Architekt, Berater, Sr. Projektleiter, Cyber Security, Bank, Plattform, Cloud, WAN, All-IP T&T verfügbar

Architekt, Berater, Sr. Projektleiter, Cyber Security, Bank, Plattform, Cloud, WAN, All-IP T&T

Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Architekt, Berater, Sr. Projektleiter, Cyber Security, Bank, Plattform, Cloud, WAN, All-IP T&T
  • 60437 Frankfurt am Main Freelancer in
  • Abschluss: Master of Business Administration (MBA, FOM, Essen), Automatik und Steuerung bei den technischen Systemen (Dipl.-Ing. (FH/RUS)
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz:
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (verhandlungssicher) | englisch (verhandlungssicher) | französisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Letztes Update: 25.09.2020
Profilbild von Anonymes Profil, Architekt, Berater, Sr. Projektleiter, Cyber Security, Bank, Plattform, Cloud, WAN, All-IP T&T

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Diese Anzeige ist nur für angemeldete Nutzer möglich.

A+B+C -> Leonov IT Beratung, please contact:

A) Services
  • Business Process Consultant (BCP)
  • Governance, Risk Managment, Compliance Management (KWG §25, §44, EU LEX, MaRisk, NIS, BAIT, VAIT, KAIT, NIST, CSSF, PCI DSS, ISO27001)
  • Governance Platfrom, Multi-Cloud (AWS, Azure, Alibaba, GCP), SAP S4/HANA, SAP IBP, ServiceNow, RSA Archer
  • Security Management (Bank, Platform, Enterprise, Inudstrial OT)
  • Build-in Services
    • Program Management, Program Governance, PMO Office Design and Setup, Large Project
    • Agile Project Management, Demand Management, ITIL Lifecycle Management
    • Architecture Validation, Solution Design, Configuration (Case-by-Case)
    • Best Practices, Building Digital Skills
B)  Supported Technologies (Certification, *Training), Technologische Unterstützung ( Zertifikate, *Weiterbildung)
  • Business Process Consulting (BPC) for ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow Get Started with Now Create
  • ServiceNow Performance Analytics (PA) Essentials (Orlando), KPI Composer Overview
  • ServiceNow Audit Management Implementation (Orlando)
  • Automation in the ServiceNow GRC Application using Business Rules and Script Components
  • ServiceNow Adoption Strategies for Pre and Post Go Live, ServiceNow Foundations
  • ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM)
  • ServcieNow Agile 2.0, Scalable Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • ServiceNow Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Introduction to BPMN and Signavio Collaboration Hub
  • Cybersecurity for Executives  (Linkedin)
  • ISO 27001 Foundations Course (Advisera)
  • IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
  • IBM Cloud Core, IBM Kubernetes 101, IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform
  • AWS Security Fundamentals, AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • AWS Hadoop Fundamentals, AWS Big Data Technology Fundamentals
  • AWS Well-Architectured Framework (*Learning Journey)
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Security (48 Badges 4 Trophies), RBAC, SOAR, SIEM
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals, Security (16 Badges 3 Trophies)
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • GCP, Networking in Google Cloud: Defining and Implementing Networks
  • Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization
  • SAP Cloud Platform Security (*Learning Journey)
  • Intersystems (*Learning Journey)
  • Fortinet NSE 2, NSE 4
  • CyberArk Certified Trustee, Venafi Crypto 101
  • RSA Archer Third Party Governance
  •, Scaning and Analysys, Containter Security
  • SWIFT Institute Cyber Security: Customer Incidents, Software Solutions, Connectivity and Security*
  • Investment und Controlling (FOM)
  • Finance in Customer Contracts (OBS*)
  • Soft Skills & Leadership Qualities (FOM)
  • Professional as Internal Consultant (OBS*)
  • ITIL and the Service Lifecycle (OBS*)
  • IP Advanced Services - Voice Services for LCM (OBS*)
  • Orange Synergy Project Management (OBS / PMP-PMI*)
  • Orange Outsourcing (OBS*)
  • Customer Service Manager Certification (OBS-STI*)
  • Cisco IP Telephony (CIPTS, N...)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP, N...)
  • BCMSN: Building Campus Network (Cisco, SkillSoft)
  • Project Management Institute (N270599)
  • CVOICE (Cisco)
  • Deploying QOS for Enterprise Networks (Cisco)
  • Project Management (Philip Morris*)
  • CCISO, CISSP, CISA Mapping
    • Governance and Risk Management (Policy, Legal, and Compliance)
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA), FOM
      • Over 10 years of Experience, 5 years in Bank 
    • Information Security, Controls, Compliance, and Audit Management
      • ISO 27001 Foundations Course (Advisera)
      • AWS Security Fundamentals
      • Over 10 years of Experience, 33 Self-Audits in 2017-2019, Bank Grade & Telecom Grade Security
    • Security Program Management & Operations
      • ServiceNow Agile 2.0, SAFe, APM, PPM, CSM for BPC
      • Over 400 small projects, over 10 Large Projects
      • Over 20 years of Regional Experience
    • Information Security Core Competencies, CISSP Domains
      • Microsoft Security Topics (Badges)
      • AWS Security (Cert.)
      • CCNP, CIPTS, Fortinet NSE2 ec. 
      • IBM Kubernetes 101, IBM Introduction to Resilient, IBM Qradar
      • Over 20 years of Experience, Bank Grade & Telecom Grade Security
    • Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement, and Vendor Management
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA), FOM
      • Financial Management, Business Law, Investment and Controlling (FOM)
      • Soft Skills & Leadership Qualities, Human Resource Management (FOM)
      • Research Methods, Management Decision Making (FOM)
      • Over 10 years of Experience
C) Recent experience /  Erfahrung:

  • Governance Berater, Top IKT
    • Beratung zu Governance & Cyber Security, Cloud-Umgebung (SAP 4/HANA, SAP IBP,  Linux, SLES, Alibaba, Azure, CGP, AWS), Business Process Consulting, Assestment, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, Change Management
  • Cloud Governance Berater, Top Finanzgruppe
    • Beratung zu Third Party Governance in BAIT-, CSSF-, Cloud-Umgebung (SAP Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, CGP, AWS)
    • GRC, MCP, Outsourcing, Security Themen
  • Territory Projektleiter Cyber Security Programm, 2500 Liefergegenstände, Top 10 Bankengruppe
    • 11 ISMS-Einführungen, 11 Einheiten in Deutschland  (CIB, Personal Finance, Leasing, Real Estate, Versicherung), 16 Workstreams
    • Lieferung von PgM/PMO, TPM, Beratung Services, Minimierung von Risiken
    • Einfuhrung von APM, GRC, Anti-DDoS Akamai, PAM CyberArk, DLP, MFA, Vulnerability Management  (Qualys, Tenable), SSO/SAML, RSA Archer, End-Point, Nezwerk Sec. (Fortinet, Cisco)
    • Umgebung: SDLC/DevOps, ServiceNow, IBM Bluemix Cloud, Azure Cloud, SaaS
  • Technischer Projektleier, Zscaler Einfuhrung, Japanischer Konzern
    • 50 Einheiten in der EU
    • BlueCoat WAF, Zscaler Internet Access, Cloud NGWF, SaaS, Hybrid, Azure Cloud, Microsoft AD, OWASP
  • Governance Berater, Aufbau einer GRC-Methodik, Deutsche Bank
    • Tools: GRC-Tools, E2E Plattform, DB Application Portfolio, IBM Cloud
  • Regional Transition Manager, IT-Outsourcing, Application Deployment, GRC Durchführung, HP & Bank
    • EMEA, 200 Projekte inkl. Hadoop, IBM Cognis BI, ServiceNow, MS SQL, Oracle DWH, Wintel, Linux, VMWare
    • Tools: ServiceNow, SRM, Oracle BPM, valurneability management and analysys tools
  • Service Transition Manager EMEA, Application Deployment, GRC Durchführung, Deutsche Bank
    • EMEA, 200 Projekte
    • Tools: BMC Remedy, SRM, Oracle BPM,  valurneability management and analysys tools
  • IT Manager, Aufbau der IT- und TK-Landschaft, Trianel Windpark, Nord See
    • 41 Bauobjekte, SCADA (OT, IT-Sicherheit, Oracle, SaaS, IEC 62443), 
Advisory, extract from projects / Beratung zum Themen, Auszug aus Projekten:
  • ISMS Einfuhrung, ISMS Durchführung, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, BCP & DR Themen
  • GRC Einfuhrung, GRC Durchführung, Compliance, IT Risk Management, Bank, BAIT, KRITIS, RSA Archer
  • Platfrom Compliance, SAP GRC & E2E Platform, ServiceNow GRC& E2E Platform, DB GRC & E2E Platform, PaaS Compliance
  • Enterprise PMO für Transformation
  • Stakeholder Management mit CISO, CIO, Fachbereichen, Application Owners, Security Officers, Data Officers
  • Aufbau und Einführung einer GRC-Methodik (Security Architecture, ENISA, MaRisk, NIST, 1LoD/2LoD)
  • Cyberculture Roadmap, Technology Roadmap, Solution Roadmap
  • EA-Themen, Analyse von IT-Landschaften und Prozesslandschaften von Konzerne
  • IT-Sicherheit, Nezwerksichersheit Expert (Security by Design, AAA, NAC, Hardening, Zoning, Segmentation)
  • PAM Plannung, CyberArk, Framework Einfihrung, PAM Training
  • Teenable, Schwachstellen Management, Teenable Deployment Plannung, Rollen
  • Application Deployment, Anwendungssichersheit (SDLC, SAST, DAST, SDLC 2 DevOps)
  • Application Einfuhrung (Deployment, Workshops, Roles, Training)
  • Technical Design Authority, mehrjährige Erfahrung in Großprojekten
  • Solution Manager, Solution Owner, Security by Design, strukturierte Arbeitsweise
  • Minimum Valuable Product (MVP), Agile, Lean 
  • Enterprise Security Architecture, A...Z, ISO & Mixen mit uber 300 Security Controls
    • über 15 Einheiten, über 33 Self-Assestments *300
  • Enterprise & Solution Architecture, Technical Architecture
    • über 100 HLD, LLD (AAA, Secure Gateway, Secure Remote Access, IP VPN, SSL VPN, WAN, LAN, Hybrid mit SaaS)
  • Application Security, Application Deployment, Application Integration, Digital Services
    •  über 400 Deployments, ICT-Sicherheitsmanagement, GRC, Schwachstellen Management, über 800 Tests, Bank
  • Cisco Ref. Architecture, Security Architecture (zert. CCNP, CIPTS, Top-20 ITK-Dienstleister, ab 2000)
    •  Lifecycle, über 1000 Standorte
  • Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
  • Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft D365 ( 66 Badges)
  • AWS (Zert. AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Platform Security)
  • Akamai, Fortinet, ZScaler, Anti-DDoS, NGFW, WAF, Application Integration
  • Linux, Ubuntu, Windows
  • IAM, PAM, SSO, SAML, 2FA, MFA, PKI, RSA, CyberArk, Omada 
  • SCADA, HMI, PLM, Industry 4.0, IOT, Cloud SCADA
  • Managed Enterprise Services (OBS, BT, COLT, Telekomgeist, SD-WAN PoC, MPLS, IP VPN; WAN, LAN e.c.)
  • Business User: MS Excel, Project, MS Sharepoint, Visio, Jira, Trello, Confluence, ServiceNow, E2E Platform DB, RCA Archer 
2000-2012 Sr. Project Manager / Technical Design Authority ec., Large Projects EMEA, Orange Business Services
ICT Outsourcing, Transition, Transformation, Fortune 500, EMEA, Global scale
- A...Z, pls. see Reference-EN
- Keywords:
  • Manager Technology Office, Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Technical Architecture, Security Architecture, IT Risk Management, analysis of EA components, business functions, IT functions, application components, application integration, data and information flows, cyber culture, cybersecurity, cyber security, IT security, requirements management, information security, application security, application risk analysis, infrastructure security, network security
  • Outsourcing, Transition & Transformation (OBS, DT, HP, CSC Style),  RZ-Konsolidierung
  • Consultant Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, Business Case, P&L, IT Service Lifecycle, Vendor Managment, Partner Manager
  • Product Development, Solution Development, Service Design, Innovation Adoption
  • Omnichannel, Lieferantenmanagement, Governance, Multi-Projekt-Management, Einführung des IP Contact Centers für 11000 Agenten,  Unified Communications Manager, IP Phones, Mobile Integration, DEC Integration, Wallboards, Click-2-Dial, Outbound Dialer, Agent Email, Music-On-Hold, Voice Mail, Voice Recording, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech (TTS), Planung von Contact Center Operations, Workflows, KPIs, BI, Avaya, Cisco, Nice
  • Jira, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, Qualys
  • cyber security, security, Projektleiter SOC, Projekmanager SOC, Playbooks, Manager SOC
  • SAP HANA, AWS, Azure, IAM, AD, IBM Resilient SOAR Platform
  • AAA, NAC, Radius, Tacacs+, IP Contact Center, Business IP VPN, IP VPN, SSL VPN, WAN, LAN, IPT, Cisco, Avaya, Juniper, Cytrix, Nortel, Microsoft, IT (Linux, Wintel, Oracle, MS SQL)
  • German and English, English, German, Englisch, Deutsch Englisch 
  • 02/2000 - bis jetzt

  • Eine Frankfurter
  • SAP
    Deutsche Boerse
    Top 8 Bank, 11 Einheiten
    Panasonic, EU
    Deutsche Bank, EMEA
    Hewlett Packard & Deutsche Bank, EMEA
    Trianel Windpark & EWE AG
    Orange Business Services & 3M, AXA, Altria, Deutsche Telekom, Fiat, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, JTI, Lactalis, Panasonic, Philip Morris, STMicroelectronics, Swiss Re Group, UPS, NTT, Zurich Versicherung
    (Rück-)Versicherung, Finanzdienstleistungen, Automotive, Energieversorger, Chemie/Pharma, Luftfahrt/Logistik, FMCG.

Wiesbaden Mainz
Bad Homburg
Koln Cologne
München Munich
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