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Cassandra CouchBase CouchDB redis Oracle PL/SQL SQL MongoDB
Javascript react reactnative android ios
deep learning, theano, pytorch, tensorflow
Bayesian Networks
predictive modelling
generative modelling (GAN, GLO, ...)
story modeling, nlp using bayesian networks
predict user interest based on her/his tweets (online marketing, scikit-learn)
predict go moves for a android go training app (currently at 4.4)
generative modelling of fashion clothes (GAN, GLO, AE)
object texture extraction (inverted 3d rendering of raytraced artificial objects)
industry 4.0 worker time prediction (workerbase smart watch)
dancer object detection in videos
snack object detection for a hotel robot
implement alpha go zero (RL; learn to play go by selfplay only)
predict leukemia (MLL; Flow Cytometry Data)
split pop songs into individual instruments and voices
xgboost in kaggle competition

November 18 - February 19
Data Scientist / Deep Learning Specialist for a large telco provider.
Predicted how probable a customer will cancel a mobile contract.
My deep learning approach lead to a few percent more AUC than the other models.
Python, PyTorch, Spark, Parquet, PyArrow, Pandas, Oracle.

July 18 - December 18
React web developer and backend services for ​ Münchener Hypothekenbank eG
An internal web application to enter, store and print contract details.
Fully collaborative setup.
React, Javascript, Typescript, GraphQL, microservices, Rest, Java, Scala, Kafka, Spark

November 17 - June 18
Mobile app developer at
Maintenance of two mobile apps (for customers and shops) for two platforms (ios and android).
React Native, Javascript, Redux, Saga, REST, Maps with markers, git, agile

December 17 - March 18
Deep learning consultant and engineer for robotise, part time
Development of an object localisation and classification solution, end-to-end: take photos, tag
object bounding boxes, develop single-shot object detector with PyTorch, defined data
augmentation strategies and implemented them, verify test performance, training performed on
AWS EC2, documentation

November 16 - October 17
WorkerBase (previously DigitalWorker; next47/Siemens; techfounders) a company that
evaluates the new possibilities that wearable devices create for factory workers, esp. custom built
smart watches. Various modules for managing data: user and roles management, backend side of
a logistics app with real time updating views, front end part of the same logistics app with ionic
2, created a chat app with react native, functional and design changes for the management
console UI. Also reviewed/helped debugging some Android code with colleagues. Development
of client specific backend components (service and UI)Technical environment: node.js, mqtt, react, redux, react native, semantic, MongoDB, angular 2,
bootstrap, ionic 2, git, docker

August - October 16
Helped evaluating the real-time syncing databases CouchBase and Firebase for Vorwerks online
offer: Recipes and user data for the Thermomix.
Mostly worked at the backend side: Importing data, authorization,
channels for specifying subsets of the data that need to be synced to the mobile CouchBase
Employed CRDTs (conflict free replicated data types) to avoid conflicts in concurrent data
Documented the various findings in a Design Decision format.
Creation of architecture documentation and requirements documentation, use cases in a
given-when-then format. (the projects architect was a bit overloaded with work from different
Also load tests of specific components.
Technical environment: Javascript, node, json, Java, Swift, C++, XML, XML Schema

July 16
Visualisation of Deep Learning results to compare different hyperparameter settings.
Javascript, react, node.js, svg, html, css

January 15 - April 16
software developer at ​ 1&1
working at the backend of a mobile chat application.
Participated in architecture and design of various backend components. Especially the message
history service, file exchange and file garbage collector. Created architecture and design
documentation and participated in the implementation.
Solved central concurrency and consistency concerns of the NoSQL database via CRDT’s.
Integration tests with node.js.
Technical environment: Java, Javascript, Erlang, JSON, REST services, Kafka messaging,
Cassandra, OTP, ejabberd, XMPP, Linux, git

May 16
“Guess the Move” Android app, a Go training app. Deep Learning was used to create sensible
move suggestions for beginning players.
Technical environment: Theano, Python, intellij

January 16
puzzle generator in C, PicoSAT, frontend in Javascript, SVG and React.December 15
created an app that can solve tsumego problems of the board game Go.
Server built with node.js, LevelDB as a “database”. Games represented as JSON, solver
implemented with Javascript, visualisation of board with React, visualisation of search tree as a
tree map with d3.

March 14 - January 15
created a website where writers can create stories together in a
collaborative/competitive way. Some results at
Videos at
Technical environment: Javascript, React, google closure javascript compiler, Erlang, OTP,
real-time synchronizing JSON database, JSON patches
Also, a twitter client in angular 1, for automated marketing. Tweet classification by naive bayes.

August 12 - December 14
software developer at ​
working at the backend side of a stock analysis and trading application.
Design and implementation of a load test tool. Imitated real user behaviour, used async IO,
visualisation of latency measurements with the option to drill down to details. Triggered my
division and two others in the company to improve. Performance measurement data stored in
LevelDB via node.js. Real-time visualisation of load test results with d3.
Measured the impact of server virtualisation to the soft real-time requirements.
Developed and maintained various server modules.
Technical environment: Java, Javascript, d3, node.js, LevelDB, RxJS, Linux, git, cvs

March 10 - May 12
software developer at ​ censhare AG
Realisation of various iPad e-magazines and associated backend components. User interface
mostly realised as a locally generated web page. Sold content protected by servlet. Native part of
app provides services like persistence and in-app purchase for the javascript modules. Also
realisation of an android prototype.
technologies: HTML5(Animationen, local storage), Javascript, Objective C, iOS, in-app
purchase, APS remote notifications, XML, XPath, XSLT, Java, JEE, Servlet, Tomcat, JSON,
Eclipse, HTTP, AJAX, Scrum, Agile, C++, SQLite

March 08 - February 10
Java developer/consultant at ​ Telefonica Germany​ via Flavia, Kassel.
Development and maintenance of a big J2EE/JEE application, for o2 customer self-care and the
o2 online shop. Mostly worked on the backend and connections to used web services.
Helped migrating from Windows/Clearcase to Linux/Subversion. Maintenance of extensive
integration tests in a Selenium derivate. OO Design and advanced design patterns.technologies: Java, Oracle, SQL, EJB 2, EJB 3, Hibernate, Spring, Eclipse, JMX, JUnit, Maven
2, Ant, Linux, Shell script, Perl, Tomcat, JBoss, Webservices, WSDL, JAX-WS, Axis, WSDL
validation, XML, JAXB, XSLT, XML Schema, Selenium, continuous integration with
Luntbuild, CruiseControl, Hudson, Scrum, Pair Programming, Agile, Subversion, Git; Ruby,

April 2007 - December 2007
Design and development of backend components for ​ Betty TV​ ​ Entwicklungs- und
Dienstleistungs GmbH​ , offering an interactive TV remote control. server side reception and
processing of game data. Verification and correction of large data sets.
technologies: Java 5, Hibernate, JEE bzw. J2EE, XML, OSGi, MySQL, Eclipse, CruiseControl,
Subversion, Spring, JUnit, easymock, ant, maven, Ruby, MySQL

February 2004 - March 2007
Software developer for ​ Kromberg & Schubert​ , Abensberg
various applications for an automotive supply firm:
requirements analysis, design, development, testing and roll-out of a modularization system for
the companies cabel harness production planning system.
database design, domain model design, integration into existing workflow, cabel harness
completeness verification, backend and user interface, documentation.
Maintenance of existing tools in the production planning system,
logistics: Design and development of an inventury tool, integration of
barcode scanners for the warehouses.
design and development of an ORM for connecting Sybase data to C++ objects.
C++, Ruby, Qt, SQL, Sybase, UNIX, Solaris, Debian Linux, shell script

September 2001 - March 2003
various projects as an employee of ​ Axeneon information technology​ , Nürnberg
development of speech dialogs, maintenance of technical documentation Java, Ant,
XML, XSLT, FOP, speech grammars
Web page for a local event magazine, Debian Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, web server
administration, design / development of CMS and web part, performance optimisations
error fixes for the intranet of an insurance software provider, Java, XSLT, XML
linux kernel version upgrade of a router

May 2000 - September 2000
freelance software developer for ​ WireCard AG​ building a high-security
e-Payment-Solution, design and implementation of secure communication
between satelites and main server, esp. the firewall problems. design
and realisation of a C++ persistence layer for the Oracel DB via OCI
technologies: Java, C++, cryptography, netbeans, Java Servlets, EJB, Solaris, Oracle, gccSeptember 1999 - February 2000
various ColdFusion web applications for ​ contens GmbH
diff algorithm for html documents, c++

March 1999 - June 1999
trainee at ​ NEUROTEC HOCHTECHNOLOGIE GMBH​ , Friedrichshafen
swing client to visualize results of datamining analyses
java, jdbc, swing, sql, 3d visualisation
visualisation of raw data quality as preprocessing for datamining analyses
October 1997 - February 1998
DB administrator for ​ NKK​ Regensburg building a software suite for insurances
only in Munich area

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