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Manfred Schreistetter

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Profilbild von Manfred Schreistetter IT-Projectmanager Projektleiter Tech-Lead Cloud-Architect IT-Projektmanager aus Pobenhausen
Summary of Profile & Skills:
  • I am digital.
  • I love technology.
  • I lead IT-Projects to success
  • I guide enterprises to their digital future.
  • I strongly believe in the power of public clouds and help companies to learn about the advantages in this area to compete in a digital world.
09/2018 - 12/2018
Development of a Decoupling Layer
Role: Lead Cloud Architect
Client: EmilFrey Digital Services GmbH, Munich

Summary: Helping the business to build up digital business models in the public cloud.
While building up new digital sales models with a variete of new technologies, the customer needs a layer, which decouples the rapid-development from the stable and performant IT. To not interfer the stability, it’s best practice to separate the different IT-speeds.
Build a layer in the public cloud (Google Cloud Platform), connect legacy-systems (one-way-communication in first approach) and build proper APIs on top of this Layer.
New Products will not influence daily business, new apps can be developed pretty fast

10/2017 - 08/2018
Project: Product Owner PaaS Services, Google Cloud Platform
Role: Product Owner
Client: Media-Saturn IT-Services GmbH, Ingolstadt

Product Owner (PO) oft the team called Config, Services (PaaS) & Provider Interface. This Team will make sure that all infrastructure topics are solved like AD-Accounts, network configs, firewalling issues and provide a monitoring and logging solution for the customers applications.

Always trying to follow the principles:
  • "Eat your own dog food"
  • "If it hurts, do it more often"
  • "If it works, try to break it"
the Paas-Team cares about:
  • Automated PaaS System Setup, containing Managed Kubernetes (Kubernetes Engine), Mass-Data-Storage (Cloud Storage) and managed Databases (CloudSQL with Postgres 9.6)
  • Evaluation of new PaaS-Products (Cloud Functions, Cloud Spanner, BigTable)
  • Billing Concept and Automation, costs allocated on a cost-causative basis
  • Runtime Configuration Data Source
  • Stage setup automation
  • Networking and Firewalls
  • Cloud Identity and Access-Management (IAM) based on the on-Prem Active-Directory

03/2017 – 05/2018
Media-Saturn IT-Services GmbH, Ingolstadt
Project: Development of a Machine-Learning Tool
Role: Project Manager

Develop a Tool, which allows depended on the Frequency of Customers a dynamic staffing. The Tool should be able to take external factors like the weather in consideration. Targeted outcome should be, that on days with a high frequency enough sales representatives are staffed to consult the customers. This will result in a higher turnover since 30% of the visitors not convert to customers.
Generate a Machine-Learning Model, train it with the historical User-Frequencies and weather data. Do then a prediction of the next 7-14 days. Filter out special-events and improve the prediction with the weather forecast.

05/2011 - 09/2016
Projectmanagement Automotive
Client: msg systems AG, Ingolstadt

Project ZP8 App
Als Projektleiter habe ich den Fahrzeug-Auditierungs-Prozesses durch eine iPad-App samt JEE-Backend digitalisiert (Ablösung eines durch Excel-Listen und Access-Datenbanken getriebenen Prozesses). Die App wurde zunächst nur am Zählpunkt 8 – Fahrzeugendkontrolle eingesetzt, durch die breite Akzeptanz wird die App nun weltweit in die Werke Brüssel, Györ, Bratislava und San José ausgerollt.
Project Easy-App
Als Projektleiter habe ich die Entwicklung und den Rollout einer iPad App für den sicheren Zugriff des Audi-Rechtswesens auf ein DMS geleitet. Durch die Sicherstellung der kompletten Verschlüsselung aller Daten auf dem iPad sowie auf dem Transportweg wurde die Voraussetzung zur Verarbeitung von Daten bis hin zur Vertraulichkeitsstufe „geheim“ geschaffen. Die Auditierung erfolge durch externe Security-Spezialisten (NESO Security Labs GmbH).

  • Projectmanagement for B2C-Apps (iOS)
  • Projectcontrolling
  • Requirement-Analysis
  • Estimation of scopes of sevices, monetary valuations, personal responsibility at creation of proposals
  • Responsible contact person for about 10 iOS-Apps
  • Steering of the Project-Team (6 Developer, 2 Business-Analysts)
  • Creations of Status-Reports
Region München und Ingolstadt