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Daya Lausenmeyer


Letztes Update: 26.02.2024

HR Manager /Active Sourcer / Recruiter

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  • Dienstleister Management
  • Employee Management
  • SAP
  • Workday 
  • Operatios Management
  • Werksausweis Management
  • Personaldaten Management
  • Onboarding der neuen Mitarbeiter 
  • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Competency Based Interviewing
  • Sourcing
  • Talent Pool
  • LinkedIn Sourcing
  •  Recruiterin / Active Sourcer
  • Kundenservice 
  • Customer Support
  • German 
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Personalabteilung (HR)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Teamwork
  • Leistungsmotivation
  • Interviewing


12/2023 - bis jetzt
Interim HR Manager
BorgWarner (Automobil und Fahrzeugbau, 1000-5000 Mitarbeiter)

Interim HR Manager Disposition (Aktuell kümere ich mich um das Management 300 Mitarbeitern)
- Effektive Koordination der Kommunikation mit Stakeholdern bezüglich Personalbedarfen
- Präsentation aktueller Personalzahlen mit Ableitung von geeigneten Maßnahmen

- Sorgfältige Koordination der Kommunikation mit Dienstleistern
- Abstimmung der Personalbedarfe zwischen Dienstleistern und Stakeholdern

- Professionelle Koordination von Einarbeitungsveranstaltungen
- Durchführung von informativen Workshops und Vorträgen zur Einarbeitung
- Umfassendes Vertragsmanagement für neue Mitarbeiter
- Effizientes Dokumentenmanagement für neue Mitarbeiter
- Gewissenhafte Stammdatenpflege für neue Mitarbeiter

04/2023 - bis jetzt
CEO & Founder NVC
NVC New Vision Connections (Sonstiges, < 10 Mitarbeiter)

NVC New Vision Connections is a dynamic and innovative company that has emerged from a visionary's deep understanding of the intersection of mental well-being, holistic health, and business success. With a rich background of 8 years in the healthcare industry, I have recognized the paramount significance of mental wellness on overall health.

Driven by this realization, NVC Connections has been founded with a mission to raise awareness about the profound influence of mental well-being. The company's core philosophy is rooted in the belief that mental wellness is a pivotal element in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. NVC Connections is dedicated to fostering a shift in perspective, advocating for the integration of mental well-being into the larger framework of health and vitality.

The company's approach is informed by a wealth of expertise in human functioning, communication, and sales. Leveraging these skills, NVC Connections specializes in identifying individuals' needs and desires, and subsequently tailoring solutions that foster strong partnerships between clients and employees. The emphasis on creating win-win scenarios reflects a commitment to mutual satisfaction – where content clients, happy employees, and personal fulfillment are seamlessly interconnected.

09/2021 - 04/2023
Talent Acquisition Specialist

09/2016 - 09/2021

06/2015 - 09/2016
Quiromassage Therapist
Self employed

Self employed, Granada Spain

* Performed quality, therapeutic bodywork to me et clients' needs.

* Recommended follow-up visits and additional services and products to help clients pursue wellness goals.

* Formulated targeted massage plan based on individuals* physical condition, histories and current concerns.

* Personalized massage services to craft customized sessions.

* Helped clients tackle different types of stress by releasing knotted muscles with advanced massage

* Safeguarded client experience, maintaining confidentiality and upholding commitment.

* Assisted patients with injury recovery as part of comprehensive physical therapy plans involving massaging
affected muscles to improve mobility and reduce pain. Worked with oils and treatment aids to improve
massage experiences.

* Kneaded muscles and soft issues to help clients release tension and improve physic wellbeing.


In der Stadt Frankfurt mit einem Radius von 100 km verfügbar
Profilbild von Daya Lausenmeyer HR Manager /Active Sourcer / Recruiter aus Frankfurt HR Manager /Active Sourcer / Recruiter