Project Management of Tape Handling, Hands & Eyes, Escortservices for 3rd Party and Technical Suppor (H1S-74532)

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Media-Service (Tape Handling)
- Weekly scheduled backup/restore task (Mo-Fr. 8am - 5pm) including:
* Preparation for off-site storage & tape recalls (max. 30 Tapes/task)
* Tape logging (in/out/adds/deletes) incl. labeling
* Provision normal vehicle to undertake transport of tapes
* transfer the required tapes from the Offsite Storage Location to the DC1/2
* Tape mounting/un-mounting in the DC1/2
* transfer backuped tapes from the DC1/2 back to the Offsite Storage Location
* return the backuped tapes back in the shelves at the Offsite Storage plus Tape
logging (in/out/adds/deletes)

Hands&Eyes-Service ? Incidentprocess
- on duty service (24h x 7 days)
- Supplier staff need to be reachable via one unique support phone number for
incident response within 30 Minutes and to be reachable during the incident
- to be onsite in the DC1/2 within 120 min (Server, Storage, Network and Media-
- local hands and eyes and cabling support of DC network infrastructure and for SAN,
Storage and Server devices as part of the incident and problem management.
- Troubleshooting together with HP-support organization e.g. for following tasks:
* Cable checks
- LAN and SAN Cabling services within Stuttgart-Vaihingen data centers.
- Certified test and exchange of cabling (copper, fiber optic and coax)
covering all network areas (LAN/WAN/SAN/..)
- Rack cabling
- Patch panels
* Server Reboots
* Server Disk removal and attach
* Physical LED checks
* Status checks of Network devices through Console Port-
* Connection (Laptop)
* In case of NW-Hardware-Swap pickup NW-Device at Gropiusplatz (NW)
* Physical Installation, Exchange, Basic-Configuration of network equipment
* Replacement of defect Media Tapes (Media-Services)

Escortservices for 3rd Party
- on duty service ( 24h x 7 days)
- Supplier staff need to be reachable via one unique support phone Number for
incident response within 30 Minutes and to be reachable during the incident
- to be onsite in the Stuttgart-Vaihingen data centers within 120 min
- Provide access and escort 3rd Party (non-HP) Service Providers at the DC's.

Technical Project Service & support for network, server and storage (Changeprocess ? planned Activities)
- Unracking devices during move date
- Handover of devices to move team
- Call-Standby during DC move weekends
- Check project requirements against actual infrastructure
- Advisor for technical feasibility of network designs - specifically provide input for
available rack space, cabling capacity and other local parameter
- LAN and SAN Cabling Services within the data centers
- Certified Installation and test of cabling (copper, fiber optic and coax) Covering all
network areas (LAN/WAN/SAN/?)
- Physical Installation, Exchange, Configuration of network equipment
- Management and Maintaining of racks, cabling connection towers,Cabling patch
- Maintaining of documentation of all Cabling work
- Local contact for WAN, LAN, carriers for onsite activities (Installations incident
- Creation of change notifications in all relevant support tools
- Update of configuration items in all relevant CMDBs Network, server and storage
(Change process ? planned Activities)

Requirements (Must have):
The following defined terms and/or acronyms shall apply to work performed by the Supplier under this SOW.
? Media-Service (Tape Handling)
? Hands & Eyes-Service ? Incident Process
? Escort Services for 3rd Party
? Technical Project Service & support for Network, server and storage (Change Process ? planned Activities)

The locations are:
DC 1 (Datacenter): Stuttgart-Vaihingen (BWS28)
DC 2 (Datacenter): Stuttgart-Vaihingen (GRP)
Offsite Media Storage: (CUSTOMER Building, Stuttgart,)

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