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Marcus Scherer


Letztes Update: 14.03.2023

Freelance iOS Entwickler

Firma: Skunk Brothers GmbH
Abschluss: Master Informatik
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)





iOS, OpenGL ES, OpenAL, Objective-C, UIKit, GameKit, REST, GIT, backend, Ruby on Rails, MVVM, MVVM-C, Fastlane, TeamCity, XCTest, UI +, Jenkins, Accessibility, Carthage, Dependency InjectionI, Bluetooth, Core Data, Xcode-Server, iBeacon, Bonjour, location-based service, Cocoa Touch


04/2020 - 06/2020
Freelance iOS Entwickler

08/2019 - 12/2019
Freelance iOS Entwickler
Deutsche Bank
Project is currently under NDA
Used technologies: Swift 5, UIKit, MVVM-C, XCFramework, REST, Fastlane, TeamCity, XCTest (UI +

01/2018 - 06/2019
Freelance iOS Entwickler
DB Vertrieb
Development of the successor of the DB Navigator. Starting the project with a team of six
developers the team grew fast into two teams with overall 13 developers. I
had a major role in the architectural decisions and deployment strategies as
well as feature development.
Used technologies: Swift 4/5, UIKit, REST, Fastlane, Jenkins, MVVM, Accessibility, Carthage,
Dependency Injection, XCTest (UI + Unit)

06/2017 - 12/2017
Freelance iOS Entwickler
Deutsche Telekom AG
Development of a Companion-App for "Magenta Smart Speaker". The App was responsible to configure
the Smart Speaker and its Skills. Since the Smart Speaker was in an early
development phase this meant working close with the hardware engineering
Used technologies: Swift 4, UIKit, REST, Bluetooth LE, Jenkins, Fastlane, Carthage

04/2016 - 05/2017
Freelance iOS Entwickler
Deutsche Vermögensberatung
Within a team of 12 developers, maintain, improve and extend a multitude of apps which are used by
thousands of financial advisors. Pushed migration from Swift 2 to Swift 3.
Used technologies: Swift 2, Swift 3, UIKit, REST, Core Data, Xcode-Server

02/2016 - 03/2016
Freelance iOS Entwickler
On short notice and within a tight schedule developed an app for the annual financial statements
conference. The app was used to guide ~500 people through the event and was
triggered via iBeacon to unlock more content (e.g. the annual financial
Used technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, iBeacon

02/2013 - 09/2013
Freelance iOS Entwickler
Development of the sophisticated car configuration iPad app "Mercedes me" on
behalf of Mercedes-Benz, including a Mac app for mirroring the configured car
onto a display. After coworking with the concept and design team, I assumed
leadership as the Technical Lead for the developing and external testing
Used technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, REST for customer-provided
backend/API, GIT, Core Data, Bonjour, Sockets

08/2010 - 10/2010
Freelance iOS Entwickler
Dailyplaces GmbH
Working on the location-based service app "Dailyplaces" and further internal projects.
Cross-functional cooperation with the backend-team to improve and advance the
Used technologies: Objective-C, UIKit, REST for customer-provided
backend/API, GIT, Push Notifications

07/2009 - 12/2009
Freelance iOS Entwickler
hagenfilm GmbH
Self-study of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch resulting in two published apps
within a few months.
Used technologies: Objective-C, UIKit


Weltweit verfügbar
Projekt die Vorort statfinden sollen, gerne in Frankfurt/Rhein-Main-Gebiet. Außerhalb gerne Vorort zur Einarbeitung und dann größer werdendem Remoteanteil
Profilbild von Marcus Scherer Freelance iOS Entwickler aus FrankfurtamMain Freelance iOS Entwickler