Integration Design Manager

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The Integration Design Manager (IDM) defines the details of the solution architecture. First to get acquainted to the solution with the help of design documents from vendors or integrators and workshops. During this phase, will get an overview of the functionality but focuses on the non-functional requirements. From here the IDM starts developing a solution which fits in the data centre.

For the best fit an evaluation of the most efficient use of the existing environments in terms of HW, SW, networks, existing services and operational resources has to be performed.

This involves the usage of virtualization techniques as Solaris Zones or VMware, the choice of operating systems as Red Hat Linux or Microsoft and data bases as Oracle or MSSQL. To optimize the usage of operating know how solutions will be redesigned to use data centre standards as Oracle data bases, Apache web server, JBOSS application Servers. The SLA level for the service is the basis for the redundancy concepts, which encompass load balanced Servers, Veritas or Microsoft clusters and on the storage side features as SRDF.

The IDM has a good understanding of data centres, its security zones and the wide area network and defines the communications flows and load balancer rules is one part of the Integration design document. This document encompasses all design details and will be used throughout the deployment and operations teams to setup the service.

During all phases of the integration design the Integration Design Manager works closely together with the internal customer, the integrator or vendor of the service, the technology specialists and with deployment, security, project management, monitoring and 2nd line operations teams.

The Integration Design Manager plays a critical role where designs determine the costs of solution integration and there on-going operation.