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Sebastian Schmidt


Letztes Update: 06.09.2022

Vice President Customer Growth, Vice President CRM, Director Product Marketing Connectivity

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data model, CRM, Analytics, DSL


03/2018 - 12/2020
Vice President Customer Growth
Head of the Consumer commercial management team for new customer acquisition leading 8 employees
Accountable for consumer P&L in the area of B2C customer acquisition: revenues & ARPU, marketing- & sales costs,
CPO and OCF. Acquiring > 650k new Connectivity & TV customers/year, responsible for > 100m € OpEx costs
Managing all pricing-, marketing- and sales activities from a commercial view. Balancing push- und pull activities to
deliver customer growth while strongly considerung value and efficiences targets
Product portfolio/ Value Management: define consumer pricing & promotions, steering of all value components
(triple play bundle share, product tier-mix, value-added services) maximizing profitability of customer acquisition
Marketing & Sales steering: develop, align and monitor M&S plans including sales & value targets, lead campaign, sales
measures, marketing mix and sales commissions, optimize permanently ROI based on an analytical data model
Key achievements: Significant improvement in sales performance and ARPU while reducing M&S costs per new
customers in 2018/2019: launch of new pricing logic, improved value-tier-mix, launch of the 3play portfolio and lifting
commercial cost efficiency by improving the sales channel mix.

06/2012 - 03/2018
Vice President CRM
Establish base management as concept & organizational structure from scratch leading > 30 employees
Maximizing profitability and customer loyalty of 4.7 m customers, responsible for customer base P&L for the B2C
business (revenues & ARPU, churn & save-rates, marketing- and sales costs, OCF)
Value Management: develop deep understanding of price/value segments in the base utilizing self-developed
analytical base matching tool. Holistic optimization of all migrations maximizing cross- and upsells (> 400k /year),
minimizing value loss of down-sells (prevention & retention) and reducing complexity in the legacy base
Customer loyalty: significant decrease in voluntary churn rates, increase in conversion & customer touchpoints
resulting in > 300k saves/year (~ 50% retention rate of all incoming cancellations). Utilizing data insights (churn
dashboard, risk scoring), targeted loyalty offers and measures improving CEX (hardware swaps, technical task force)
Pricing power: data-driven value optimization of yearly price increases (selection, migrations, prevention & retention)
Customer Analytics: scale up analytical capabilities, leverage data & new methods to enable better commercial
understanding e.g. customer base analytics/ segmentation, NBO/NBA, Churn/Buying Affinity Scores
Campaign Management: ramp up to > 250k campaign-driven upsells/year and continuous improvement of campaign
efficiencies by clear contact strategy, affinity scores and personalized offers

06/2006 - 06/2012
Director Product Marketing Connectivity
Head of Product Marketing for all connectivity products (fixed-net & mobile) leading a team of 5 employees
P&L accountability for the B2C connectivity busines: subscriber growth, revenues & direct costs, M& S costs
Develop customer value propositions (CVP), offer portfolio/roadmap, pricing/tariff structure, promotions, business
cases, implementation roadmap, execution/launch of product portfolio
Launch of 1st triple play portfolio in German market and quadruple play (incl. mobile)
Initial build-up of the Digital Sales team

01/2004 - 06/2006
Head of CRM
Tiscali Deutschland
Head of CRM for the consumer segments Internet and voice (DSL & analog) leading a team of 3 employees
Responsible for churn optimization and customer profitability: manage churn prevention & retention campaigns,
setting up 1st retention team in customer care, drive upsell campaigns of analog Internet customers to DSL
Market research (satisfaction and churn driver surveys), customer communication (direct marketing, newsletter),
optimize web-self-care , launch of German 1st telephony fixedline flat-rate

10/2002 - 12/2003
Consultant (Marketing & E-Commerce)
Conceptualize & realize the e-commerce shops SPIEGEL and Managermagazin
Online-marketing for the online platform of an energy supplier

03/2000 - 09/2002
Head of Online-Marketing & CRM
merconic GmbH
Business development & marketing of the online shop (target group: students) and in-house business
shopping platforms with 150k active customers leading a team of 2 employees and several students
Business planning, online-marketing, cooperation's, market research, customer communication, retention, cross and
upselling, responsible for the business plan of the 2nd Venture Capital financing round (~3.5m €)

08/1997 - 07/1999
Sal.A GmbH
Project member & lead in various private sector companies (Siemens, Schering), Health insurances, Public
Administration focusing on satisfaction surveys & organizational development



Profilbild von Sebastian Schmidt Vice President Customer Growth, Vice President CRM, Director Product Marketing Connectivity aus Frechen Vice President Customer Growth, Vice President CRM, Director Product Marketing Connectivity