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IT skills
(best at top)
* Java (SCJP)
* Programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC): Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens (also according to IEC 1131-3)
* Automatic control tasks: instrumentation. DAQ. Bus systems
* Industrial HMI (visualizing of processes)
* Unix shell programming
* Batch programming
* SQL - Stored Procedures under Oracle 8 and 9i
* Delphi / Kylix
* Turbo Pascal and Free Pascal
* C++ / C #
* Javascript
* Perl
* Assembler
Operating Systems
(all best)
* Windows 3x / 95 / 98 / ME / XP
* Windows NT / 2000 / 2003
* Sun Solaris (Unix)
* Linux (a.o. Red Hat and SUSE)
* HP Unix
* X Window
Tools and IDEs
(best at top)
* ANT build tool
* Eclipse
* Delphi / Borland IDE(s)
* SQS Testtool
* QARun and QADirector(Testtool)

3. Experience (most important after the year 1992)
01.01.2001 - 30.11.2006 Working for T-Systems GEI GmbH in Hamburg

* 01.03.2006 - 30.11.2006 Writing of test specifications
* 01.01.2006 - 28.02.2006 Testing activities at project GAST in Wilhelmshaven (at the Thales Defence Deutschland GmbH)
* 16.08.2004 - 23.10.2005 ETC (Electronic Toll Collect) / BU (Business Unit) Mülheim / Testteam:
1. I generated SW patches (adaption, configuration of the delivered SW for our tests); I tested On-Board units; I was responsible for the management of failure tracking (input and tracking of failures)
2. I wrote a C program for the adaption of the directory structure from the old Patch Generation program (Elcon Make Patch Tool ver 2.13) to the new structure (Patch Tool Ver. 1.1.)
3. I wrote a C program as an interface between user and and the Siemens patch tools and the Grundig patch tools. This program was able to generate all the missing patches from a software type, and it was possible to give a patch number (reduced number of patches) to minimize the generating time
* 01.11.2003 - 13.08.2004 Programming tasks:
1. Programming Java with WSAD 5.0 and 5.1: EJB (WebSphere, until the middle of Jan. 2004) and JMS (MQSeries)
2. ANT scripts written for a metric evaluation of the Java programs with JCoverage
3. Programming Java for passing property files to HTML documentation using XML files
* 01.04.2003 - 31.10.2003 Scripting tasks:
1. HP WebSphere deployment with ANT
2. I customized a non attended Windows 2000 Installation (Server and Workstation)
3. Start scripts for a Windows 2000 Server incorporating LDAP and ADS (using batch and VBS scripts)
* 17.10.2002 - 31.03.2003 Project for T-Systems GEI GmbH Business Unit in Berlin (also worked at the customer edifice in Wiesbaden):
1. Writing of C programs for a HP-Unix Maschine: Interface between incomming data from the European centre and the German system; the data was put into an Oracle Queue and saved into an Oracle Database
2. I wrote installation shell scripts for the interface system
* 01.05.2001 - 30.09.2002 Testing tasks at the Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA / HHLA / Hamburg):
1. Tests of Java programs using a.o. testing methods and software of SQS-Testtool (Software Qualitäts-Sicherung, a german company)
2. Tracking of failures
01.05.2000 - 30.09.2000 Software developer at Netlife GmbH (in Hamburg). Developing and testing of stored procedures under Linux / Sun Solaris for an Oracle Database
01.06.1996 - 29.02.2000 Self employed
* Programming tasks
1. 01.02.2000 - 29.02.2000 I programmed an ifm PLC with connection to an ASi-Bus for a refinery product analisys station (for the company Brann und Luebe GmbH in Norderstedt / Hamburg)
2. 01.11.1997 - 31.12.1997 Data acquisition for ISO-9000 (Decentral collection and saving of temperature and pressure data with a PC and a RS 485 bus. In Alveslohe / Hamburg)
3. 01.06.1997 - 31.10.1997 C program written for the control of a punching and cutting machine with maintenance of different profiles and visualisation (C programming, connection to a Siemens PLC and to a servo-motor controller. In Lotte / Osnabrück)
* Project management tasks
1. 22.02.1999 - 29.09.1999 Manufacture of 3 automated test stands for the acceptance procedures of sensors for military planes (C program developed under Lab/Windows CVI from National Instruments, ANSI C and bus system connection. OS: MS Windows NT. In Rellingen / Hamburg)
2. 01.04.1998 - 30.06.1998 Automatic control of a part of a process plant; electro, PLC connections with a bus system (Siemens), HMI, automatic control. In Lüneburg
I also worked as freelancer at small programmer tasks
01.06.1996 - 24.11.2000 Developing of workshops as self employed
* 20.11.2000 - 24.11.2000 One week seminar, I was the instructor: \\\"Einfuehrung in Linux\\\" (Introduction to Linux) at the VTC Consulting in Hamburg for Siemens workers
* 01.07.1998 - 31.08.1998 I developed a 2-day workshop (16 hours): \\\"Theorie und Praxis der SPS-Programmierung\\\" (Theory and Practice of PLC Programming)
* 01.06.1996 - 31.05.1997 I developed a 2-day C programming workshop (16 hours): \\\"Technische Programmierung in C für die Industrie-Automation\\\" (Programming technical C for the industrial automation)
18.04.1995 - 30.04.1996 Service technician at Consilium GmbH in Hamburg
01.03.1993 - 29.02.2000 Work as student assistant:
* 01.02.2000 - 29.02.2000 Work as programmer for the Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg: I wrote a C program for modelling ships in 3-D (OS: Linux): Output into VRML and KAE formats
* 01.09.1998 - 29.12.1998 Student assistant (approx. 24 hours/week) at ACAD Computer Systemlösungen GmbH (Hamburg): assembling computers and network engineering
* 01.03.1993 - 18.12.1993 Pascal programmer at the Germanischer Lloyd: Program for calculating short circuit currents (78 hours/month)
CTA / HHLA / Hamburg
Tol Collect / ETC / Mülheim
Nur Telearbeit.