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Aerodynamik, Aeroakustik, CAD, CAE, CFD, FEA, Fahrzeugintegration, Fahrzeugentwicklung, Interior

Profilbild von AlejandroCristian Vagni Aerodynamik, Aeroakustik, CAD, CAE, CFD, FEA, Fahrzeugintegration, Fahrzeugentwicklung, Interior aus FrankfurtamMain
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Profilbild von AlejandroCristian Vagni Aerodynamik, Aeroakustik, CAD, CAE, CFD, FEA, Fahrzeugintegration, Fahrzeugentwicklung, Interior aus FrankfurtamMain
Team Leader, Projektleiter, Projektkoordination, Testmanager, Aerodynamik, Aeroakustik, Fahrzeugintegration, Karosserieentwicklung, Aerodesign, Kühlung, Thermomanagement, Automotive

Freelance Consultant                                                                       since 1.March 2013
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Project Staff roles in Management or skilled in Aerodynamics for concept, product development and testing.
I offer my own personal services plus those delivered by Teams of Experts, with management duties under my control. 
Engineering Services for the automotive industry. Provider of solutions.
Support from Design to the Development with Styling design, CAS/CAD/CAE, Aerodynamics and Physical Tests delivered by Teams of Experts.
Client: Magna Electronics Europe GmbH&Co.oHG Hays GmbH, Sailauf (Bayern), since September 2018
Test Tool Engineer, BMW ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle projects.
Division: Systems Tools Engineering Core
Responsibilities: Vehicle Integration and build up of Vehicle Prototype
  • Cross check of test Infrastructure set up,
  • vehicle integration of reference sensors, devices under test, measuring equipment, cooling system, etc.
  • Assessment of Thermal management for electronic devices in the assembly.
  • Assessment of interior Aerodynamics (cooling ducts, ventilation, air extraction) and exterior Aerodynamics regarding vehicle dynamic safety and wind noise with the roof rack (CFD, driving test).
  • Assessment of Structural strength of equipment racks (FEAnalysis).
  • Tracking of build up progress of fleet of prototypes till delivery to team of test engineers.
  • cross check of BOM and build up plan.
  • Worldwide Coordination with client, suppliers, internal offices involved in the development of HW&SW and Prototype Workshops. (Facilities at different cities in Germany, Austria, USA).
    Lessons learned
  • SW and System development for Autonomous vehicle.
  • Sensorics.
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • MS Office pack Pro 2016
  • PTC IMS Integrity Lifecycle Manager v. 11 (former MKS)
  • Oracle SAP AG 2002
    Client: Continental Teves AG&Co.oHGTecmata GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, since April 2017 till June 2018
    SW & System Test Manager for New Systems, Division: Chassis & Safety, Business Unit: Vehicle Dynamics
    I was involved with innovative products such as Electronic Brake Systems with Stability Control functions.
    Projects for FIAT Chrysler Automobiles N.V. Group and Volvo.
  • Learnt about the SW&HW development and its vehicle integration according to the Continental´s EBS Development Process.
  • Test Plan: Revision and feasibility investigation for test requirements. Selection of the relevant test requirements and test environments. Development of a project specific test strategy. Test Planning. Issue of Release Test Orders with their scope, test basis and priority.
  • Coordination of all test activities at facilities worldwide, ensuring test program coverage for the release on time at each project milestone.
    Chaired Test Management Board (TMB) meetings involving Project Managers on different areas (e.g. SW, HW, hydraulics, mechanics, electrics) and Participated on Integrated Project Team (IPT) Meetings.
  • Supervision of testing process. Monitoring of plan execution ensuring workflow alignment, Test Tracking and Traceability of tests requirement ensuring completeness with test result for each test case.
    Documentation and regular reporting on progress of testing process.
  • Management of test errors or findings, OIL meetings, problem solving, Action Plans, Change Request Management.
  • Highlighted risks/opportunities. Proposed and Implemented solutions.
  • Release recommendation.
    Lessons learned
  • Product development process for automotive component Tier 1 Supplier.
  • Vehicle Integration according to Continental´s EBS development process.
  • Innovative Conti´s new products.
    Tools      -    Windows 10 Pro
  • MS Office pack Pro 2016
  • IBM Lotus Notes 9
  • PTC IMS Integrity Lifecycle Manager versions 10 and 11.1 (former MKS)
  • Oracle SAP AG 2002
  • TST (Test Spec Transformer),
  • OP2 (Optimized Project Planning)
  • VPT: verification planning tool by Conti
      Ford Werke GmbH                                                    November 2014 - January 2017
    John Andrews Entwicklungszentrum, B2B-Vertrag mit We Plan GmbH, Köln
    Job PositionCCSE Attribute Engineer
    Climate Control System Engineering (CCSE), HVAC system, Interior Aerodynamics and Air Extraction.
    Project: Ford Global Project C2 platform and all 4 Body Styles Focus IV 2018
  • Contributed to develop the new chassis for the C2 platform used first on fourth-generation Focus, and the 4 body styles regarding sheet metal and interior trim parts.
  • Designed system and interior trim parts with a scientific approach with focus on performance improvement and cost reduction, but at the same time taking into consideration multidisciplinary attributes. Main topics were the Aerodesign and engineering development of cowl Air Inlet for occupants cabin, HVAC ducts and registers, Air Extraction path.
  • Conducted a Research about interior aerodynamics and fogging issue, which led to a development of my own 4 Patents of Invention. Goals achieved: Cost reduction, Performance improvement, Quality increasing (i.e. reduction of TGW -Things Go Wrong- for fogging index).
  • Performed Tests at Climatic/Environmental Wind Tunnels for Research, Design Validation and Homologation. Tests aimed to comfort, safety and operational capabilities in extreme weather conditions.
  • Body Leakages and Air Extraction, Acoustic measurements in anechoic chamber and other tests.
  • Set Targets for applicable requirements (i.e. geometrical dimension targets for trim parts).
  • Benchmarking.
  • Issued Test Reports.
  • Program Development Status Reporting, Issue Reporting and Active Participation on escalation meetings interacting with other attributes in conflict (such as PedPro, low speed Crash, closure efforts, nvh, body structure stiffness and durability, Integration of EE systems, craftsmanship, etc.).
    Lessons learned
  • New Ford´s GPDS (Global Product Development System) method.
  • Several Global Homologation and Ford requirements for body interior parts and hvac.
  • MS Office pack
  • WebEx
  • SAP
  • eFDVS (Enhanced Ford Design Verification System), tool for planning and tracking the verification of test requirements, including status reporting.
  • WERS (Ford Worldwide Engineering Release System), for logistic process of proto parts.
  • CFD Ansys Fluent
  • Teamcenter Engineer (TCe) / CATIA V
  • Ford and Hanon Systems (ex-Visteon) Wind Tunnels.
  • Ford test tracks.
  • Anemometers, Thermal data acquisition (Fluke), Flowmeters, body leakage tester, water management bench, Acoustic anechoic chamber for HVAC noise measurements.
  • Geometry Measuring Tools.

Freelance Consultant                                                                       since 1.March 2013
Deutschland bundesweit
Client: Volkswagen AG - Semcon GmbH, Wolfsburg, 2013
Project-coordinator (Wind tunnel – Prototype Workshops)
  • Central interface function among Wind Tunnel Test-Engineers, CFD-Team, Reverse Engineering and Aeromodels Building teams at VW-headquarters and externally at companies based in Bayern and Wolfsburg(VW-core and outsourcing coordination).
  • Through my support and control, models of very good quality arrived on time from both the Suppliers and the internal VW workshop to the Wind Tunnel.
  • Participated in Benchmarking events.
  • Supported with my proper aero-countermeasures ideas for different car projects.
  • VW Wind Tunnels.
  • VW test tracks.
  • Geometry Measuring Tools, like CSE Stiefelmayer 3D-Koordinaten Messmaschine, Calipers, etc.
  • MS Office pack
  • SAP
    Client: Vernalis Engineering, international company with headquarters in India and German site in Köln, 2013-2015
Business Development Manager
  • Support on a business plan for CAD&CAE services along the German market and expansion to other European countries.
  • Built professional relationships at exhibitions (IAA Frankfurt, Stuttgart Automotive Suppliers and Testing Expos., Hannover Messe, Professional Motorsport World Köln-Messe, ILA Berlin).
  • Met Customers at their premises.
  • Support on delivery management.

         EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA                                                                  May - October 2012
Fulda, Deutschland (Hauptsitz)
Lead Engineer Aerodynamic Attributes 
Project: Honda Civic Tourer. C-segment station wagon.
Coordinated activities among Client – Edag – Service outsourcing
Designed aero-parts which then demonstrated to be successful to meet drag target and improve lift balance.
Lead teams of CATIA designers for body and underbody.
Supported aeromodel building and advised in model parts design.
Leaded computational simulations and physical tests.
Planned efficient test schedules for wind tunnel sessions.
Trained personnel for wind tunnel activities.
Partook on drive tests regarding the development of its innovative rear suspension system.
Delivered reports and conducted slide presentations.
Collaborated with commercial area in presentations about aero-development of vehicles to potential clients.
MS Office pack
Lotus notes
Wind Tunnel: FKFS (Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart).
       PininfarinaS.p.A.                                                                               June 2005 - July 2011
Turin, Italy
Pininfarina was a leading full service provider for the automotive industry with an international organisation. It owned 60% of Volvo.
It has designed all the Ferrari’s sportscars since 1952, and has got several international design awards.
Aerodynamics Performance Engineer
Involved with all the projects for:
Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Japanese and Chinese OEM. Incl. Cabrios and Electric Vehicles.
Successfully Planned and directed tests sessions in the subjects Aerodynamics / Aeroacoustics / Vehicle Thermal Management / HVAC / Internal-Aerodynamics Comfort testing of cabrios / Waterproof / tests forcabrios with soft roof or with retractable hard top.
Advised to Design Style Centre with aerodesign guidelines for all Pininfarina projects.
Leaded CAD and CFD Engineer teams.
Provided solutions to issues and for performance optimization to successfully Meet targets of drag, lift and noise perceived by occupants.
Provided key inputs for the development of door sealing, based on my analysis of water management, body leakage (hvac), noise, smoke and dust ingress tests.
Supported and supervised the building of mock-ups and prototypes.
Project Management roles
Followed up Vehicle Development Programs. Supported with coordination activities among all Pininfarina’s areas involved, Assisting and Reporting to the Vehicle Program Manager.
Leaded work teams in and outside company premises.
Business trips around Europe and China.
Customer Project Manager for Asian market.
Dealed with customers, oem suppliers and outsourcing.
Lessons learned
  • Product Development Process.
  • Style Feasibility study: Lay-out, Ergonomics, Kinematics, Homologation requirements compliance, etc. Mathematical Surfaces sequence.
  • Technical and production process feasibility study: DMU packaging layout, Stamping feas., Welding and other tooling, etc. Models such as Styling M., Verification M., Cubing, Buck.
  • Prototype levels and a vast amount of tests.

            Canova &Clò s.r.l. – Five-Electric Vehicles          September 2004 - May 2005
Modena, Italy
OEM of light Electric Vehicles and Tier II Parts Supplier.
Quality and Mechanical Design Engineer
Supported Feasibility study of Electric Vehicles.
Selected materials and components.
Supported in the preparation of User Manuals for Electric Vehicles and their Homologation.
Contributed to Quality Management with controls and production of documentation (ISO 9000)
Dealed with customers and suppliers.
  • MS Office pack
  • SAP
  • AutoCAD
  • Geometry Measuring Tools
Motorsport Consultant                                                                                            1995 - 2004                               
Teams Supported
Toyota Formula 1 Team
Alfa Romeo team at TC2000 class (touring car racing)
Ford team at TC class (stock car racing)
¼ mile drag racing teams.
Tasks and Achievements:
Design concept, structural calculation and CAD of aeroparts.
Planned and Performed Aerodynamic Tests.
Analysed results: ID of criticisms or weakness – ID of potentials for improving performances.
Proposed parts-solutions-modifications,
supported and supervised the building of parts and scale mock-up for wind tunnel test (3D prints of special ceramics, parts made of cfrp composites and aluminium alloys).
Secured jobs for renowned pilots and teams by demonstrating commitment, competence and creativity.
CFD and FEA Nisa/Display III.
Programming and calculations: Wolfram Mathematica, Excel.

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