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IT. Engineering. Guidance. Linking minds and tech for what's next

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IT. Engineering. Guidance. Linking minds and tech for what's next


NAXCON Group represents a consortium of dynamic and innovative companies led by our parent company, NAXCON SWISS AG. With a strategic focus on shaping the future of IT and Engineering, our network spans across multiple entities including NAXCON B.V. in the Netherlands, specializing in the semiconductor industry with strengths in dynamics, control engineering, simulation, and technical supplier development; NAXCON Ltd in Istanbul, which brings a unique perspective to our engineering solutions; and NAXCON GmbH in Germany, known for its comprehensive services in software and hardware engineering, electronics, and cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

United under the NAXCON Group, we are dedicated to driving innovations in the constantly evolving IT and Engineering landscape. Our team of highly skilled engineers across these entities shares a common vision: to harness our collective expertise and relentless drive for improvement to deliver creative and professional solutions. We are committed to supporting leading German and international companies across various industries with our select services, ensuring they stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

As NAXCON Group, our mission is to leverage the strengths and specialties of each member company to provide a holistic and innovative approach to engineering challenges, making us a trusted partner for our clients worldwide in navigating the future of technology.