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I´m looking for an english speaking Java Developer for a Banking project in Eschborn, who should have at least 5 to 8 years of developer experience in IT infrastructure spaceShould have good knowledge on Cyber Security and Privileged Access Management conceptsGood to have basic knowledge of the product "Shell Control Box" (Balabit) such as e.g. function of connection policies, content and evaluation of audit trails, access controlComprehensive and applied knowledge of the product "4any RAM" (CSO) like e.g. parameterization, component interaction, client control logic, load process and decision engineExperience in complex Software integration projects in corporations and ITIL know-howMethods / Soft skills: - Business Analysis / Technical Interface analysis - Database and Use Case modeling - Unit and Regression Testing - Documentation of requirements, solution and source code - Systems analysis - Debugging - Mockup development

- Tomcat Java Application Server- Apache Webserver- Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Module: - Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) - Java Servlet API - Java Server Pages (JSP) - Java Webstart / Java Deployment Rulesets - Java Mail Interface (JMS) - Java Certificate Technology - Java Connection Pooling (DBCP) - Java Management Extension (JMX) - Java Native Access API (JNA)- SOAP Webservices- RESTful Webservices- XML Technologies - Xerces - JDom- Json Technologies- Datenbase systems, especially: - Oracle 11+ incl. - Trigger- Stored Procedures- Oracle Security Developer Tools (OSDT)- Universal Connection Pool (UCP)- Batch Processing - DB2 - PostgreSQL- Syslog, Syslog/NG- Certificate Management, Certnanny, Certificate Conversion, Client authentication- Key Management (RSA/DSA), BouncyCastle, Cipher suites- Source Code and Library Signing- Unix Operating- RPM / RCM- Active Directory / LDAP - Betasystems

Project will be running in English in a big Bank.Please send CV in English

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