Profilbild von Wolfgang Witzel Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA.  Prof. UNIX / SAP ( ASE/Replication Server/IQ ) Expertise aus Goettingen

Wolfgang Witzel


Letztes Update: 16.10.2018

Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA. Prof. UNIX / SAP ( ASE/Replication Server/IQ ) Expertise

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hardware:                         IBM RS/6000
                                           HP 9000, HP 9000E 35
                                           MOTOROLA RISC / CISC
                                           Siemens MX 300 / 500
                                           SUN SPARC – Workstation V100, V120, V440, V480, V880, E10K
                                           Microcontroller 68302, 8051, PCD 8584
                                           FUJITSU SPARC PPW450, PPW650, M4000, M5000
                                           FUJITSU Primergy RX

operating system:            UNIX ( AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, EURIX, FTX, SINIX, ULTRIX )
                                           LINUX RHEL 3,4,5,6
                                           LINUX SUSE 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x
                                           LINUX Fedora 12, 13 and 14
                                           AIX 6.x, 7.x, 8.x   MTOS

progr. languages:            UNIX Shells
                                           PERL, SYBPERL, PERL DBI
                                           DEC DCL
                                           ESQL/C, C - ISAM, SQL, PL/SQL, 4GL, Stored Procedures,
                                           Assembler ( IBM 370, 68000/10/20/30, 80286/386/486, Pentium )
                                           PASCAL, MODULA II

frameworks:                     HADOOP

databases:                        Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA 1.0
                                           HANA 1.0 SPSxx
                                           HANA 2.0 SPSxx
                                           SAP (Sybase) ASE 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 15.x, 16.x
                                           SAP (Sybase) Replication Server 12.x, 15.x, 16.x
                                           SAP (Sybase) IQ 12.x, 15.x, 16.x
                                           DB2 10.5, 11.1
                                           ORACLE Rdb 7.0, ORACLE 7.x / 8i / 9i / 10g
                                           INFORMIX OnLine DAS 7.x

db CASE tools:                CAST Workbench
                                           Sybase S-Designor, PowerDesigner 11.x/12.5/13.x/14.x15.x/16.0
                                           Logic Works Erwin

protocols:                         TCP/IP, NFS, MS LAN Manager
                                           HDLC, I2C;
                                           GATEWAY API
                                           X.21, X.25, X.28, X.29, X.400, X.500
                                           Firewall, VPN
                                           FTP, TFTP, BOOTP


04.2018 – 10.2018        K+S AG, DB2 to SAP HANA and SAP ASE Migration
                                      into SAP HANA  Enterprise Cloud

                                      engaged as a subject matter expert during the preparation
                                      and ( greenfield and brownfield ) migration of the worldwide, highly
                                      complex K+S SAP infrastructure into HEC
                                      performance-analysis, -best practices,-troubleshooting, -tuning
                                      close collaboration with SAP
                                      SAP Basis Configuration Mangagement and Performance Optimization
10.2017 – 06.2018        IBM / KBS, SAP Oscare with BW on HANA Launch

                                      working in a SAP Basis Team as a SAP HANA subject matter expert:
                                         knowledge transfer, coaching
                                         architecture, sizing, installation, upgrade
                                         design, modelling
                                         operations, maintenance, configuration, monitoring, tuning
                                         high availability, disaster recovery, system replication, backup/restore
                                         archiving ( TSM, IBM flashcopy )
                                         IBM SVC FlashCopy for HANA
02.2017 – 03.2018        Volkswagen Financial Services Braunschweig, SAP Consulting

                                      PLAN, BUILD, RUN the bank for a SAP IQ 16 NLS production system
                                      SAP HANA architecture review for a SAP/BW migration on HANA

                                      configuration of SAP SDA (Smart Data Access) for SAP IQ NLS
                                      evaluation of SDI (Smart Data Integration)
                                      requirements analysis, sizing and architecture for SAP IQ NLS
                                      installation, configuration and monitoring of SAP components for SAP IQ
                                      set-up of a high availability SAP IQ NLS disaster recovery solution
                                      evaluation of SAP Dynamic Tiering, SAP HANA Vora for BW on HANA
                                      SAP Basis Administration and Troubleshooting

02.2017 – 10.2017        SAP S4/HANA launch/migration, GQSYSTEMA AG München

                                      coaching, training and supervision during the requirements analysis
                                      phase, preparation and planning for the implementation phase

03.2015 – 11.2016        SAP/BIT Group/itelligence AG
                                      Solution Manager Taskforce, Sybase/HANA Consulting

                                      SAP Sybase ASE consolidation/performance tuning
                                      proof of concept for SAP Sybase Replication Server
                                      evaluation of SAP ASE 16
                                      support during the goLive of the HANA follow-up platform
                                      x86_64/SUSE Enterprise Linux 11, Unix shell
                                      SAP Sybase ASE 15.7, SAP Sybase Replication Server 15.7
                                      SAP HANA
                                      SAP Basis Administration and Troubleshooting
08.2013 – 02.2015        NORD/LB Hannover, Sybase Consulting

                                      ETL framework development, configuration and customiziation
                                      Sun Solaris 10, Unix shell, Sybase ASE 15.x

01.2014                         Commerzbank Frankfurt am Main, Sybase IQ Consulting

                                      introducing performance improvements ( factor 12x )
                                      evaluation of IQ Multiplex and Sybase IQ 16
                                      Sun Solaris 10, Sybase IQ 15.4

02.2013 – 07.2013        Fulltime SAP HANA Trainings and Certification

                                      HA100E (Introduction), HA200E (Administration) und HA300E
                                      (Implementation and Modeling).

04.2013 - 06.2013         Training: Certified Application Associate – SAP HANA (cert. Score: 61%)
02.2013 - 04.2013         Training and Certificaton: Technology Associate – SAP HANA
06.2012 - 01.2013         SAP HANA orientation

09.2012 – 02.2013        Hotel Reservation Service, Köln

                                      consulting during the development phase of a greenfield Business
                                      Intelligence ( BI ) IQ DWH project, DWH Architecture, Data Analysis
                                      introducing performance and configuration improvements
                                      Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x
                                      Sybase IQ 15.4, Sybase ASE 15.7,            PowerDesigner 16.0 ( Data Vault )

09.2011 – 11.2012        ING Bank, Amsterdam

                                      production system/oncall support for the Trading and Risk Management
                                      system environments Summit and Murex, providing engineering support
                                      for the existing and future High Availability database architecture
                                      performance analysis, tuning and deep dive troubleshooting

                                      Sun Solaris 10, Unix shell
                                      Sybase ASE 15.x, Sybase IQ 15.x, Sybase Replication Server 15.x

03.2011 – 08.2011        Landesbank Berlin

                                      consulting during the migration of the Murex trading system
                                      database environments from ASE 12.x to ASE15.x

                                      Sun Solaris 10, Unix shell
                                      Sybase ASE 12.x, 15.x, PowerDesigner

12.2010 – 01.2011        Sybase Professional Services
                                      Credit Agricole Cheveux Investment Bank, Paris

                                      data center migration UNIX/LINUX, ASE/Replication Server

                                      SUN Solaris 10, RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
                                      Sybase ASE 12.x, 15.x
                                      Sybase Replication Server 12.x, 15.x
                                      UNIX shell, Perl, Python

02.2009 – 11.2010        Hypo Real Estate - Pfandbriefbank - 'Bad Bank', München
                                      Depfa, Eschborn
production system/oncall support for the Trading System and Risk
                                      Management environments Summit and Front Arena

                                      Summit DB environments data center migration from HRE to fujitsu
                                      providing engineering support during the transition phase for the
                                      existing and the future Summit DB architecture
                                      introducing the 'Bad Bank'

                                      performance analysis, tuning, troubleshooting and automation in
                                      order to provide high performance and high available database                                       environments

                                      SUN Solaris 10, Fujitsu Primergy RX
                                      RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 6

                                      ASE 12.5.4, Replication Server 12.6
                                      UNIX shell, Perl, Python

06.2010 – 07.2010        1&1 Internet AG, Montabaur

                                      enterprise business intelligence - project coordination
                                      RedHat Enterprise Linux 5

                                      Sybase IQ Datawarehouse 12.7 - ISO – UTF8 migration

08.2008 – 01.2009        Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Bank, Frankfurt am Main

                                      Sybase ASE 12.5.4 system development
                                      IQ Datawarehouse 12.7 Sybase system development
                                      database -development, -optimization, -design

12.2006 – 02.2009        IMB / Swiss Re-Insurance London, Zurich

                                      AIX 5.3 production system support, monitoring and optimization
                                      ASE 12.5.3 Sybase production system DB administation, development
                                      ASE 15.0.2 migration

05.2006 – 09.2006        Basel II, fortis bank, Brussels - training/coaching

                                      SUN Solaris 8 and 9
                                      Sybase IQ Datawarehouse 12.6

04.2006 – 12.2006        Hypovereinsbank, Munich

                                      system administration and development
                                      Sybase ASE 12.5/15.0, Replication Server 12.6, Sybase IQ 12.6
                                      SunOS 5.8, UNIX shell

11.2005 – 03.2006        Odyssey - Asset Management Systems
                                      Hypovereinsbank, Munich

                                      production system DB administration during the integration of
                                      the Odyssey Portfolio-Management System TripleA

                                      Sybase 12.5/15.0, Sybase IQ 12.6, Sybase Replication Server 12.6
                                      TripleA 4.12, OCS1.10, Bea Weblogic 8.0, Actuate 8.0
                                      Solaris 8, UNIX shell, Perl, C++

02.2004 – 10.2005        Sal. Oppenheim Frankfurt am Main
                                      project Imagine 5.2 - consulting

                                      Sybase system DB development and administration during the
                                      release upgrade of the Imagine trading/riskmanagement system,
                                      introduction and integration of Sybase Replication Server 12.6 and
                                      Sybase IQ 12.5

                                      migration, development and optimization of a Montecarlo Risk
                                      Simulation ( VaR ) on a Sybase IQ Datawarehouse.

                                      Imagine 3.9, 5.2, 6.0

                                      Sybase ASE 12.5, Replication Server 12.6, Sybase IQ 12.5
                                      SunOS 5.8, UNIX shell, PERL

08.2003 – 01.2004        o2 cellular phone network project ARBOR BP, München,

                                      in-sourcing the Sybase production system DB administration of the
                                      ARBOR BP/OM billing system

                                      implementation of backup and recovery concepts,
                                      guaranteeing high system availability, performance management.
                                      production system databases of terrabyte size.
                                      oncall support.

                                      Sybase 12.0, Replication Server 12.0
                                      HP/UX , UNIX shell

04.2002 – 06.2003        Deutsche Börse Systems AG Frankfurt am Main
                                      project CCP 1.0 / Risk Engine - system architecture
                                      project Eurex 6.1 – DB Performance

                                      analysis und technical design for Eurex Risk management
                                      system CCP 1.0
                                      test model specification/design for Eurex software changes

                                      ORACLE Rdb 7.2, Rdb SQL
                                      VAX/VMS 7.3, DEC-DCL, C, Cobol

01.2002 – 03.2002        Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Frankfurt am Main
                                      Global Markets, CRM IT, project Stargate

                                      database administration, -development, -migration within a CRM,                                        ’Customer Relationship Management Data warehouse’, system.                                       Implementation of an interface using a JAVA ETL ’Extract,                                       Transformation, Load’ tool.
                                      SUN, SunOS 5.8, Solaris 2.8
                                      Sybase 12.0, Sybase 12.5
                                      SQL, Stored Procedures, PowerDesigner 8.0

06.2001 – 09.2001        Commerzbank Frankfurt am Main
                                      ZIT IB 1.6  Future Technologies
                                      project RASTA  risk stabilization architecture

                                      database -analysis, -design, -development and -tuning
                                      SUN Serengeti F4800 64 Bit, Solaris 2.8

                                      Sybase 12.5, Sybase Replication Server 12.1
                                      ORACLE 8i, ORACLE iFS

02.2001 – 06.2001        Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Frankfurt am Main
                                      Global Markets IT, Credit Derivatives and Risk IT

                                      database -analysis, -design, -development, -administration

                                      SUN, SunOS 5.6, Solaris 2.6, NT, Windows 2000

                                      Sybase 11.9, Sybase Replication Server 11.5
                                      SQL, stored procedures, PowerDesigner, PERL

02.2000 – 02.2001        Dresdner Bank Frankfurt am Main
                                      Project ‘Cesar’ - Credit Spread VaR Risk Analysis Tool
                                      KS RCO, IM MRCS Risk Control Systems

                                      risk management application development - VaR

                                      SUN, SunOS 5.6, Solaris 2.6

                                      Sybase 11.9, Sybase Replication Server 11.5

                                      SQL, stored procedures, SYB PERL, PERL, PERL DBI
                                      CAST Workbench, PowerDesigner

11.1999 – 02.2000        Dresdner Bank Frankfurt am Main
                                      KS OI BI  Back Office OTC - Derivate

                                      Sybase production system DB administration
                                      support of the hardware and software environment of the OTC
                                      derivatives trading centre ( Murex, Devon )

                                      implementation of backup and recovery concepts
                                      issuing guarantee for high system availability

                                      SUN, SunOS 5.6, Solaris 2.6

                                      Sybase 11.9, Sybase Replication Server 11.5
                                      SQL, stored procedures

                                      PERL, UNIX shell

05.1998 – 11.1999        Deutsche Börse Systems AG Frankfurt am Main

                                      analysis, design- and implementation of a multi-product, multi-
                                      platform development environment for the change und release-
                                      management of XETRA and EUREX - SIRE - for the platforms
                                      VAX/VMS, IBM/AIX, SUN/Solaris, Windows NT

                                      database analysis and -design
                                      ORACLE Rdb 7.0, ORACLE Designer 2000 2.1.1
                                      VAX/VMS 6.2/7.0, PERL, DEC-DCL, awk

                                      Rdb SQL, dynamic SQL, SQL Module Language, stored procedures

05.1997 - 05.1998         Dresdner Bank Frankfurt am Main, project TMS
                                      KS OR Handel, Front - Office Geld, Devisen

                                      development of the ‚Tools Management System‘ TMS for automated
                                      software distribution und software release management.
                                      Sybase 10.x/11.x -development, -administration, -monitoring, -tuning
                                      in parallel support for the Reuters trading system Kondor+

                                      SUN, SUN OS 5.5.1, SUN Solaris 2.6
                                      stored procedures, DB -design, -implementation, -tuning
                                      Tcl/Tk, Sybtcl, Tix

02.1997 - 05.1997         Südwestdeutsche Landesbank, Stuttgart

                                      Sybase production system administration, -monitoring, -tuning

                                      planning, installation and support of the Hardware and Software
                                      environment of a trading centre
                                      preparation and realisation of backup and recovery concepts.
                                      issuing guarantee for high system availability

                                      SunOS 5.4, Solaris 2.4, Sybase 10.x/11.x, PowerDesigner

09.1996 - 02.1997         Integrata AG, project BGV, Frankfurt am Main

                                      database administration and -configuration

                                      INFORMIX SQL, INFORMIX OnLine Dynamic Server 7.x,
                                      S-Designor, Logic Works Erwin, PowerDesigner

06.1996 - 09.1996         e-Plus Cellular Phone Network, Aachen

                                      quality assurance, securing smooth adoptions of software deliveries
                                      ( hot Patches, Software Changes caused by Change Requests, Problem
                                      reports ) into the ePlus production billing system

                                      Informix production system DB administration

                                      HP 9000 E35, HP/UX 9.x, 10.x
                                      INFORMIX OnLine Dynamic Server 7.13

03.1995 - 04.1996         Heterogeneous Client-Server Environments

                                      UNIX system administration, SCO Open Server 5
                                      support at an university

                                      INFORMIX New Era, INFORMIX OnLine DAS 7.x
                                      TCP/IP, NFS, MS LAN Manager, yellow pages, TUN Plus

09.1994 - 01.1995         IBM / INFORMIX, project e-Plus ‘ABC’, Düsseldorf

                                      database analysis and tuning, stored procedures
                                      INFORMIX 5.0 OnLine, INFORMIX Dynamic Server 6.0, UNIX, HP

09.1993 – 09.1994        Development of a new Type of integrated CAD System

                                      object oriented representation of architectural data in terms of
                                      a ‘Digital Buildings Model’

                                      design of a database as an interface to an integrated bid,
                                      placing und accounting system and a CAD construction system

                                      WINDOWS NT, ACIS Geometric Modeller, VisualC++

12.1992 - 08.1993         Implementation of Individual Software

                                      laser scanner data collection, transfer and processing,
                                      migration of an AUTOCAD user interface

                                      C, C++, WATCOM TOOLCHAIN, DATALOGIC, AUTOCAD

07.1992 - 12.1992         SEL Berlin, development of a file handling system

                                      specification and development of a file handling system for an
                                      SEL - specific software development environment
                                      portable to the platforms:

                                      HP/UX, STRATUS - FTX, VAX / VMS - ULTRIX
                                      UNIX, C

12.1991 - 06.1992         Production System Data Acquisition

                                      development of a system to process, evaluate and archive
                                      operating and manufacturing Data

                                      Siemens MX 300 / 500, SINIX
                                      INFORMIX C - ISAM, INFORMIX SQL, INFORMIX 4GL

04.1991 – 11.1991        SEL Stuttgart, Broadband ISDN SEL „System 12“

                                      specification and development of offline test and
                                      and diagnose software in parallel to the ISDN ( synchronous /
                                      plesiochronous ) hardware development phase

                                      development of HDLC and I2C drivers to control Motorola
                                      hardware components

                                      SUN, AIDA MASAI, C, MICROTEK TOOLCHAIN, MTOS, C, C++

06.1990 – 04.1991        Production System Data Acquisition, Karlsruhe

                                      development, introduction and support of the individual software
                                      of a software system house

                                      Siemens MX 300 / 500, SINIX, ABAS, C, RISO Interface
                                      INFORMIX SQL, INFORMIX 4GL, INFORMIX – ESQL/C

10.1989 – 04.1991        Trainee, Karlsruhe

                                      preparation of curricula, trainings and certifications for the
                                      department of Trade and Industry ( IHK ) Karlsruhe and
                                      Siemens / Nixdorf Trainings Centre ( SNI ) Karlsruhe

08.1988 – 09.1989        JURIS

                                      development of the legal Information System of the Federal
                                      Republic of Germany ( JURIS )
                                      development of CD ROM drivers

                                      IBM PC, C, VITAMIN C, LASEC FULLTEXT RETRIEVAL

10.1989 – 05.1990        SONY video database, Karlsruhe

                                      implementation for the platforms MOTOROLA/UNIX und PC/MS DOS.
                                      integration of software for digital image processing and analysis

                                      MOTOROLA DELTA ( CISC 68030 ), SONY, GREENHILL TOOL-
                                      CHAIN, FULCRUM FULLTEXT RETRIEVAL, INFORMIX, UNIX, C


Verfügbar in den Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz
Profilbild von Wolfgang Witzel Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA.  Prof. UNIX / SAP ( ASE/Replication Server/IQ ) Expertise aus Goettingen Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA. Prof. UNIX / SAP ( ASE/Replication Server/IQ ) Expertise