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Jean-Paul Ullrich

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Experience: 5+ years of experience in implementing and configuring Universal Configuration
Management Database UCMDB Discovery (UDI/UD).
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a Technical Consultant with hands-on experience in setting up and management of MicroFocus UCMDB
& Discovery who should able to help our customers with the configuration and implementation of MicroFocus
configuration management tools: UCMDB, Discovery (DDMa, DDMi, UD) and associated tools such as Configuration
Manager and UCMDB Browser. Expertise including installing, configuring, operating, performance tuning, and scaling the
UCMDB components to scale up to the enterprise needs.


1. Setting up, administering and supporting the MicroFocus UCMDB (Configuration Management Database).
2. Identify and document customer requirements for discovery and modeling of CIs, applications and services.
3. Lead the implementation and configuration of specific tools (UCMDB, DDMa/DDMi/UD
4. Configure and implement UCMDB Discovery (UDI/UD) to collect asset & utilization data for hardware and software
on various sources like Linux, Window Platforms, equipment such as routers, switches, network printers and other
network equipment.
5. Advice the Asset Manager(s) on CMDB improvements and take active role in implementing the recommendations.
6. Performs regular system auditing tasks including daily log monitoring, regular system patch reviews and system
alert message review.
7. Implementation and maintenance of integrations between UCMDB and other tools such as Service Manager,
Release Control, BSM and other external tools.
8. Develop UCMDB application views and perspectives to support report creation and data presentation.
9. Map UCMDB/UD CIT Model with Service Manager CMDB Data Model
10. Configure integration jobs to push discovery configuration items and relationship to HPE Service Manager.
11. Design and implementation of the Service Models in UCMDB effectively
12. Maintain import jobs from discovery sources including HP DDMa to ensure all required data is discovered via
13. Design Universal Discovery probes to send CI data upstream to the existing uCMDB servers.
14. Configure/Creating appropriate UCMDB Application Programming Interfaces (API) per industry and Agency
standards, including:Data Flow Management APIs, Java API, Web Service API.
15. Develop a standard usage model for HP uCMDB that is extensible and repeatable across other CIs in the

Skill Requirements:
1. Experience in implementing and configuring Universal Configuration Management Database UCMDB Discovery
2. UD Application Deployment along with Configurations Like SSL, SSO etc.
3. Strong knowledge on CMDB and Configuration Management Systems (CMS)
4. Expertise in creating appropriate UDI/UD Discovery and Integration Adapters including but not limited to: Generic
Database Adapters, Java Adapters, Jython and Python Adapters, Web Services Push Adapter, XML Push Adapters.
5. TQL, UCMDB Application Modeling and Discovery.
6. Experience configure the appropriate UCMDB Application Programming Interfaces (API) per industry standards
including but not limited to: Data Flow Management Java API, Data Flow Management Web Service API, Java API,
Web Service API.
7. Basic knowledge of AM (preferred)
8. Knowledge of XML, Jython/Python, Java, Discovery processes, Networking , database, cluster concepts.
9. Knowledge of SSH, PowerShell, SNMP, ICMP, Web Servers, Application Servers
10. Knowledge of Discovery Packages and Adapter Development.
11. HP Connect IT Knowledge (Preferable)
12. Good Knowledge of AgentLess and Agent Base Discoveries
13. Exposure to Agent Deployment

Behavioral Skills:

1. Excellent verbal, presentation and written communications skills.
2. Strong team skills including the ability to lead and be a team player


1. Bachelor / Master degree from reputed university
2. Microfocus UCMDB Certification