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Profilbild von Anjali Singh SAP BW HANA Consultant aus
SAP BW HANA Consultant
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I have an experience of over 10 years with a relevant experience of 8 years in SAP BI 7, SAP BI 7.3  and  SAP BW 3.5
Having 1.5 years of hands on experience with designing and building contents with SAP BO Tools (Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Dashboard and Design Studio).
Have hands on experience with designing and building universe (IDT or UDT).
Worked on SAP BW Hana and have theoretical knowledge of Native Hana.

Data Model:
  • Creation and maintenance of Infoproviders
  • ODS/DSO objects, MultiProviders, Infoset
  • Data Loading (Initial/Delta Loads), Scheduling, Monitoring, Performance Tuning.
  • Comprehensive knowledge on FI extractors and LO extraction.
  • Generic extraction with function module & views and setting up of delta for generic extractors.
  • Datasource enhancement
  • Designed BEx Reports providing insight of BI to decision making using Formulas, Selections, and Structures.
  • Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure, Exceptions, Conditions, Filters and different Variables with different processing types.
Performance Tuning:
  • Actively engaged in optimizing the loading as well as query performance using Indexing, Compression, Partitioning, Aggregates, and Line Item Dimension.
  • Have written ABAP code in CMOD for various data source enhancement. Written  start routine , end routine and field level routine for various complex flow in SAP BW.
SAP BO 4.0 and 4.1:
  • Worked on Crystal Reports, Dashboards, Web Intelligence  , Design Studio , Explorer , IDT, BI Launch Pad ,CMC
  • Created the ADSOs, Composite Providers
  • Combined the HANA view data and BW Infoproviders through Composite providers
  • Created Open ODS View and consumed in Composite Provider
  • Created transformations and DTPs
  • Having experience on Attribute view ,Analytic View & Calculation views
  • Created the BW Queries using BW Modeler
Project Name - ZIMMER
Client - ZIMMER Biomet
Company - Tata Technologies Ltd
Role - Team Lead
Duration  - March 2016 – April 2017
  • Working as a SAP BW Hana Developer
  • Involved in creating complete data flow which involved creating OODS, ADSO, CP and process chains.
  • Involved in designing of the Technical Design document for GBI ZBFS Report. This was required to know the sales demand for each month of each item for different regions i.e; EMEA B , EMEA Z, XA International , SAP Asia Pacific etc.
  • Verifying data from SAP Hana Tables to SAP BW.
  • Have knowledge on Native Hana which involved creating tables, calculated ,analytical and attribute views.
  • Was involved in end to end development for four source system which belongs to different region (EMEA B , EMEA Z, BIOMET and SPINE)
  • Was also involved in moving all the Transports to production system and end to end testing in all the system.
  • Worked on deleting the setup tables and then filling up the set up tables and doing the data loads.
  • Was in direct interaction with the client.
  • Was part of hyper care activities.

Project Name - TPS Aspire
Client - Tata Power
Company - Tata Technologies Ltd
Role - Team Lead
Duration - March 2015 – February 2016
  • Leading a team of 7 members
  • Involved in requirement gathering phase for reports Inventory Aging, Debtor Ledger, Sales Register from the client
  • Working as a solution architect, providing solution and designing of the entire data flow.
  • Provided an insight to the client on migration of their historical warehouse system to SAP BW system
  • Involved in development of new data flows for Inventory, Debtor Ledger  and Sales module
  • Responsible for on time delivery of the deliverables to the client with all the standards maintained and everything first time perfect
  • Responsible for testing the objects and the data before the deployment to production system
  • Handled KT sessions for the client, to educate them on the new developments in the system

Project Name - Cornerstone
Client - AOL, US
Company - Tata Technologies Ltd
Role - Team Lead
Duration - Sep 2011 – Oct 2014
  • Worked on Billing Module (OTC-Order to Cash), Patch Actuals, Accurals and Remanant, GL Workflow Reports.
  • End to end implementation of patch module.
  • Scheduled and monitored the execution of process chains .
  • DataSource enhancement and written customer exit.
  • Worked on Queries, Calculated and Restricted key figures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, BEx Analyzer and Web reporting
  • Done performance tuning like Number Range Buffering, Bi Statistic and Dim to Fact Ration Analysis to improve performance in production system.
  • Worked on FSCM Flow which includes installation of business contents and implementation of end to end flow. This also includes installation and changes of 10 Queries of FSCM.
  • Created Infosets on R3 side and universe on top of it for Automating Expense Accural.
  • Created Company Code Authorization for SAP BW Queries related to PCA , FIGL and FIAR Flow
  • Created & maintained InfoObjects, Custom data sources, InfoSources, Infoprovider, Transformation, and scheduling data requests by info packages and DTP.
  • Worked on Aggregates, Compression, Partitioning, Navigational Attributes to improve data load and query performance.
  • Enhancement Data sources using Customer Exits. Performed extraction of data from SAP source systems using LO Cockpit, delta and Generic data extractions
  • Installed Standard Business Content objects in RSA1 for various modules.
  • Customized the Datasources, Infoproviders for all modules to suit clients’ business needs.
  • Extracted SAP R/3 master and transaction data. Loaded data from the external file system, flat files.
  • Creating customize authorization objects using RSECADMIN
  • Identifying performance improvement areas to improve the Flexibility and Maintenance of the BI System
  • Experience in designing and developing of WebI reports analysis and development and universe building using multiosource connection in IDT.
  • Created complex dashboards using BusinessObject Design Studio and used BW Infosets.
  • Worked on creating complex reports using BusinessObjects Webi Client.
  • Was involved in upgrade activities of SAP BO 4.0 to SAP BO 4.1.

Project Name - CRM
Client  - Southern California Edison ,US
Company  - Infosys
Role  - Team Member
Duration  - Feb 2010 – Aug 2011
  • Involved in end to end implementation in the project
  • Responsible for Customer Contact, Service Order, Service Contract, Leads , Billing, Sales Opportunity, Marketing & Campaign ,Special Opportunity and Conversion modules
  • Installed and enhanced relevant business content objects as per the requirement. Even involved in creation of custom objects for the entire flow
  • Developed Info Cubes, Multi Providers, Cubes, Info Source, Info Package, Data Source, Info Objects, DSO, Start routines & End Routine, Process Chains to automate Loads& Transformations
  • Maintained aggregates, roll ups and compression as a part of the Info cube maintenance
  • Worked on Queries, Calculated and Restricted key figures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, BEx Analyzer and Web reporting
  • Used Restricted Key Figures and Calculated Key Figures for filtering and formula as per the requirement of the query.
  • Developed new data source structures, table views, FM based data source and extraction checks
  • Scheduled and monitored the execution of process chains
  • Scheduled and monitored Full and Delta loads from R/3 to BW and rectified the errors if any
  • Debugging errors while process chain execution.
  • Rich experience in Testing, Go-Live, Production Support, End-user training and Documentation
  • Involved in creation of test cases and testing using Mercury tool

Project Name  - Foundation
Client  - Syngenta, Europe
Company  - Infosys
Role  - Team Member
Duration  - Mar 2010 – Jan 2011
  • Installed and enhanced Info Objects, Info Cubes, DSO, Multi providers according to the requirements of the flow
  • Developed and maintained Master Data attributes, text and hierarchy
  • Scheduled and monitored Master Data and Transactional Data loads from SAP Source System
  • Involved in managing of Info cube, which involves Info cube content, performance issues like compression of Info cube and rolling up the data to the aggregates.
  • Generated Generic Extractors, Views and Function Module based Extractors
  • Created, scheduled and monitored Process chains for Data Load
  • Debugging Data load errors and error during Process Chain Execution
  • Created Queries, Calculated and Restricted key figures, Variables, Exceptions in BEx Query designer
  • Developed new test cases in Mercury during unit test phase of the project

Project Name   - Baker Hughes
Client   - Baker Hughes,US
Company   - Infosys
Role  - Team Member
Duration   - Mar 2009 – Feb 2010
  • End to end implementation for Manufacturing, Order Fulfillment, Quality management, Material management and shipment modules
  • LO cockpit data sources were activated and enhanced at the R/3 layer to suffice the various requirements given by the client
  • Custom Info Cubes, DSOs, MPs, Info Sets, Process chains and required Info Objects were developed
  • Simple reports were developed through the business content Objects
  • Custom reports were also created to suffice the business requirements and requirements pertaining to the dashboard  to be created
  • Drill downs at various levels were undertaken by customizing various Info Objects, and writing ABAP routines in the transformations
  • Unit Testing of the developed modules were done using the Mercury tool
  • Process Chains were scheduled and maintained during the Hyper Care period

Client/Project Title   - Education & Research Unit, Mysore
Role   - Educator and Batch Owner
Period   - Nov 2007 – March 2009
  • Certified Java Programmer – SCJP 1.6
  • Handled many training sessions for trainees in J2EE
  • Have been appreciated by supervisor for new initiatives for the role as “Team Activist” of the team
  • Had organized an event “SAP Beats” for my unit
Can Travel to any place in Europe and Timings will be 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

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