Profilbild von Konstantinos Xikis Senior Software and Systems Eng./Software Architect/Sub-project manager/Team Leader aus Muenchen

Konstantinos Xikis


Letztes Update: 02.05.2022

Senior Software and Systems Eng./Software Architect/Sub-project manager/Team Leader

Abschluss: MSc in Computing Science
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Depends also on the number of hours allowed location etc.
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (verhandlungssicher) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | griechisch (Muttersprache)


  • Senior SW & Systems Engineer with wide provable experience in all phases of software and systems development (specification, architecture, design, implementation, review, testing, profiling, documentation).
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, fast learner and adapter; “battle-tested” analytical skills.
  • Long experience in Real-Time/Embedded and Desktop/GUI development.
  • Experience in team leadership, mentoring and sub-project management (planning, effort estimation).
  • Polyglot programmer – incl. C++, C, C#, Java, Matlab/Simulink etc.
  • Comfortable in both high and low level development; excellent object-oriented design skills.
  • Good understanding of hardware.
  • Solid scientific and engineering basis.
  • Industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Industrial Software & Automation.
Leadership experience: Experience as Team Leader / Technical Lead as well as in team mentoring and training. Experience in Sub-project Management including planning, effort estimation, coordination of remote teams etc.
Architecture, Analysis and Design: Solid experience in requirements gathering, and development of system & software specifications; development of SW system architecture; experience in all phases of the SW lifecycle; object-oriented analysis and design (more than 10 years) – including UML and design patterns. Significant experience (more than 10 years) in structured development techniques.
High-Level Programming languages: Polyglot programmer. 15 years of professional programming experience in C (structured methods) and 10 years in C++ (object-oriented development). More than 4 years of professional Java development experience; in addition Groovy, Scala and Clojure; familiar with a variety of APIs. 3 years of professional tool development in C#/.NET; additionally, Visual Basic (and VBA). Capable of programming professionally in Ada and Python. Good knowledge of Pascal and FORTRAN and some experience in, Simula, Prolog, Haskell, Miranda, OCCAM, etc. Scripting experience in Unix, Tcl and Perl. Knowledge of HTML, Javascript and XML. Knowledge of Relational Databases and SQL.
Low-level programming: More than 3.5 years of professional assembly language programming experience. In-depth knowledge and experience with the Motorola / IBM PowerPC microprocessor family assembly language and architecture. Knowledge of and experience on the assembly language and architecture of the Intel 8088, 8051, 80196 / Motorola 68(7)05 / Zilog Z80, Z8 Encore! / Siemens 515C / Hitachi H8S / Atmel AVR microprocessors / microcontrollers.
Modeling and Simulation: Very solid experience with Matlab (programming sophisticated applications) and Simulink (incl. development of executable functionality); automatic code generation (Real-Time Workshop/Embedded Coder, dSpace TargetLink; other Mathworks pachages (Stateflow, report generation etc.)
Platforms: More than 16 years of embedded / real-time development experience on various platforms. 2 years of professional programming experience on the VxWorks RTOS. 7 years of professional programming experience on MS-Windows/ GUI development. Using/programming various flavours of UNIX and Linux for more than 7 years. Solid experience on MS-DOS and some experience on the QNX RTOS. Some experience with J2ME and mobile phone programming. Some experience in Android programming.
Tools: Git & Github , PTC Integrity, Merant/Serena Dimensions, Subversion, Rational Clearcase, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, CVS/WinCVS,; Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, PlantUML, Rational Rose, Telelogic DOORS; a variety of C and C++ compilers/IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, GNU C++, DiabData C/C++, GreenHills C/C++; Make tool/makefile experience; NetBeans, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA Java IDEs; Microsoft Access; Wind River Tornado2 embedded development platform, WindRiver/DiabData development environment (incl. SingleStep); a variety of embedded / real-time development tools (debuggers, ICEs, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, network sniffers), e.g. Lauterbach, Wireshark; measurement and control tools like LabVIEW etc.
Others: Comfortable in both high-level and low-level programming. In-depth, hands-on experience in the design and implementation of operating systems and system software. Good understanding of distributed computing concepts (CORBA). Experience with data communications and telecommunications protocols/stacks. Solid understanding of control systems, hardware issues and their interaction with software and comfortable with the handling of mathematics. Very good knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) programming in LADDER, Function Block Diagram & Instruction (Statement) List for industrial applications. Experience in the development of safety critical systems (DO-178B, ISO 26262, MISRA etc.).


Upon request.

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