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My Skills are in 4 categories:

• FrontEnd Developer
HTML, CSS, Javascript and also dominate on some Frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap , etc.
Template Development based on Material Design standards.
Ajax Programming and Interactive Webpages.
Creating CSS3 Animations.
PSD to HTML Convertion.

• BackEnd
PHP programming.
Mysql Database Analyze, Structure Design and Development.
SQL Transaction Programming.
PHP Webservice Development.
Laravel Web Application Development.
Codeigniter Web Application Development.

• Graphic And Design
Design Webpages and Web Elements in the Photoshop. 
Image Size and Quality Optimization.
Using Font icons.
Create Animated Gif and Ads banners 

• Problems And Solutions
I try to solve troubles If I got into them.
I will try to eliminate problems.
Always I tried to learn new topics in my work.

And to be continued yet ...
  • Freelance Web Developer
    Self-Employed (Apr 2018 – Present)
    FullStack Developer.
  • Manager And Developer
    Mashahirco (Aug 2014 – Apr 2018)
    Sell Hosting & Support. 
    Sell Domain & Support. 
    Web Application Design and Development. 
    CMS Development On Laravel Framework.... See more
  • Web Designer & Developer
    EhsanWeb (May 2014 – Jan 2015)
    Web Design (Photoshop). 
    FrontEnd Developer.
  • Senior Web Developer
    Sigma (Feb 2012 – Apr 2014)
    FrontEnd Web Developer. 
    UI/UX Design. 
    Software Engineer. 
  • Managing Director
    Mashahirco (Jan 2009 – Apr 2014)
    Hosting Support. 
    Domain Support. 
    And Related Services.
I can working 8 hours per day. remote or telework.
I can travel too.
I`m in thoch on whatsapp by +37254259783.

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