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The additional content team (ACT) team is responsible for the additional content data, which are captured and maintained for the maps, deployed in the client-s products. These data can be time dependent truck/car restrictions, low emission zones, toll data, preferred roads, or many other transportation related topics. ACT is looking for a partner, who can support by delivering additional content, keeping these data up-to-date and expand the coverage.

Task Overview:
* World-wide research of additional content regarding status, up-to-dateness and availability
* Data acquisition and capturing in internet or other sources
* Data management:
* Data capturing in spatial and relational database (PostgreSQL)
* Matching of spatial data objects on several map versions and network allocation
* Degree in Data Conversion
* Development of conversion tools which convert human-readable data format to relational Database tables such as
* Time periods
* Vehicles with different physical parameters like emission class, number of axles, number of trailers-
* Development of data acquisition interfaces, having logical interpreters which make the data capturing process with leads to less human errors and less complication for data capturer
* Improving the quality assurance process (syntax and plausibility)
* Provisioning of data to ACT in a harmonized format for further processing
* Continuous maintenance of additional content data and processing tools regarding updates and any other changes

* Deep know-how in routing relevant geographical data and their usage in the clients logistics products
* Very good knowledge in GIS software such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, ArcGIS
* Very good knowledge in complex SQL queries.
* Good knowledge in scripting with languages such as Python
* Experience in Geospatial analysis and development of processes

GIS, PostgreSQL, SQL, Python, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, ArcGIS

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