Rich Client Java Entwickler (m/w), J0106213

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Angelo Schneider

Dieses Projekt ist archiviert und leider nicht (mehr) aktiv.
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Für unseren Kunden aus dem Versicherungsumfeld suchen wir für den Standort Wien Rich Client Java Entwickler (m/w).

Must have:

JAVA SE Knowledge: very good understanding of Java/OOP concepts like interfaces, abstract classes, Generics, Thread, JDBC, Collections framework, Exception Handling; experience in developing java based GUI applications (which framework not important): minimum 7 years of practical experience

OOP concepts: knowledge regarding Encapsulation, inheritance vs. Delegation, access operators, simple design patterns (GoF)

SQL: good understanding of relational datamodel, able to write SQL queries (select, insert, update): usage of SQL within development projects

Eclipse IDE: knowledge how to use eclipse in an efficient way, knowhow to debug classes, how to change behaviour or to calls during debugging, find and search functionality: worked with Eclipse as IDE

Linux: basis knowledge about linux as operating system, no programming skills necessary, just basic linux commands (vi editor, grep, sudo, netstat and so on): used in practical work

Junit: practical experience with developing JUnit tests

Version management tools: practical experience with version management systems like SVN, clearcase, CVS

Social skills: open minded, communicative, motivated and self dependent, responsible

Languauge skills: English is project language: business fluent; german knowledge not compulsory

Nice to have:

Webservices: experience with webservice frameworks like Jax-WS, knowledge about SOAP, WSDL, UDDI

Performance Tuning: practical work done with different profiling tools like JProfile, Dynatrace

Insurance know how

Eclipse RCP Architecture: Used Eclipse RCP as the base framework of Applications, not just as IDE

Bei Interesse freuen wir uns auf Ihr aktuelles Profil im Word-Format (bitte kein PDF). Reference :J0106213 Duration :Location : Wien Languages : deutsch / englisch emagine GmbH Peter, Vanessa T : F :