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Majid Sefidgaran


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Senior Structural Engineer (Bauingenieur)

Abschluss: M.Sc. in Structural Engineering
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Als Bauingenieur (structural engineer) habe ich Jahrelange Erfahrungen als Statiker (Tragwerkplaner, Berechnungsingenieur, Baustatiker …)  in Wohnhäuser, Geschäftshäuser, Hotels, Parkhäuser, Turm, Industriehäuser und insbesondere im Bereich Öl und Petrochemie  Industrie und Stiftung füe Industrieanlagen (Industrial equipment foundation).
Sonstige Fähigkeiten/Tools:
SAP2000, ETABS, SAFE, STAAD, BIM, AutoCad, Revit, Tekla Structures, Programming, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, commenting, spreadsheets, struts
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Technical Career Qualifications
  • Having years of management experience and leading junior engineers and collaboration with other disciplines including Architecture, Mechanic, Piping, Instrument, Electric, Equipment, Civil and Project Control.
  • Having vast experience in attending meetings with different disciplines, clients and contractors.
  • Preparation of technical structural specifications, design criteria and standard drawings based on codes, client requirements, engineering experience and construction focus.
  • Participating in occasional site visits to make necessary clarifications and resolve probable technical issues during the construction and serviceability phase.
  • Preparation of B.O.Q, M.T.O and estimation. Specialist in assessing different structural systems both in terms of technical and financial.
  • Observing and following company's HSE program of the company - Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Industrial and building R&D background and holding training courses.
  • Being familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Having experience in collaboration with architects and mechanical engineers overseas.
  • Dealing with various foreign equipment suppliers from all over the world.
Expert in writing reports, calculation notes, documents and creating presentations.


08/2010 - bis jetzt
Bauingenieur - Senior Structural Engineer-Structural Lead Engineer
Sazeh Consultants, Tehran (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)
Industrie und Maschinenbau

Sazeh Consultants is a reputable, large-sized and among three mega engineering companies specialized in Oil & Gas and infrastructure design, procurement and construction in Iran. Some of my activities are as follow:

  • A senior engineer involved in various projects by preparing instructions and design criteria, structural designing, checking, endorsing and commenting on all project deliverables.
  • Involved in different types of projects including Gas gathering, Gas treating plants, Gas processing, NGL extraction plants, Gas injection facilities, Oil & Gas production facilities, Oil & Gas pipelines, Olefins, Petrochemical plant productions including Aromatics, Polymers & Methanol, Petroleum refining and Ammonia & Urea projects.
  • Design of structures (steel & concrete) and foundations (shallow & piles) of various types including Pipe racks (Interconnecting Utilities, Supporting Air Coolers), Bridges, Equipment Structures and Shelters (Including Heavy Cranes) due to gravity, piping (Operating, Friction and Anchor), earthquake, wind and thermal loads.
  • Design of foundation of Anchor Blocks, Vertical Equipment (Towers, Stacks, Heaters), Horizontal Equipment (horizontal vessels, Heat Exchangers, Drums), Vibrating machinery (Pumps, Compressors) and Tanks.
  • Preparing standard drawings for typical steel connections using spreadsheets in excel by reviewing the structural handbooks and the latest codes, verifying them with examples of handbooks and continuously improving them.
  • Preparing technical design guides to increase the quality and accuracy of design, decrease the design time and prevent misunderstanding including Design guide for shelters supporting cranes, Design guide for foundation of stationary equipment, Design guide for equipment structure, Design guide for pipe racks and Design guide for insert plates.
  • Leading junior engineers, asking them to do their duties in a way that all work of the project is completed within a prescribed time schedule and man-hour budget and preparing "Job Planning" based on time schedule and review it each week to be confident that we are on schedule.
  • Being in touch and negotiating with international equipment suppliers from different countries via commenting on vendor documents by email or participating in online or in-person meetings.
  • An active member of subcommittees including the research and development and software engineering which needs excellent collaboration and teamwork with other engineers.
  • Holding training courses on the following topics:
  • Calculation of wind load according to ASCE 7
  • Design of extended end-plate moment connections according to AISC Design Guide -04
  • Design of bracing connection according to "uniform method" based on AISC Manual
  • Design of baseplates according to "ultimate method" based on AISC Design Guide-01

08/2004 - 08/2010
Junior-Senior Structural Engineer
Khak-Sang-Sazeh Consultants (500-1000 Mitarbeiter)
Architektur und Bauwesen
Junior/ senior engineer involved in designing and leading various urban steel and concrete
structures with different lateral resisting systems. Following are some of my major activities:
* Design of "37-Story multi-functional Complex" with an overall surface of 160,000 m 2 , including
hotel, shopping & commercial center and car park, in Tehran, collaborating with an architectural
consultant in Dubai and mechanical consultants in Turkey.
* Design of "multi-functional Complex" with an overall surface of 400,000 m 2 , including two 35-
Story towers, shopping & commercial center and car park in Tabriz.
* Design multi-functional Complex with an overall surface of 120,000 m 2 including two 22-Story
and two 24-story towers, Shopping center and car park in Tabriz.
* Design of "residential Complex" with an overall surface of 50,000 m2 including two 20-story and
two 23-Story Tower in Tehran.
* Design of "11&12-Story car park" with an overall surface of 85,000 m2 in Tehran.
* Design of a "Hospital" with an overall surface of 40,000 m2 in Yazd.
* Design of "underground metro station" in Tehran.
* Design of structures and foundations of timber manufacturing plant including Press, Forming
line, Forming station, Dryer, Pre dryer, Drum, Fan, Cyclone, Combustion chamber, Wind sifter,
Screen and Dry miller.
* Suggesting utilizing "Building Information Modeling (BIM)" using Revit.
* Some of the training courses that I held:
* Reviewing different structural systems of tall buildings with a focus on seismic load, reducing
the size of elements, lessening the weight of the structure and the cost of construction mostly
based on "Reinforced Concrete Design of Tall Buildings, Bungale S. Taranath" and "Tall and
Super Tall Buildings, Tamboli Akbar R."
* Reviewing different long-span floor systems including Waffle slab, UBot, Cobiax.
* Comparison between concrete and steel structures financially.
* Reviewing steel composite joists with metal deck with a focus on deflection and vibration
according to AISC design guide No. 11.
* Designing diaphragm, collectors and struts especially for structures with bracing or shear wall
for seismic loads.

Zeitliche und räumliche Verfügbarkeit

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Sonstige Angaben

International Codes and Standards
  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC):
  • Specification for Structural Steel Buildings: AISC 360-16
  • Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings: AISC 341-16
  • Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications: AISC 358-16
  • AISC Design Guides
  • American Concrete Institute (ACI):
  • Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete: ACI 318-19
  • Seismic Design of Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures: ACI 350.3
  • Report on Foundations for Static Equipment: ACI351.2R-10
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE):
  • Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures: ASCE 7-16
  • Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage: API 650
  • NEHRP Seismic Design Technical Briefs and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    Memberships and Awards
  • Ranked 81th (top 1%) in the Iranian nationwide university entrance exam, 1998.
  • Holding license grade II for “Design, Supervision and Execution of buildings“ from “ Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO)" by passing an exam and participating in several training courses including Professional principles, Safety Management and Construction Quality, Design of Steel and Concrete Structures, Design of Steel Connections, Weld Supervision, Static and Dynamic Analysis due to Earthquake and wind, Tall Building Lateral Resistance Systems, Modelling Basis and Computer Designing, Design of Shallow and Deep (piles) foundations, Design of Masonry Buildings, Execution methods, Excavation and Retaining Structures, New Materials & technologies, Methods of mixing and Placing the concrete