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+ Experience in Audio, Display, Image and video processing.
+ FPGA Coding in VHDL/Verilog/RTL, Architectures/Specification.
+ Functional Simulation (Modelsim) and Verification of FPGA Design.
+ MSc Thesis (September 2013) on Adaptive Noise Cancellation using FPGA for Medical Application.
+ Experience of over 6 years in HSD design and Signal/Power Integrity using 2D-3D tool. 
+ Approve/study the PCB+ Package designs to meet signal + power integrity guidelines and performance benchmarks. 
+ Designing of Microprocessor (8/16/32 bit), Analogy, and Digital design.
+ Publish a number of internal/external Specification/documents and Application notes.
+ Customer engagement with Technical Support and Environment maintenance.
+ Expert in Schematic Entry, review & Layout supervision. 
+ Verification and Validation from chip to Hardware level.
+ End-to-End development & prototyping of Board/Analog/Digital design.

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