K12806 - IT-Security Office Presentation Manager

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- Develop framework for presentations from IT Security to various stakeholders - mainly senior management, but also for town hall meetings, project related presentations, as well as for a few external conference presentations.

- Create storylines and presentations on various topics (incl. organizational , strategic, project related) from IT Security.

- Create high quality power point presentations from start to end, i.e. - define objectives, key elements, statements of the presentation with the presenter/s (normally senior management) - draft and review storyline with presenter/s and other stakeholders (input providers, approvers from e.g. Central Comms) - collect review and discuss input from various subject matter experts in IT Security and organization - write executive summary and also excerpt and condense key messages and content from larger range of input provided by subject matter experts

- manage slide creation process incl. milestone planning end-to-end - create high quality powerpoint slides - conduct review cycles with stakeholders and presenter/s

- manage overall quality assurance - ensure delivery of final presentation according to agreed timelines.

- Closely cooperate with various subject matter experts and senior managers from IT Security and other parts of the organization to discuss key messages, objectives, elements, storyline of presentation to respective target audience.

- Ensure creation of high quality powerpoint presentations in an efficient way.

- Create, document and maintain an archive of slides and presentations on various IT Security topics.

Remark: While the person should have excellent powerpoint and graphical presentation skills and will need to create to a large amount own powerpoint slides, he/she can also use an external powerpoint slide factory which draws slides according to guidance provided.

Excellent powerpoint skills, excellent knowledge how to best transport messages to the respective target audience:

- Proven work experience and expertise in IT topics (min. 3 years), basic knowledge of IT security topics

- Proven track record of working in the Financial Services Industry (min. 2 years)

- Proven track record in the preparation of presentations, reports, project updates, management summaries and decision papers for senior management, e.g. in large cross-divisional projects or in a role as chief-of-staff executive assistant or within IT communications

- Strong experience in working with senior management and excellent knowledge of their information needs

- Excellent analytical and conceptual skills as well as communication and networking skills

- Ability to quickly review larger amounts of input, identify and collect missing information and summarize the key points in a senior mgmt. fashion

- Experienced and able to work under pressure with multiple teams across the globe in various time zones; hereby handling multiple tasks in parallel

- Able to manage the creation and review of presentations with various stakeholders, input providers, slide producers according to defined deadlines.

- High degree of self-initiative, self-dependent work style, stakeholder-orientation and organizational capability

- Excellent comprehension skills and structured, focused work attitude

- Excellent English skills (verbally and in writing)

- Professional level in excel and word