Talented young or new challenges seeking senior SVELTE/KIT/CSS dev. Long-term [Eastern Europe]

Klausenburg, Kreis Klausenburg
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We're an Eastern European software development startup consisting currently of only developers, one designer and a project manager/admin person with headquarters in Sarajevo and Tartu. But our core team members are also from Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria. We're growing and building various own products in different phases (in use, prototype, design, etc).

We are developing 50% of the time our own exciting products (project/time management, ATS, group of open-source solutions well bound, etc). Half of the time we are concentrated on our cool customers' projects. Our biggest project is a German e-school where there's a team of seven devs but there are also small web development projects. Our CEO is our best salesman so we serve customers for cash and work more and more on customers' projects.

The position is part/half-time but looking to extend within a couple of months full-time and preferably with a good match also become a co-founder but by the time we will introduce our products and see the match and then the deal could be made. We do have our first seed investment and looking for a bigger investment within 6-12 months.

You'll need to have:

Great experience with HTML5 / CSS3

Able to deliver pixel-perfect front-end that matches the design, not a person we need to point out dozens of differences between your work and the design from the designer (XD, Figma, some template in Vue or other than Svelte).

Experience with SvelteKit

We will provide you with GraphQL API and GraphiQL query builder so need to be familiar with building API-based apps. Can help at the beginning with building queries/mutations.

Experience with TypeScript, ESLint, and PlayWright would be considered an advantage

Have experience with developing projects with complex requirements

All communication will be made in English, so a fluent level of English is required as well.

We're highly communicative and expect the same from you. You must have great written and spoken English.
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