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Development of an web based financial monitoring module. Using an existing framework.

- Develop an additional new Module on an existing framework. The existing framework (CUBE) is a common platform which hosts various Modules, partly in production and partly still in development.
- Work together with our developers and the Project team to ensure the new module fits into the existing framework as per process description and requirements.
- Needed development (Deliverable):
o Back End Table Structure in SQL Database (Work together with DBA)
o Automated data import from 4-5 various sources via xls and CSV. (Estimated 350 Fields/Columns in Total)
o Front End development of a GUI (in PHP) to display the data from the imports as per specifications
o Report Generation per mouse-click or per scheduled reporting (in xls)

- Task to be done:
o Show the Purchase Order requests sent to customer (imported to CUBE via Template) in different views (a general list, per site, per cluster, )
o Generate a delta report based on 6220 report from customer in different views
o Import and show HW and Service POs (input from EEPT)
? List of invoiceable CPOs
? List of CPOS with missing WE (Waren Eingang/Goods Received)
o Show the BzR status (customer acceptance)
o Import and show the GR date for SPO
o Import and show BBR date
o Import and show Invoice date
o Link the Purchase Order status to already existing milestones/data within the CUBE Tool

Input sources:
- EEPT report
- IPM tool/excel report
- VCK tool/report
- NetSite Reports
- Customer Reports
- Email
Skills needed:
Process Automation
1. Process analysis and automation
2. Tools development for process automation

Applications and Tools Developer
1. PHP development for web portal: dashboards,
2. Java development for background applications and services: mail parser, excel parser, ftp/telnet connectors, …
Database Developer and Administration
1. MySQL script development for schema creation
2. MySQL script development for data insertion
3. Java development skills
4. Backup and restore
5. Database performance administration and tuning

Systems and Network Administration (from the point of view of an Architect and Solutions Developer)
1. Web server administration
2. Application server administration
3. Database server administration
4. Network administration