Several Taxonomy Consultants for multinational Institution in Bonn/Ger

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3 months, extensions possible
infeurope S.A.
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We are looking for Several Taxonomy Consultants to work at our multinational client in Bonn/Germany.


  • Develop taxonomy for future information management projects including the Intranet, document management system, collaboration platform and records management based on understanding users,
  • Analysing content and processes and getting agreement amongst diverse groups and stakeholders;
  • Evaluate the terminology, classifications and vocabularies that are currently used;
  • Develop recommendations for integration into Intranet (to be integrated into document management system SharePoint 2010 and faceted search) and records management business classification scheme;
  • Provide documentation and training material and assist in the adoption of the taxonomy;
  • Develop guidelines, policies and procedures for taxonomy maintenance, thesaurus maintenance, and organization-wide metadata consistency (governance);
  • Develop and integrate metadata schema(s), standards, and governance;
  • Work with Information Architect to develop the content architecture of Intranet including a re-launch of a new Intranet platform based on SharePoint 2010 to be implemented in

Required knowledge/Experience

  • Expertise in information architecture design, taxonomy implementation, and developing a metadata framework;
  • Expertise in assessing business processes, evaluating existing taxonomies, developing new taxonomies, training users, developing and implementing governance and adoption plans;
  • Expertise in change management with five years minimum experience;
  • Understanding of records management concepts including business analysis, description and classification of business functions and activities, development of file classification schemas and records retention schedules, training and awareness raising;
  • Expertise in information management concepts including information classification and search, metadata standards, development of search tools;
  • Very good in English.


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