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Profilbild von Dinar Garipov Senior Full-stack developer aus Berlin
I'm a full-stack developer with more than 10 years of experience.
I worked on a various kinds of project (E-commerce, Automotive, Hospitality, Marketing, Trading, Real Estate, Press, Advertizement)
I know how to build the product and the system to run it on. I can develop and deliver the product from the very beginning (planning features, architecture) to the release.
I'm working fast and keeping high quality of a product and code.
2018 - 2019
Senior Frontend Developer
Adjust GmbH
Working on the company's attribution dashboard for customers. Implement new solutions, work on
fixing bugs and adding new features. Also implementing the company's inner translations and
wording tool.
Technologies I use: AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS, ES6, Webpack, Jenkins, Docker

2016 - 2018
Senior Software Developer
Customer Alliance GmbH
Senior Software Developer at I work on improving company products. Developing backend, review
crawlers, continuous integration and delivery. Technologies: VueJS, Weebpack, ES6, Scala,
Symfony 3, Doctrine 2, SOLR, Varnish, Docker, Jenkins

2015 - 2016
Senior Software Developer
Work on the company's inner systems.
Developed and maintained automobile selling platform, logistics system, and other business
management tools.
Worked with microservice-architectures.
Technologies used: Symfony, Silex, Elasticsearch, Docker, JWT

2014 - 2015
Senior Software Developer
KazNed.ru (Real Estate Publishing Company)
Developed company's website, improving and maintaining automatic import services.
Created client personal cabinet and convenient administrative panel for real estate companies.
Administrating companies Dedicated Servers on Linux.
Technologies used: Laravel 5, MySQL, Beanstalkd, Supervisord, Javascript, VueJS, Linux.

2015 - 2016
Senior Software Developer Team Lead
Technology Transfer Corp
Senior Software Developer Team Lead at. (9 months) Working on company's projects connected
with travel booking systems. Implementing and creating new features. Maintained travel ticket
booking systems. Worked with company's projects. Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Nginx,

2015 - 2016
Thomalex, Inc
Web-developer at. (11 months) Page 1 Worked on online plane tickets booking systems
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Nginx, CodeIgniter, Javascript Full Stack Developer

2013 - 2015
DoubleTrend IT Technologies
CTO (1 year 10 months) Developed company's website. Developed personal cabinet for agents.
Developed Administrative panel with useful and convenient analytics, statistics and monitoring.
Developed WeService with API to monitor Forex Expert Advisor trading process. Set up and
maintained Company's Linux Servers. Technologies used: Laravel 4, AngularJS, MySQL, Linux,

2013 - 2015
Senior Web Developer
Senior Web Developer (1 year 8 months) OEMGuard.com is a trading platform for electronic
components. Marketplace uses tender system without direct relationship between members. As
one of the main developers of that system I created and maintained tender system, ticketing
system, admin panel for all work from backend and more. Technologies used: PHP, AngularJS.

2012 - 2013
Software Developer
FIX llc
Developer intellectual automated advertisement managing system.
Developed Web services to work with targeted advertisement in social networks.
Developed web services to work with RTB-systems.
Technologies used: GO, Python, PHP, Javascript

2009 - 2012
Web Developer
Analogue Media Technologies Inc.
Web Developer (3 years 4 months) Created and improved companie's e-commerce platforms, was
installing payment gateways, setting

2010 - 2010
Web Developer
3niti promotion agency
Web Developer (4 months) Worked on websites creating and on improving companies own CRMsystem
and CMS. Technologies used: Code Igniter, MySQL

2008 - 2009
Web Developer
Rin.ru online advertisement company
Web Developer (7 months) Worked on improving companies inner adv management systems.
Created Teaser system