, IP integration, Assertion based test bench
    * NIOS-II 32-bit soft core processor implementation and
    verification with embedded test software in C++ using
    JTAG UART interface
    * Delta-Sigma modulators - 5inc3 Filter implementation
    * Interaction with Hardware/Software teams for board
    * Board level verification in mixed signal environment
    using oscilloscope and interaction with PCB layout tool
    Cadence Allegro

  • 09/2017 - 03/2019

    • Intel
  • FPGA Design / Verification - Digital Design Consultant
  • Responsibilities:
    * Analysis of Intel Apollo-Lake SoC interfaces and FPGA
    hardware preparation
    * IP Functional Specification, Implementation and
    verification - UART, SPI, I2C and I2S TDM(Audio)
    * Bring-up of HW using Mentor layout viewer and
    measurements with Oscilloscope
    * GPIO Port Expander - SPI Controller Implementation
    * Verilog RTL, Test bench, Synthesis, STA, P&R, functional
    and timing simulation
    * AMBA-AXI bus transactions through FPGA register
    * Python based test framework to verify Host and Device
    * Early design testing with Xilinx KC705 evaluation

  • 11/2012 - 05/2017

    • FPGA
  • Digital Design Consultant
  • Bombardier Transportation, London England

    * Reviewing and analyzing specifications from DOORS
    * Cross correlation and Regulator signal processing
    * LFSR implementation, data transfer through different
    interfaces with checksum
    * Experience with ARM Cortex M4 - Flex bus interface
    * Writing test models for ADCs, DACs and Flash with SPI
    * Implementation and Verification of FPGAs - Lattice /
    * VHDL, Verilog, Functional Simulation, Lint checking,
    Synthesis, Place& Route, post-layout Simulation and
    STA with back annotated timing information, test
    benches - module / top level and fulfill the requirements
    with 100% code coverage
    * Board-evaluation for UFM and memory interface
    between processor boards using oscilloscope
    * Creation of text reports from test bench verification
    using assertions
    * Documentation - Design and Failure criteria functional
    verification test report
    * Supporting junior engineers to fix functional, timing and
    integration issues

  • 03/2004 - 05/2007

    • Imagination Technologies
  • 3nr ASIC Design Engineer
  • Hertfordshire, England

    * Development and Verification of demodulator/decoder
    DVB-S2 ICs for Set-top box tuner applications
    * Translating block level requirements from System C to
    * Expertise in RTL design-VHDL , simulation, Tcl scripting
    for synthesis, STA timing sign-off, DFT scan chain
    insertion, formal verification, pre& post layout STA
    * Experience in code-coverage 13( assertion based
    testbench verification, implementation 13( testing of TAP
    controller& Boundary-scan logic, memBIST verification
    * System level integration running through synthesis and
    * Interaction with IC layout team to solve the timing
    * Experience with SPI, I2C, DiseqC, SATA and USB
    * Prototyping in Xilinx FPGAs
    * Project co-ordination with international teams in USA,
    France, Belgium and China Showed data analysis in
    regular meetings for creating new program