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für einen unserer Kunden sind wir momentan auf der Suche nach einem Richtfunkplaner mit folgender Tätigkeitsbeschreibung:

Richtfunkplaner (m/w)

2. Link Engineering (new link / swap link / upgrade link)
The scope of work applies for the engineering of a new link (2.1. Link Engineering new link), the engineering of a swap link (2.2. Link engineering swap link) that includes both the engineering of the new link and the deletion of the delete link, and the engineering of an upgrade link (2.3. Link engineering upgrade link).
Implementation of Purchaser’ s microwave network design concept (Connectivity Abis, Gb, Iub, S1) according to Specification of Telefónica
• Preparation and Planning
o Collection of electronic input of the current site plans (Side A and Side B for Microwave)
o Recheck of the specified coordinates (Side A and Side B for Microwave) using MapInfo and administration within Telefónica Standortdatenbank
o Recheck and Definition of a suitable positioning of the MW antennas. If applicable required kick-off renegotiation or static calculations or verify alternative connectivity solution.
o Determination of the available space within the rack of side A and/or side B using Visio Racklayout and available site photo documentation
o If required order rack extension and request prices for cabling between the racks

• Engineering using Telefónica’s planning tool ”IQ-Link” by importing necessary site information (site name , building type & height, coordinates, addresses etc.), selection and dimensioning of the hardware configuration, frequency planning, interference
o Spreading and dimensioning of the transmission equipment (type and capacity) according to the planning guideline of Telefónica at latest version.
o Frequency planning: Choice and Determination of the technology using IQ Link
o Dimensioning and definition of the ATPC control range (if applicable)
o Interference analysis using IQ Link (Selection of best fitting frequency and evaluation of interferences)
o Link Engineering using IQ Link (for Microwave)
o Generation and deposition of the “Confirmed Link” in PDF format

• Data Administration within Telefónica Connectivity Planning Tool
o Transport Connection Planning using Telefónica Connectivity Planning Tool by transferring information from “IQ-Link”
o Determination of the site nearest located to the ATM/IP for a later generation of a subrack
o Selection of Networks Elements / Contacts/ Service Vendor / TOC
o Documentation of site characteristics
o Tool administration regarding hardware, on-site positioning (antenna support / diameter / location)
o Selection and documentation of IF cabling types & lengths
o Determination of access unit types and corresponding cable length
o Collection of “Auflagepunkte” from Telefónica and documentation in PDF Format
o Definition and documentation of Base band unit respectively MMU / SMU Position
o Administration of auxiliary equipment (dehydrators, power boxes, fuses, extension racks, distribution units etc.)
o Administration of corresponding status (“Statuswerte”) and commercial information
o Submission of BnetzA frequency request in Excel format and PDF format
o Creation of VIM ticketing for hardware and DCN routing

• Data Administration and Documentation using Telefónica Routing planning tools by importing new links, generation of unit carriers, transfer of links from BGTR, connect IDU-Ports to XDF, co-ordinate necessary information etc.
• Definition of Site Layout by creating rack design, distribution racks, fuse panels and the whole rack layout in a predefined format (Visio and PDF)
• Creation of Workpacks
o Creation of microwave directory on the network drive
o Creation of Visio Rack Layout Side A, Visio Rack Layout Side B
o Creation of Workpack consisting of Call-Off, BNetzA-request, Main Engineer Report, Design Screen, Creation of Visio Rack Layout Side A, Visio Rack Layout Side B, distribution layout if applicable, “Ausführungsplan Side A”, “Ausführungsplan Site B”, photo documentation
• Creation of Service Item Ordering List according to each individual project
• Creation of Hardware Item Ordering List in consideration of current equipment stocks
• Plausibility checks and end-to end checks in the consolidation phase of each TOC
• swap of a Microwave link by reusing the existing antenna etc. If the Vendor re-uses installation material or cabling for the new implementation, he has to evidently proof its quality and functionality.
Additionally relevant for delete link:
• Collection of electronic input of the current site plans (Side A and Side B for Microwave) from Telefónica Connectivity Planning Tool and Standortdatenbank
• Data Administration within Telefónica Connectivity Planning Tool for link delete operation
o Submission of BnetzA frequency cancelation order in Excel format and PDF format
• Data Administration and Documentation for link delete operation
• Creation of link delete Workpack
• Saving of documents in electronic form
5. DCN delete
• DCN deletion design using Telefónica DCN tool
• IP address deletion Management
• Deletion of physical routing plan on cabling/port level (definition of »Auflagepunkte«)
• Administration of Telefónica Tools

Dauer: Ende 2017
Ort: Teltow oder Köln/Düsseldorf

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