Profilbild von Dimitry Kolbin Java Developer/Integrator, Java and C# Developer/Integrator, PHP and JavaScipt web developer aus Ehningen

Dimitry Kolbin


Letztes Update: 06.09.2022

Java Developer/Integrator, Java and C# Developer/Integrator, PHP and JavaScipt web developer

Abschluss: PhD Computer Science
Stunden-/Tagessatz: anzeigen
Sprachkenntnisse: Deutsch (gut) | Englisch (verhandlungssicher) | Russisch (Muttersprache)




Programming, 4-expert; 5-professional, JINI, EJBs, JMS, SOAP, Servlets/JSP, JSF, JPA, Swing/AWT, SWT/JFace, JDBC, JNDI, JNLP, MIDP, C#, WPF, WCF, GUIs/logic/complexity, Visual C++ 6.0, QT libraries, Nokia, MFC, ATL, STL, OpenGL, Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO, RDO) 5, Microsoft Office VBA, Microsoft Excel VBA, PivotTable programming, MS Project templates, Java Script, jQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS, PHP - 1C Bitrix CMS 5, AJAX, Google Web Toolkit, Dojo toolkit, Prototype, DWR-Direct Web Remoting 5, Prolog, Artificial Intelligence, virtual environments, Python, Django, Web Services/Agents, WSDL, LDAP, Apache WWW, JRun, Jserv, ssl, servlets, XSLT, data binding to XML, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, SQL, DTS, SQL Stored Procedures, Oracle PL/SQL, MS SQL stored procedures, data mining, UML, Rational Rose 2002 Enterprise Edition, Rational XDE for Java, Rational XDE for .NET, Microsoft UML, Visio 2010, IBM Eclipse Platform + Eclipse plugins, Omondo EclipseUml, Lomboz J2EE plugin, Easy Struts, Apache Ant, NetBeans, JUnit, HttpUnit test frameworks, WinCvs 2, Borland JBuilder 4, 5, 7, X, 2010 + Optimizeit Suite 5, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2016 +, SourceSafe, Visual J++, Microsoft VM Build 3805, Adobe Dreamweaver 5, Rational XDE professional, Microsoft, NET, Java, Visio 2016, Linux - RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, Windows (98, NT 4.0 WorkStation/Server, 2000, XP,7,8,9,10, 2003, 2008, 2010 Enterprise versions, Microsoft Sharepoint server 2012, 2014 + InfoPass +, SQL Server 2012, Webparts, WebLogic Server (5.1 , 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 12), IBM WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer, JBoss Application Server 5, Struts framework, Spring Data, Database, Oracle 8i, 9i, 11, 12 Server releases, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2014, MySQL +, memory based, embedded SQL containers, HSQL Database Engine, Microsoft Access 97 , 2000 , XP, 2007, 2010, 2013, Java Swing application, parser, parsing, Excel, POI, Excel/Word, PDFBox, object oriented, algorithm, Integrator, Struts2, Search engine, distributed file system, search engines, XML, programming languages, Terminal servers, Microsoft Office, Opera Mini, Swing, business logic, debugging, JBuilder Swing, visual editor, HTML objects, GUI, Struts actions, Struts, beans, Swing Action, JFC, XML editor, Microsoft Sharepoint Web Editor, stored procedures, MS SQL, Sharepoint, Hypersonic SQL server, JasperReports, CMS, macro language, web crawler, Google maps, web interface, Adobe Acrobat, Linux, Java Developer/ Integrator, Mechel-Bank, Clipper, DBF, Oracle, SOAP 1.1 protocol, web-based, OpenSSL, Java Web Start, Java Developer, Single Sign-On, HTTP session, HTTP, Apache Struts framework + Business logic, Servlet Filters, Data Management, Apache Struts framework, Apache, HTML snapshot, JTable, JTree, VBA, large data, HTTP Session processing, file system, Microsoft SQL Server, renderer, Struts JSP, Database administration, Message Oriented Middleware, Open Source, SOAP framework +, Load Balancing, routers, Axis + Tomcat, clustering, server side, Castor JDO + Collections API, EIP, enterprise portal, ATOMICITY, CONSISTENCY, ISOLATION, SAP BW, user management, Biometrics, WAP, DCOM, CORBA, JINI implementations, Intranet, Bug fixing, WebLogic, Entity Beans, Bean, Session Beans, JSP, Visual Basic 6.0, ADO, DAO, CGI, Windows NT, Linux transactions + Oracle 8i Server, Microsoft Project 98, Microsoft Project, Oracle 8i Server releases, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Norton Ghost


07/2001 - 03/2020
Java Developer
LucaNet AG

+ Consulted on problems of Intranet to Enterprise project moving
+ Bug fixing for Summa (LucaNet's software)

09/2011 - 08/2015
Java and C# Developer/Integrator

* Search engine with support of distributed file system with in-memory search fields on many network
computers which are queried parallel from one Big Network Gear computer to implement all Copernic
Software functionalities about searching across multiple search engines and Copernic Summarizer
implementation in Java to index text fields also on subjects from predefined XML schemas in order to
separate many programming languages, digits regular expression and math formulas

* Creation of new generation for Terminal servers-HTML Windows, with maximum minimized network
traffic for terminal windows.

* Implementing on all latest Java components the Microsoft Office functionalities for 'small
screens' of mobile telephones.
* Creation of Web Browser Proxy on example of Opera Mini web browser in order to minimize internet
traffic by compression of very heavy internet graphics and media.
* Swing Turbine subproject which uses all advantages of fast interface creation with opportunity to
test business logic while easy debugging and fast application running tests in order to generate
HTML interface from Java Foundry Classes objects while compiling of Swing Turbine project

* Creation of Cellular Table Objects editor in order to replace JBuilder Swing visual editor with
HTML like editor on example of Dream Weaver but against standard HTML objects the collections of XML
primitive descriptions about view, behavior and actions for XY codded cells in a FLAT Data format

* Cellular Table Objects to Swing Turbine source code generator in order to implement all user
interface functionalities inside of rich GUI Swing application with a support of intermediate
standard between Struts actions and Struts Form beans with Swing Action Events and JFC property
features to describe not primitive XML descriptions in Cellular Table Objects files

* Active Database XML editor on example of Microsoft Sharepoint Web Editor to put Webparts inside of
ASP applications in order to visually choose from Database all needed information as indexed rows
for not indexed HTML table views for rows. All business logic is manipulating with synchronized by a
database Cursor pointer to the rich with Indexes database rows in order to write logic for next HTML

10/2005 - 09/2011
Java and C# Developer/ Integrator
Seven Group

* System for gas stations monitoring and statistics per year for Russian oil giants Lukoil/Rosneft

- 40 tables handled by stored procedures in MS SQL to generate views in Sharepoint
* AntServlet working with InfoPass XML objects responsible for data matching for annual reports
* Data Table Grid with dynamic edit option, table paging is supported

* Creation of new Database based on Hypersonic SQL server
* Creation of Java reporting engine based on JasperReports
* Creation of Java CMS based on WebMan CMS with support for macro language to manage web views

* Creation of web crawler to get all up to date information on one web site from many internet
* Creation of Geo information web portal based on IP of client is mapped to Geo data on Google maps
* Creation of Music web site to sell sound tracks via internet
* Creation of Dating web site with many multimedia features to rate candidates for a date with
maximum interest from both sides(men Searching for a woman)
* Creation of web portal for Hotel business with online reservation
* Creation of programs for accounting close to 1C Buhgalery
* Creation of web interface for Railroads schedules for mobile phones

* Creation of web portals for jewelery business
* Creation of web portal to sell cars with maximum communication possibilities with Conferencing,
Chat,Blog features
* Creation Adobe Acrobat Plug-ins under Linux
* Creation of cable TV server servlets for online managing of showed channels

09/2004 - 09/2005
Java Developer/ Integrator

* Credit system for the bank's network to work with trusted connections (mostly the shops)

* remapped the Clipper DBF files to create the Oracle schema convertible to TorqueOJB
* created a 'wise calculator', initialized from the complex/layered rule system to relate
the forms calculated values(credit amounts) for convenient editing through Web Forms
* created web based interface to work with business logic implemented on StrutsActions
* created a Java client application to communicate with server via SOAP 1.1 protocol
(business logic is synchronized with web-based release via Struts Form's Beans)
* created secured server instance based on OpenSSL standard for SOAP data transfers
* added component (based on Java Web Start standard) to auto-update the client side

06/2004 - 07/2004
Java Developer/ Integrator
Catenate GmbH

* mvnForum - SAAW (company's component) integration

* Single Sign-On like technology to translate different login variables in HTTP session

+ Security Filters to handle multiple HTTP requests depending on security policy
+ Security Servlets to have better integration with Apache Struts framework
+ Business logic is made on Servlet Filters configuration level (property names)

+ JasperReports development with opportunities to change data from ResultRowSet dynamically
+ Integration of new components to SAAW components (with project specific 'tag libraries')

03/2003 - 07/2003
Java Developer
Ludwig-Maximilians University

* Created Data Management Components to simplify communication between Apache Struts
framework and Apache Torque persistence layer (from Jakarta Turbine project).

* JFCBeans (containers to get pure HTML snapshot for a JFC Component state)

+ JTable bean to hold and to manage Objects via JFC JTable patterns
+ JTree bean to hold and to navigate through Objects via JFC JTree patterns

* Matrix components as data containers to hold Objects in an organized way

+ Manager Matrix (contains all important information to manage the data)
+ View Matrix (Object Array to show selected data from Manager Table)
+ Session Matrix (Object Array to handle user HTTP requests for View Matrix)
+ Matrix Differencer (component to affect the data source via Torque Criterias)

+ Mutators as Java alternative to Microsoft VBA PivotTable patterns
+ Paging component to work with large data selections
* Session management components to simplify HTTP Session processing

+ Nested Session (file system-like hierarchy to classify the container's variables)
+ Atomic Session (a folder in the hierarchy to hold all container-related variables)

* Data helpers as solution to work with heterogeneous data sources

+ Novell Network Directory data helper
+ Microsoft SQL Server data helper

* Matrix HTML Generator

+ ObjectToStringTalker to represent objects collection in HTML tags expression
+ HTML renderer based on comparable Matrices (no XML processing solution)

+ Matrix Wrapper to simplify Struts Action Forms development via singular interface

+ Created Struts Form Debugger to get session-dependent information for an atomic Struts JSP
* Created Research Database administration components based on the following Struts Forms:

+ reports forms with opportunities to change data dynamically
+ selection forms to choose expression of data sources to get simple-to-operate views
+ search forms to navigate through Research Database

+ was responsible for Project tasks design, development and administration

08/2002 - 11/2002
Java Developer
360 Treasury Systems AG (360T)

* Analyzed Enterprise Project running under Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)

+ compared current solution based on 'Living Systems Components' to Open Source
solutions, i.e. Living Agents Runtime System to JMS&SOAP framework
+ created a concept to keep current functionality of the Project on Open Source solution
+ created 'Load Balancing' model based on Graph representation to determine and
solve Cluster oriented tasks (self balancing networks without message routers)

* Optimized Server performance by creation&configuration of 'Cache' and 'Pool' components

+ created a Pool balancing component for preparing time critical objects in advance
+ created a Cache component for managing 'Hot Objects' (clean-dirty model)
+ designed a concept for self-balancing Pool&Cache (based on statistical data)
+ designed a concept for 'Failure conditions' which uses Database Snapshots to
achieve maximum robustness through link between Uncached and Cached versions

* Transferred Agent Based Communication (from Living Systems) to Open Source solutions:

+ XSOAP (former SOAPRMI) and Apache Soap - Axis
+ Tomcat clustering solutions
+ JavaGroups components

* Transferred most expensive server side components to Open Source solutions:

+ Castor JDO
+ Collections API from Jakarta Commons
+ JXpath from Jakarta Commons
+ Regexp from Jakarta - is a 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package

02/2002 - 06/2002
Java Developer
zetVisions AG

* Created Data Management Components for zet.EIP (enterprise portal) based on ACID
The solution was the simplest implementation of InfoCube concept for SAP BW.

+ TableModel as an abstraction for temporary Data representation
+ TablePool as persistent representation of TableModel in Database
+ TableWrapper as a component to Reflect the source data

* Created user management dialogs for zet.EIP portal based on TableModel components

09/2001 - 10/2001
Java Developer

* Worked with Identification technologies

+ Biometrics (signature recognition)
+ Smart cards, tokens
+ Study of possible use WAP+WIM as an alternative to WebSIM technology

+ Consulted on JNLP & JINI technologies in application to security tasks
+ Created XML parsers to adapt the clients data to SignPlus Client format
* Studied Automated Teller Machine (ATM) system for bank transactions

+ TransactionAgent solution (as DCOM, CORBA, JINI implementations)
+ FaultInjectionWrapper (implement fault-injection for Java and JINI)
+ DataCollectionWrapper (to analyze the collected data for unique failure conditions)

10/2000 - 06/2001
Afinion AG

+ Created Enterprise projects planning and editing for project management tasks in Fiat Avio
+ WebLogic Administration (project properties, runtime configuration, wls deployments, testing)
+ Enterprise Java Beans development (Entity Beans, Bean Managed Persistence, Session Beans)
+ WebLogic JSP development (navigational views, table views)
+ Created applications in Visual Basic 6.0 (ADO, DAO, RDO components)
+ Adapted the company's web site (Java Script, CGI)
+ Was responsible for Windows NT and Linux transactions
+ Oracle 8i Server applications development/administration
+ Created VBA component to convert the Microsoft Project 98 template with multiple projects
to template where the projects data is represented in a single-project view to avoid difficulties
with data management via built-in Microsoft Project 98 functionalities

* Was responsible for software installations and administration

+ Database Servers (Oracle 8i Server releases, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0-2000)
+ Norton Ghost 'Images' of Operating Systems (Enterprise Edition)


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Ausirdische nacion arbeits bewerber
Der erste Grüne Karte-Spezialist in Baden-Württemberg Land, Dmitry Kolbin.
 Ich bin In Jahr 2018 von einem russischen Chirurgen untersucht und er ist mich
 als kein mensch gefunden - diagnose körper ohne herz gerat
 auch in X-Strahlen licht bilder.  
Am Google Bilder website SIe kan finden nur meine bilder
als mich nur eine einzige person auf der Erde ohne Herz gerat in menschen körper.
Zum beispiel liefert die Suchanfrage 'triangularstarship'
für Google-Bilder  kehrt zurück informacion von mich als nur einige Zeugner von Stern Schiff.
Diese 10 kilometern gross Dreieckige Stern Schiff aus Spiegel metal scheinet als Sonne
mit Winkelgeschwindigkeit als standard Erden Wetter satellite und visuelle Größe al Pleades Sternen
im Jahr 2011 in 26 September am 8:45 PM local zeit in Chelyabinsk höchster Punkt am Himmel
wurde gesehen.
Bitte hilfe mir mit einem  fern arbeit aus Russland zum finden mit Gehalt
mindestens 150 Euro pro monat, denken in Deutschland Ich hat
mindestens 6000 Euro pro monat als Lohn
(Ich habe arbeitslosen geld als 100 Euro pro monat aber es ist nicht genug zum essen in Russland),
weil während meiner abschiebung aus deutschland im jahr 2009
whan russische Star Wars im weltraum zerstört wurden
(in ‘collision of satellites’ an 11 Februar 2009 während meine fluegzeug landung)
und Ich habe problemen mit Deutsche Botschaft  zum beispiel
das deutsche Arbeits Visum kann nicht ausgestellt werden, Deutsche Botschaft
sagen mit mir - Ich als grundigung haben situazion wann Russland mit Panzern
am Polnische-Russischen Grenze kommuniziert am meine letze besuh.
Ich habe meine beste Zeugnisse mit meine beste freund Tim Zur Leiter der Firma ‘’

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Dmitry Kolbin.
Profilbild von Dimitry Kolbin Java Developer/Integrator, Java and C# Developer/Integrator, PHP and JavaScipt web developer aus Ehningen Java Developer/Integrator, Java and C# Developer/Integrator, PHP and JavaScipt web developer