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Mikhail von Asmuth


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Color Grader

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purepixel is a team of creatives in the film industry, who decided to develop a color grading platform to match their needs: a good valued, fast, uncomplicated and professional online color grading solution. We have built an alternative way for Professionals in the film business relying on color grading: The process is as easy as choosing from beautiful unique LUT’s or looks or using our Pre-Grade-Tool on an uploaded screenshot of your film. Then upload your film and leave the rest to us! After we graded your film offline with DaVinci Resolve, we then provide a link for you to download your film. It’s never been easier to make your film look the way you want it to look! Our team is as colorful as our projects. We are professional, international and love what we do. So let\'s start to make the world more colorful. We are purepixel.


Our Color Grading Reel:


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Our Color Grading Reel

Profilbild von Mikhail vonAsmuth Color Grader aus Wiesbaden Color Grader