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Alexander Frenzel

Python/Django Developer with experience in Machine Learning/Computer Vision

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Profilbild von Alexander Frenzel Python/Django Developer with experience in Machine Learning/Computer Vision aus Berlin
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  • Abschluss: Diploma in Computer Science (Computer Vision) with minor subject Geography
  • Stunden-/Tagessatz: 120 €/Std. 960 €/Tag
  • Sprachkenntnisse: deutsch (Muttersprache) | englisch (verhandlungssicher)
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Profilbild von Alexander Frenzel Python/Django Developer with experience in Machine Learning/Computer Vision aus Berlin

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I am a passionate Python developer with over 10 years of professional experience. I mainly develop applications in Django, but as I graduated in the field of computer science and neural network, I started to gather experience in that area as well - this includes image processing for object detection, object segmentation and depth map reconstruction.

I think the best way how someone can grow his or her skills, is being part of a team. With that said, I love to learn from each other's experience, as well as I, like to share my knowledge to help other's to solve emerging issues or to evolve their skills.

Originally, I came from languages like Pascal, PHP, C++ and Java and got hooked to python by the accessibility and the Open Source community. As being part of this community, I do publish some of my work as Open Source as well.


Technical Skills / Tools
Very Good Knowledge:
Django, git, HTML, Linux, Python, pytest, REST, Web Development
Good Knowledge:
Ansible, Computer Vision, Celery, CSS, GIS, Javascript, Keras, Leaflet, Neural Networks, openCV, Photoshop, scipy, Scrum, SQL, System Administration
Basic Knowledge:
C++, caffe, elasticsearch, Java, nginx, Pascal, PHP, redis

Diploma in Computer Science with minor subject Geography
Humboldt Universität, Berlin

Evaluation of modern stereo matching algorithms using the ZED stereo camera
Analysed the ZED Stereo Camera and compared the generated depth maps with state-of-the-art neural networks. Therefore I implemented and trained three convolutional neural networks based on published papers.
Field: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Neural Networks
Technologies: C++, Caffe, Keras, OpenCV, Python, Tensorflow
Freelancer - Berlin, Germany
since 05.2007 - Python Developer / Full Stack Developer
  • Launched web application of various complexity: static sites, CMS based pages and complex shop applications.
  • Trained Neural Networks for image analysis.
Technologies: CSS, git, Django, Docker, HTML, Linux, Javascript, Pytest, Python, TDD

Rovco LTD - Bristol, UK
12.2018 - 03.2019 - Full Stack Developer
  • Redesigned PoC and developed MVP (backend and frontend) to visualise geospatial data, 3D point clouds, video, images and documents.
  • Designed and implemented interactive UI to analyse annotated (Machine learning) and georeferenced videos.
Technologies: CSS, git, celery, Django, HTML, LeafLet, Linux, Javascript, PostGIS, Pytest,

Vins 3D GmbH - Berlin, Germany
01.2018 - 03.2018 - Machine Learning Engineer
  • Advised the use of machine learning algorithms.
  • Created an application to identify and segment objects from images using neural networks.
Technologies: git, Keras, numpy, openCV, Python, scipy

Jonas und der Wolf GmbH - Berlin, Germany
10.2017 - 10.2018 - Senior Python Developer
04.2011 - 10.2017 - Python Developer
  • Organised regular internal DevTalks to share knowledge within the team.
  • Mentored colleagues to solve emerging issues and helped to improve their skills.
  • Improved the test suite and integrated a CI workflow.
  • Designed and developed ETL processes to import external and legacy data from various sources (e.g.
  • Access Database, SOAP, xlsx).
  • Aided setup and deployment on Windows/Linux.
  • Involved in technical design decisions.
  • Designed and developed multiple REST-APIs
Technologies: Agile, Ansible, CSS, git, Django, Celery, elasticsearch, ETL, HTML, Javascript, Linux, Mysql, nginx, Postgresql, Pytest, Python, redis, REST, Scrum, TDD, Windows
I am looking for opportunities in Vancouver / Canada starting from Feb 2020.
I am currently not interessted in any roles which are focused around frontend development (React, VueJS, ...) or languages like Java and PHP.