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Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL*Plus, Designer, Forms, Reports, Spatial
SQL tuning, Oracle Optimizer
Data analysis, Data architecture
Java, J2EE, Eclipse, JDeveloper
UML, XML, HTML, , PHP, Javasript
MS Access, VBA
Windows, Unix
Jun 2005 – Sept 2010 Oracle Developer Architect
Bentley Systems Inc. UK (until Jan. 2010 Exor Corporation)
Member of the core business logic team to produce network asset management software. Also lead developer on new client products based on the network core.

Bentley highlights:
1) Rewrote logic for network dynamic segmentation by replacing row by row PL/SQL processing with bulk SQL operations. This made a business critical piece of software perform over large datasets and had a high profile on the international user conference in June 2008.
2) Designed and implemented key parts of the Asset Valuation Manger. This product is in essence a spreadsheet implemented in Oracle database with features like dynamic nested formulas and hierarchical summing up (not unlike Oracle AWM). In passing the user acceptance testing it corrected some formula errors in the customer’s existing MS Excel solution.

1) Technical Architect: redesign Forms development to move business logic out of the UI into server side APIs; logical and physical design of three new products; introduce new Oracle features to improve performance and maintainability.
2) Oracle Database Developer: technical lead on four major software products.
Business Logic: networks and linear referencing, asset management, asset valuation, dynamic hierarchical structures, historical data (versioning), project management.
Technology: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, Oracle Forms/Reports/Designer/Spatial, Unix

November 2002 – March 2005 Oracle analyst developer
Mandator AB, Tartu, Estonia
1) Requirements gathering and data analysis on public and private sector projects.
2) Team leadership in an internationally cooperative public sector project to manage EU agricultural export import licenses.
3) Analyze, design and implement a custom data warehouse decision support application for a Finnish company Lindström Oy.
Technology: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Oracle Java J2EE middleware, Oracle Designer/Reports/JDeveloper/Portal, Rational Rose, XML

June 2001 – August 2002 Oracle analyst developer
Webpartner GmbH, Munich, Germany
PL/SQL development and schema design to implement Oracle back ends and integration APIs.
1) Requirements gathering and client support in the environment of Siemens AG.
2) Deliver PL/SQL solutions to Siemens specifications.
Business Logic: candidate/manager assessment, 360° Feedback
Technology: Oracle 8i, Oracle Designer, PL/SQL, Apache, PHP, XML, MS Access

August 1999 – May 2001 Oracle analyst developer
Logica AB, Tartu, Estonia
Oracle Forms and PL/SQL web forms development
1) Forms and PL/SQL development in a large billing system for a utility company.
2) Support public sector (education) Oracle PLSQL web forms applications.
Technology: Oracle 8i, Oracle Designer/Forms/Reports, PL/SQL, PL/SQL web forms.

May 1998 – June 1999 Analyst programmer
Contract work, Rome and Genoa, Italy
Four contracts for Italian corporate clients:
1) Ericsson Telecom: MS Access database integration interface
2) Italiana Petroli: management module in project "Smart Station" (subcontracted to Accenture)
3) Italian Railways: VB database interface
4) Wind Telecom: VB database integration interface
1) develop database and integration interfaces to specifications
2) design and produce documentation with Accenture
Technology: MS Access, VBA, Visual Basic, Microsoft IIS web server

Nov 1995 – Apr 1998 In-house analyst developer
Alara Wholefoods, London, UK
Design and develop an application in MS Access to manage all areas of a breakfast cereals production operation. In 1993-1995 I was production manager in the same company. In between, in 1995, I made a 9 month independent overland journey through Africa.
Die letzten drei Jahre habe ich Vollzeit remote gearbeitet. Dagegen bin ich sehr mobil und Vor-Ort Einsätze sind erwünscht. Ab sofort verfügbar.
Oracel Certified Professional, Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
Africa 1995: