Project Management in the area of Client Data Confidentiality - Bank/Finanzen ( 8S-64558)

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For the client data confidentiality (CDC) program , Adoption of existing applications / systems to the
CDC regime is a key activity for the next 18+ months. This involves the following activities and

Deliverable: CDC Adoption Framework
- Documentation of the target state of CDC compliance (criteria)
- Documentation of the adoption steps towards CDC compliance
- Documentation of the supporting tools and procedures for adoption
- Documentation of the CDC governance and the (re-)certification process

Deliverable: Communication, Awareness and Education
- Establish and conduct an awareness and education campain
- Establish and publich suitable communication means (e.g. intranet page, flyers, etc.)

Deliverable: CDC governance, adoption portfolio management and lifecycle control
- Establish a governance structure to prioritize adoption efforts
- Manage adoption portfolio and liase with IT and business units
- Support CDC adopters to establish respective business cases
- Create management reporting on the progress, planned, ongoing and finalized adoption
- Primary point of contact for CDC related issues from CDC adopters

Deliverable: Requirements definitions / change requests from adopters
- Map adopter requierments to existing CDC adoption patterns
- Identify, formulate and specify requirements from adopters towards technical,
application and organizational needs / implementations
- Coordinate change requests within the key account organization and the CDC program,
ensure proper prioritization

Deliverable: adopter support
- Primary point of contact for CDC related issues from CDC adopters
- Dispatching of support requests into the organisation and tracking them

Requirements (Must have):
- Strong PM methods skills
- Experience (> 4Y) in execution of projects / programs
- Deep application landscape knowledge
- Good technical understanding of IT interaction patterns
- Strong powers of comprehension and persuasion
- Strong communication skills
- Good English skills
- Flexibility (manage and track parallel request)
- Drive and commitment

Beginn: asap
Dauer: 18 months
Branche: Bank/Finanzen