75% Remote: DevOps Architect (m/w/d)

Berlin, Berlin  ‐ Hybrid
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Automatisierung Devops Scripting Qualitätsmanagement Workflows Ursachenanalyse Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Gitlab Jenkins Test Automation Bash Shell UNIX Datenbanken Continuous Integration Elasticsearch Iaas Produkt Management Datadog Daten- / Datensatzprotokollierung Transport Layer Security Fluentd Grafana Kubernetes Kibana Terraform Splunk


We are currently looking for a DevOps Architect (m/w/d) for our client in the energy sector.

Start: asap
Duration: 31.12.2024 with option to extend
Capacity: 100%
Location: 75% remote, 25% Berlin
Language: English (must), German (nice to have)

The DevOps Architect is a part of the ICE Provisioning delivery team.
The DevOps Architect is tasked with ensuring the delivery of products specified by product management and co-designed by the architecture team. This entails creating high-level and low-level designs, completing engineering tasks, developing a working product, and ensuring quality assurance.
The DevOps Architect reports to the ICE Provisioning Lead.

- Engineering Excellence: An engineering background with an emphasis on designing and implementing long term secure solutions rather than quick fixes.
- CI/CD and Automation: Proficiency in integrating continuous testing practices within the CI/CD pipeline using tools like GitLab, Jenkins, Tekton, Argo Workflows, and Argo CD.
- Scripting and Automation: Strong foundation in scripting and automation with a security-conscious approach, ensuring that security & reliability practices are integrated into automated processes.
- Robust Infrastructure: Proficiency in overseeing the reliability of infrastructure components like servers, networks, and cloud resources, with a strong focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to ensure continuous deployments.
- Security Measures: Proficiency in securing the system using SSL/TLS encryption for data protection, experience with secret stores like HashiCorp Vault, and an understanding of the zero-trust and the least privilege security concept.
- Effective Problem Solving: Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills with a focus on identifying and addressing issues, root cause analysis, and the implementation of sustainable solutions.
- Reliability Awareness and Proactive Initiative: A self-motivated attitude for recognizing and addressing technical challenges, with a commitment to maintaining a reliability and security minded approach throughout the development and operational life cycle.

- Technical Skills:
o Proficiency in IaaS technologies.
o A solid foundation in scripting, automation, and system configuration.
o Knowledge of system and infrastructure design principles, including scalability, performance, and security.
- Analytical Skills:
o Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to analyze complex problems and develop innovative solutions.
o Ability to evaluate project risks and make data-driven decisions to mitigate potential issues.
- Problem-Solving:
o Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, with a focus on root cause analysis and sustainable solutions.
- Self-Motivated:
o The ability to work independently and take initiative in identifying and addressing technical challenges.

- Kubernetes Expertise:
- Thorough knowledge of how Kubernetes operates internally, which involves setting it up, adjusting its size, fixing issues, and managing various Kubernetes versions. This also includes use of Helm charts. Understanding how its networking and storage functions work on a low level. Having experience with cloud provided (like AKS, GKE) as well as self-managed/on-prem K8s clusters

- Infrastructure Management:
- Experience in administering infrastructure components and proficiency in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a must. A strong grasp of how data is stored, shared, and secured (storage) and how information moves within the cloud setups from a networking perspective is necessary. Good understanding of ingress and egress flows both internally and externally including interconnect across the cloud. Tools like Terraform and Terragrunt.
- Shell / Bash / Unix / Linux Automation

- CI/CD:
- Proven ability to set up and manage CI/CD pipelines using tools like GitLab, Jenkins, Tekton, Argo Workflows, and Argo CD. GitOps knowledge ArgoCD / Flux.
- Design and implement fully automated Build and Deployment pipelines

- Observability Systems:
- Proficiency in setting up monitoring and logging systems for real-time insights into system performance. Familiarity with tools like Prometheus, Grafana, and optionally other similar stacks (e.g., EFK - Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana) and monitoring technologies like Splunk, Datadog, etc.

- Quality Assurance:
- Demonstrated commitment to ensuring high-quality deliverables through rigorous standards and processes
- Fluency in English

Nice-To-Have Skills:
- Experience in following areas are optional and welcome:
o Infrastructure Test Automation
o Graph Databases (like Neo4j, ArangoDB, …)
ab sofort
100% (5 Tage pro Woche)
6 Monate
(Verlängerung möglich)
nemensis AG
Niklas Machens
60 % Remote
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